Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

A woman spends a lot of time and money on her hair for a good reason. It is the “crowning glory” of her appearance. One must never underestimate the negative power of a bad hair day. With that in mind, there are ways to achieve great hair, and not all of them cost a lot of money. Following a few common sense rules can really make a difference and free up your wallet for the occasional special treatment.

Temperature is important.Heat styling should be used sparingly. Tools that incorporate steam are a good option as they are more gentle on the hair. Another kind of heat, direct sun, should also be avoided because your hair is as vulnerable to sun damage as your skin. The same rules apply to showers that are too hot.

The best way to keep damage to a minimum is to use a quality moisturizer and conditioner.

One such product is WeEN hair cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean that combine gentle cleansing and deep moisturizing, eliminating the need for separate shampoos and conditioners. It also detangles, reducing the breakage that occurs when trying to comb out snarls. In addition to cleansing products, Chaz Dean has a line of styling products that promote the same gentle care as his cleansers. His products are available on QVC.

Hair products alone can’t achieve perfect hair. A healthy diet feeds the hair follicles and regular trims keep split ends from forming. Frequent washing provides moisture and is another deterrent to the formation of split ends.

Follow these simple guidelines for beautiful hair and you may be able to afford the occasional deep condition spa treatment at your favorite salon and say farewell to bad hair days forever. More product information available on Wen hair care’s wikipedia page.

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