Dick DeVos Cares About People

Betsy DeVos is a well known helper of many causes. She gives of her time, money, and expertise in many charitable areas. Recently Betsy DeVos gave an interview to Philanthropy Roundtable. The interview concerned the topic of education and the various aspects surrounding education that are affecting the children in the educational system.

The interview questions were varied and covered many topics such as home schooling, school vouchers, school choice, and charter schools. Betsy DeVos provided great insight into her feelings related to public education and education reformed. She discussed how the lack of money has a large impact on the quality of education that children receive in poor areas.

Betsy DeVos touched on many issues that affect the educational system. She demonstrated a good understanding of the issues that are affecting the education system, and she offered suggestions on ways that can help solve some of the various issues related to education.

I believe that Betsy DeVos gave a good interview to Philanthropy Roundtable. Her answers were direct and to the point. She provided reasons for her feelings on various topics and issues regarding education. Also, she made her thoughts on education reform clear during the interview.

Dick DeVos is the husband of Betsy DeVos. In the same manner as his wife, Dick DeVos is a champion of many causes. He brings a passion to his efforts regarding a variety of issues. While well known for his business success, Dick DeVos is much more than a businessman. He is a man who cares about the people in his community and beyond his community.

The charitable efforts that Dick DeVos has either headed or helped with are numerous. The efforts range in amount of money or time extended for the efforts but the reason for contributing to the efforts is consistent. Dick DeVos helps because he cares about people.

From assisting on projects to help build a hospital, a medical school, or a convention center to providing scholarships for students in need of financial assistance, Dick DeVos has a sincere passion to serve and help others.

 Dick DeVos  has reached many milestones in his professional career. People have a lot of respect for him because of his professional achievements. However, many people do not realize the help that Dick DeVos has provided to people across a vast array of causes. This help should be commended, and Mr. DeVos should be applauded for his charitable efforts.

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