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August 2016

New York Shared Office Space Transforms your Working Experience


There is growing interest to co-work spaces. Studies have shown that co-working spaces help employees to thrive as opposed to those working in regular offices. Co-working spaces is a term used to define membership based workstations, where people from diverse professions such as freelancers, independent professionals and remote workers share a working space. There are several reasons why co-working help workers to thrive in their careers. Co-working spaces helps workers in appreciating their work since they have freedom to work on project they value most.

In a co-working office setting, workers have a greater chance to concentrate on their work. Unlike the conventional office setting, co-working spaces congregate individuals from different organizations, project and ventures. Thus, there is minimal competition hence the aspect of office politics is eliminated. In such an environment, workers produce their best since they are not under-pressure to conform to a specific office code of conduct.

Due to cultural diversity, co-working spaces inculcate the culture of assisting others. Besides, there are countless opportunities availed to help member in a given community. This is made possible since people with different skills work together. Moreover, co-working spaces inculcate among the members social movement values such as collaboration, sustainability, community and learning.

Co-working spaces offer members more control over their work. Members can access their working space anytime of the day. Thus, with such an arrangement, workers have the freedom to extend their working hours to beat deadlines. Besides, when working on not so urgent projects, workers can take a break so that they can address other urgent issues.

Workville coworking space NYC strives to merge office space with luxury. It is an ideal co-working space station due to its central location from Bryant Park, key transport hubs and Times Square. Workville provide an inspiring environment that offers flexible and a friendly working space. Besides, Workville offers better features which include ready-to-move-in offices, open desks and shared offices. There is enough working space for all since members can spread out, use the 3 outdoor terraces, hold meetings, and take calls from lounge area. For more inquiries, visit their office located in 1412 Broadway on the twentieth-first floor of luxury office building.

Angela Koch Shares Her Views On Leadership And Wealth Accumulation

Angela “Angie” Koch is now a contributing writer for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Huffington Post according to a press release issued by PR Newswire. Koch, who is the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, will blog about leadership and wealth management on the popular media site.

As Chief Executive Officer, Koch is a well respected leader who is dedicated to providing U.S. Money Reserve’s customers with the opportunity to create wealth for themselves. She will join hundreds of other Huffington Post contributors who inform and entertain the site’s 79 million unique visitors each month.

U.S. Money Reserve is a leading distributor of U.S. government-issued legal tender gold and silver coins. They set themselves apart from their competitors by educating first time gold buyers, as opposed to giving them a hard sell.

Each person who calls U.S. Money Reserve is connected with an experienced professional who determines the caller’s financial goals and them explains which precious metals are his or her best options for achieving those goals. According to the company website, U.S. Money Reserve has served more than 300,000 individuals since the company’s founding by veterans of the gold market in 2001.

According to Glassdoor and, U.S. Money reserve serves clients who want to buy gold and other precious metals as a hedge against inflation, men and women who are concerned about the U.S. Dollar declining and individuals who desire gold as part their retirement portfolio. Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA are part of U.S. Money Reserve’s portfolio of products as well. The company offers many tips for investors on their Facebook page.

Under the leadership of CEO Angela Koch and President Philip Diehl, a former United States Mint director, Austin, Texas-based U.S. Reserve has built a reputation of furnishing a wide range of high quality products, including Gold American Eagle Coins and Pearl Harbor Gold Coins, and offering expert advice regarding which product is right for individual investors.

UK Leaving EU Puts World Economy On Alert

When the UK voted in a special referendum to leave the European Union (EU), Flavio Maluf called for everyone to take heed. He believes this major event will precipitate in a major follow-on negative effect on all the world’s stock markets. This does seem likely, as the EU was heavily supported by the UK’s contributions, to the tune of € 11 billion in the year 2014. According to Maluf, no one who is knowledgeable about the world of finance and money markets could miss the warning signs.

The signs are coming fast and clear. European stock markets dropped an average of 12 percent after the Brexit event. Maluf goes on to point out some other signs of a weakening economy on a global scale. He says that although the UK economy had been strengthening, the inflation in Britain was too high. This was because of the burden of supporting the poorer countries in the EU. Compounding this issue was the lack of taxation on imports to the UK from other EU countries. After the exit, the UK reinstated the tariffs and even updated them to return this revenue stream to the UK.

Another sign Maluf noticed is that the British pound sterling fell after Brexit to a low not seen since the dark days of 1985. He predicts the return of the trade taxes will sour the UK’s relationship with many countries, even beyond Europe. However, he also notes that his native Brazil has never done very much trade with the UK, anyway. Less than 2 percent of Brazil’s exports ever make it to the UK.

Flavio Maluf is the founder of a number of companies in Brazil, most notably, the sustainable product materials company, Eucatex. Eucatex is a business dedicated to creating building construction and product manufacturing materials in a sustainable way and for better global sustainability. His business has been growing steadily in the last 20 years, along with other Eco-friendly companies in South America.  Read his official blog for more insight, straight from Flavio Maluf.

Kevin Seawright And Larry Young Discuss About The Goals Of RPS Solutions

Recently, Kevin Seawright made an appearance on the Larry Morning show. He talked about RPS Solutions LLC, which is his new endeavor. RPS Solutions was established in 2005. It is a joint partnership business that constructs as well as refurbishes affordable homes situated in the Baltimore area. Seawright discussed the firm’s goals with the show host Larry Young.

He noted that they were enthusiastic about home ownership in Baltimore. Talking to the show host, Seawright pointed out that presently, they mainly deal with people that are buying homes for the first time. Additionally, they are endeavoring to provide home buyers the chance to own a home as well as built stability in the neighborhoods. RPS Solutions LLC wants people to have a chance to say the own a home that they are proud of.

Kevin Seawright is RPS Solutions LLC’s founder. The company’s mission is to increase the rate of home ownership in Baltimore city to 48.3% and above. The firm also aims to create a socioeconomic environment that is stable and offer members of the community affordable alternatives.

About Kevin Seawright
Kevin Seawright is a revered administrative operations leader. He is also a prominent financial expert. Seawright is well known for his strategic vision as well as his ability to command new business opportunities as well as achieve business goals. He has used his financial expertise to enhance communities that live of the East Coast. He strikes a unique balance of business acumen, private sector and governmental financial operations, team inclusion, and outcome efficiency. Seawright has worked in the local government sectors, education, in addition to real estate in New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington.

Additionally, he has worked for Newark Development Corporation as the vice president and the chief financial officer. He has created business strategies that have resulted in responsive accounting that delivers results consistently. That is by aligning current economic as well as organizational goals with technological initiatives. He has also transformed the corporate process of revenue planning that have effectively impacted general contractors as well as sub contractors across the mid-Atlantic region. Among his career achievements comprises of revenue enhancements that have assisted in projecting of yearly returns increase of 75% with services rendered.

Teaching of the Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a unique brand of spiritualism that is gaining popularity in the United States and beyond. It is based on interpretations of ancient Judaism however the Kabbalah philosophy maintains many aspects that are unique unto itself.

Kabbalah spiritual leaders base their belief on a text called The Book of Formation, which they claim is a secret text written 5,000 years ago. It is described as a guide, sharing philosophies and methods of thought that help followers perceive the true nature of the universe and an individuals place in it.

The main text of the Kabbalah is devoted to deciphering the teaching of the Torah. These are the ancient writings that have made up the basis of the Jewish faith for centuries. These same writings, or variations on them, also comprise a significant section of the Christian Old Testament. Study of the Kabbalah was originally highly restricted, allowed only to priests and educated, scholarly men of a certain status within the Jewish community.

Only recently has this document been made available to the public. The Kabbalah Centre is devoted to spreading the teaching of the Kabbalah to all people regardless of race or religion. The organization states that while the text originated as part of ancient Judaism, it’s teaching are of a more spiritual nature and not specific to any denomination or religious hierarchy.

The organization was founded by Rav, or teacher, Yehuda Ashlag in the year 1922. Kabbalah Centers now exist in location all across the globe, making their teachings available to those with an interest. Centers work to provide scholarships and opportunities to those who want to study Kabbalah and use it’s teaching to better their lives or the lives of others.

The goal of their teachings is to provide nothing less than a sense of purpose and life-long fulfillment that will drive followers to fulfill their greatest ambitions. Kabbalah teachings say this sense of fulfillment can be achieved by utilizing their teaching to connect with the energy, life, and light of the universe.

The result is a life of happiness and achievement, immune to frustrating ups and downs. It’s principles are apparently universal and apply to all aspects of life both physical and spiritual. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website to learn more about their locations and events.

Stay Trendy With Fabletics

While many know Kate Hudson for her captivating acting ability, it is her amazing sense of style that has her in the headlines today. Seeing as she is the co-founder of Fabletics, an fitness minded clothing company, she appears all over advertisements and websites promoting the business. While many see Fabletics as simply clothing to wear to the gym, Hudson has made sure there is much more to it than that. In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson went into detail about the new products Fabletics has to offer.

Athleisure is a long awaited trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. While choosing between style and comfort used to be a decision people made daily, athleisure has made sure that choice has become a thing of the past. Stylish clothing made from soft, comfortable fabrics are drawing in people who want to change it up. In the interview, Kate Hudson goes into detail about the new dresses being sold by Fabletics which are just as comfortable as a favorite pair of yoga pants.

Highlighting the features of the Topaz dress, she explains that it is made from the same materials as their activewear and can work seamlessly as a daytime or nighttime outfit. Because of the specific versatility of these dresses, Fabletics has found a way to make people able to have a night out without yearning for their leggings the entire time.

Fabletics is a subscription based company that offers their members customized services that are difficult to find anywhere else. By paying a low monthly fee, customers are given access to exclusive sales, fashion tips that are specified to specific tastes, and discounts on all clothing and merchandise. Every month, members are able to purchase a new outfit at a fraction of the price it would normally cost. Customers who feel they have more than enough clothing can pause their membership until they need something new. It is a truly unique and beneficial experience that keeps customer coming back for more.

Fabletics has always been a fitness first type of business at With their high quality activewear and valuable services, this company has found a way to get everyone interested in health and wellness one way or another. Customers can get in on new trends and styles while still being able to get the fitness attire they need. Even those who do not spend every day at the gym have options as to what to wear to the beach, or a night on the town. For anyone looking to stay comfy while looking fabulous, Fabletics has everything a person could need.

When It Comes To Business Finance, Sam Tabar Is the Name

Smart investing is what Sam Tabar has long been known for. He is the one responsible for creating this African-American startup to help all women of Africa, and all African-American women of the Untied States, called THINX. Tabar has guided many investor clients in their hedge fund investments. He offers only top-winning, professional, expert mentoring to each of his successful clients. His goal is always to help each client reach his full investing potential.

Sam is very good looking, he speaks a number of different languages, he is well educated, driven, and well known for his high intelligence level. He has worked at the executive level, both in his experience in practicing corporate law, and in business finance and investments. His primary skill in business finance is in using tools to build capital in a business. So, it is clear that he has double powers. He practiced law at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom. Since then, LinkedIn indicates Tabar has excelled in hedge fund management and as an investing strategist for the last ten years.

In his investment advisory role at THINX, Sam Tabar does not discriminate. He works with clients of all levels of investing, from novices to veteran traders on the stock market. When he notices with his eagle eye that a client is missing an important piece of knowledge, he works to educate them of this blind spot. He sagely insists that his clients do their own homework, to help them become professional in their investment strategies. He customizes a learning plan for each client, according to the deficit he notices in their knowledge. His private education also includes information on how to accurately chart emerging market trends accurately and other analysis tools.

After graduating, with honors, from Oxford University, Sam Tabar went on to also graduate with honors from Columbia Law School. He took the bar and passed it with flying colors. He was an editor for the Columbia Business Law Review, while at Columbia. He launched his career at the SPARX Group, formerly PMA Investment Advisors. After that, he was the Asia-Pacific Region’s Director for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Look Sam up on