Ross Abelow: A New York Legal Star

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Many people are curious as to who Ross Abelow really is and what his views on various topics may hold. Abelow has anticipated such and has written a blog to address just that! A recent legal blog he has provided exemplifies some of the cases he has handled, such as sensitive divorce hearings, and a quick look at the link to his archives gives the audience a glimpse into some of the things he enjoys outside of work, such as cars, economics, and educational growth. He also touches on items such as “hot button topics” like gun control. His diverse interests allow him to be flexible in communicating and working with all types of people in a range of industries. This type of experience can help contribute to his ongoing success as well!

Those seeking a lawyer with comprehensive background experience, as well as compassion, would be wise in considering Ross Abelow and his services. He has extensive knowledge in areas of family law, including living wills, divorce and matrimony, and entertainment law. Abelow also has an impressive academic record, with collegiate degrees earned from prestigious NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Along with his burgeoning legal career, Abelow has demonstrated a solid commitment to his community by supporting charitable organizations such as animal welfare and rescue groups. As a resident of New York, Ross understands only too well how complex certain aspects of law can be, and the impact that these can hold over clients’ lives. To that end, he strives to provide the finest of all customer service for each and every case he handles. He readily invites interested potential clients to seek out a free consultation with him so that he can assess and provide feedback before moving forward with a case.

With a vast array of interests, both career-linked and otherwise, Abelow has truly demonstrated that he is a star in his field and a standout attorney for his current and future clients. He is pleased to have been of past service to his loyal patrons and looks forward to many more years serving old and new friends alike!

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