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February 2017

Alexandre Gama: Who Is He?

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian advertiser and entrepreneur as well as Neogama’s founder and CEO. He also stands as the only Brazilian member of the Global Creative Board. This committee is composed of six leaders from around the world.

Alexandre Gama’s Career History

As an advertising and marketing graduate from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, his plans to continue in the field were far from over. In 1982, his career in advertising truly began to take flight through the Standard Ogilvy agency, where he began as a full-time writer. Eight years later, he moved up the corporate ladder in position and acted as a copywriter for D9. He remained there for over four years and earned a reputation as Brazil’s most respected and awarded writer. He later went through a long and rigorous process of partnering and founding numerous start-up agencies, and he now stands as Neogama’s best writer and agent, not to mention the envy of many similar agencies in the area.

Alexandre Gama Awards

Alexandre Gama has been awarded over 300 unique awards. He obtained his first major known award in 2006. Over 250 field professionals granted him the Advertising Award.

George Soros: A Modern Leading Liberal Figure that Truly Understands Politics

George Soros might not be a household name but that does not mean that he does not have political influence in the world. As a matter of fact, Soros is a very astute and powerful business man. George Soros is also a self-appointed politician who made himself relevant by the huge sums of money that he has donated to political causes.

George Soros primarily operates for the liberal agenda or the Democratic left. He has given millions to the cause of democracy. His efforts have helped liberal or left-wing organizations to carry out their agendas.

George Soros has given to Super-PACs and even started a few of his own. He also supports causes such as Black Lives Matter and various pro-immigration organizations. Soros is constantly on the move in the world of politics and business.

While Soros has made a huge fortune in business his passion these days are for politics. The billionaire magnate is the world’s 30th richest person on That is an astounding feat that the vast majority of people who were ever born on Earth could not accomplish; no matter how hard they try. The point

His money and keen business sense is what has helped to get him voice into political circles on However, Soros is not just about the money. It was stated earlier that he has a passion for politics and in his later years, this is where his focus lies.

Soros has turned over the control of many of his companies to be operated by competent people that he trusts. He now has turned his attention to political matters because he sees so much wrong in the world regarding governments, people, economies and their systems.

This politically aware individual has spoken out on the situation developing within China’s economy on Forbes, the presidency of Donald Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis. Soros sees a lot of problems and wants to correct them.

Soros is an American citizen that wants the U.S. to thrive but he even realizes that many of America’s freedoms are now being jeopardized; especially since Trump has taken office.

George Soros has a long standing history concerning politics. He was actually forged within this realm of life during his childhood. Soros is originally from Hungary. He was born there well over 80 years ago.

When he was a child, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi forces took over the country. His family were Jews and they were almost sent to the death camps. Soros’s father had enough insight to get his family out of harms way before that took place. They barely managed to escape this ordeal.

That time period within Soros’s life helped him to realize that the world of politics matter. Hitler was no joke. He was a brilliant madman who was extremely close to making the world subject to the Nazi regime.

Soros knew that if the conditions were right; it could happen again. Over the years he has watched for this type of behavior out of political candidates and he has seen it play out in a few countries all over the world.

At the end of the day, Soros wants the world and America to be free from despots and dictators. He understands that politics are extremely important to this process. If the wrong policies are implemented by the wrong people that get into office; it could lead to a situation that would even be worse than the Holocaust. Soros does not want this for anyone, anywhere. This is why he fights so hard for causes that champion the people and freedom.

MB2 Dental Solutions: Offering Dentists A Chance To Be Dentists

When Chris Steven Villanueva graduated out of dental school, he wasn’t particularly happy with the way the dental industry was functioning. He felt that smaller practices were often sidelined by large corporations who only cared about money and not his patients. That’s when he decided to draw up a solution for dentists all around America. He formed a network of dental professionals who were eager to get a footing into the business while also being able to focus on their patients to give them the utmost care they deserve. Thus to combat these issues and garner a solution, Dr.Chris Steven Villanueva established MB2 Dental Solutions.


MB2 Dental Solutions is a network of dental professionals who are seeking new opportunities. The company works to provide dentists and orthodontists the right managerial tools to be able to run their practice without getting caught up in other tasks. H2B Solutions aims to let dentists focus on what they do best while leaving the tasks of handling the clinic to people who are trained to do so.


With its team of highly efficient professionals, MB2 Dental Solutions provides dentists with the necessary help when it comes to human resources, accounting, IT, marketing and billings. Since dentists built MB2, the company understands the various challenges that dentists might face and offers solutions so that dentists can focus on their patients more.


MB2 Solutions is currently operational in different locations in six states within the United States – Tennessee, Alaska, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Dentists having any amount of experience in the field are encouraged to apply to be a part of the MB2 family. The company is always willing to give opportunities to professionals who are looking to pave a good career path for themselves. MB2 Solutions expects its dentists to possess the qualities of leadership and love for dentistry so that they can lead a good and successful dental practice.


MB2 offers dentists two kinds of unique opportunities that can help them with establishing their practice – the Associate Dentist Opportunity and the Practice Affiliation Opportunity. The Associate Dentist Opportunity is mainly for doctors who are new to the profession and are looking to establish clinical independence. The second opportunity is for dentists who already have an established practice, but want to take their career to the next level or who want to focus more on their customers as opposed to undertaking numerous tasks which are needed for the smooth functioning of the practice.



Diverse Portfolio And Private Business Investments

Sam Tabar is one of the most successful investors and financial experts. Therefore, when he has some thing to say, it is important for people to pay attention. After all, everyone needs money. Therefore, it is very important to know how to manage finances so that one could increase his income by a lot. Sam’s advice is based on his experiences and his accomplishments. Since his techniques have worked for him, it is only right that he shares his secrets with everyone so that they will have a chance to break into their own season of success in investing.

Among the pieces of advice that Sam Tabar gives aspiring investors are to have a diverse portfolio and to consider private companies. One of the reasons that diverse investment portfolios are helpful is that it keeps one from losing all of his money. However private companies are the place to go. Among the types of people to look out for are social entrepreneurs. These are the people that are looking to build their business with the use of social media. Social media platforms are very powerful as marketing tools. Therefore, it always helps to find someone who has promise and offer investments.

Sam Tabar’s private company that he has invested in is THINX, a nonprofit that has been established in order to help women throughout the globe with hygienic items. Sam Tabar himself would recommend people to find a company that is designed to help with noble causes so that they will not only make some good investments, but they will also help with people who are in need. After all, some of the most successful people in the world are also some of the most generous. Sam Tabar would advise people to make investments for more reasons than to just make money.

Cotemar Mexico Looks To Benefit From Mexican Oil Industry Changes



The Mexican oil industry has recently begun to undergo some major changes that could be of benefit to a number of privately held companies providing their services for oil companies around the world. One of the major changes taking place in the Mexican industry is the opening up of oil fields to private companies for the first time since the nationalization of the industry led to a monopoly for the government owned Pemex corporation.


A number of privately held companies will now be given the chance to bid for the rights to explore and drill in many deep water fields, including the massive Trion oil field in the Gulf of Mexico. It is hoped that a change in ownership of the rights for oil exploration in Mexican fields will lead to improvements being made in the handling of business interests, social issues, and land use issues that Pemex have so far failed to address.


One of the companies hoping to benefit from the changes in rules for the Mexican oil industry in Cotemar Mexico, a company with a long history that specializes in the services needed to make any offshore oil platform a success. The company was created in 1979 and has always looked to provide a series of services that reflect the commitment the company has to lowering its effects on the environment in all its operations.


Cotemar Mexico has created a clear and concise charter by which the company conducts its business and makes clear the social issues it has stood for over the four decades it has been in operation. The company is not only concerned with creating large profits, but has taken a keen interest in improving the social aspect of life the employees and communities touched by the company feel are important; Cotemar has developed its work in health care and sporting associations that provide a higher quality of life for members of the community.


Working with Cotemar Mexico shows how forward thinking the brand is in providing a comfortable and secure working environment for all employees. Not only do specialist ships ensure all platforms meet stringent safety standards they also provide important services for those working on platforms and at land bases, including laundry services and high quality meals.

Thor Halvorssen’s Political Endeavors that have Brought Democracy in Many Countries

Human right activism has provided a better chance in the advancement of democracy around the world. Many people have been able to exercise there democratic rights without fear of intimidation or victimization. This has been evident in countries that have experienced worst form of political dictatorship due to poor leadership. This has been necessitated with the emergence of vibrant human activists across the world like Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen has championed the rights to equality and fair political processes by engaging in human activism that have champion for fair distribution of resources. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family that was linked to the first Venezuelan president Cristobal Mendoza. As such, they have been in the political limelight for quite a long time. His father was given a ministerial post where he served as Ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs. This was a powerful positions in the government then and attracted a lot of public interest. Thor Halvorssen proceeded to advance in education where he graduated with a degree in history and political science from the University of Pennsylvania. This as his breakthrough in the world of political advocacy and championship. Thor Halvorssen entered active politics in 1993 when his father was arrested by the then government was he was investigating high level case of drug trafficking and money laundering.

After his father was brutally beaten and tortured to a point of death, Thor Halvorssen started activism and campaign that were geared towards seeing his father released from prison. Due to the weight matter at hand, the international human right bodies joined in the campaign. Amnesty International was the first organization that weighed in on the campaign and protested the innocence of Thor Halvorssen’s father. His father was alter released after they found him innocent of all the charges that had been labeled on him. The activism took another turn when his mother was shot at during the peaceful protests in Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen has been actively involved in film production. He has co-produced a movie titled Freedom Fury that has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from the public. As such, he has achieved a lot in the wider industry of film production.

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The Greyhound Diary; Insightful Story On Struggles Of The Common Population

Getting inside the shoes of another person gives you an idea of where it pinches. Doug Levitt has traveled far and wide on Greyhound buses. He has gathered stories, pictures as well as memories of his adventure. He has had the chance of meeting people in America who getting by is a struggle.


Doug Levitt has traveled over 120,000 miles. Which has led to the of Greyhound Diaries. It is an account of what lies behind the headlines, a struggling populace beyond our imagination. Doug Levitt shows how horrifying it can be in the middle of the night, on the road, with complete strangers by your side. It is a heartfelt narration, and any traveler can relate to it irrespective of age and race.


The Greyhound Diaries is a project modeled on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) initiative. It seeks to portray America at its point of crisis. Doug Levitt has, through sharing his story and listening to other people’s stories, grown and become a decent observer of the world. He has been able to meet up with individuals whose opinions are not aired just because of their locality.


About Doug Levitt


Doug Levit grew up in Washington, D.C. His mother, a D.C. Republican, exposed him to politics at a young age. This gave him insights on political orientation. Growing up, he was also a member of the gospel choir in high school. Doug saw that music is a language that everybody understands and sought to use it as a platform to reach out to people. Washington, D.C. has people from different races, the experience of various people on the bus was quite similar to the struggles he was exposed to while growing up.


Doug Levitt obtained his International Relations Masters from London School of Economics. He was formerly a foreign correspondent for ABC, CNN, and MSNBC. He dispatched from Rwanda, Iran, and Bosnia among others. Doug is now a songwriter, writer, photographer as well as an activist.


During his travels, he has captured over 20,000 pictures. His works have been on several high ranking newscasts such as CNN and Fox News. He seeks to show the pain and struggle people go through, and his music is the vessel he uses. The road has been his mode of expression as an artist, and projecting the poverty he comes across while traveling is his way of helping out.

George Street Wedding Photographers in Austin Texas

The George Street wedding photographic company is known for its capability of gathering together local professionals to make your wedding day the most memorial possible in pictures. The uniqueness of the model is that anywhere in America you can find photographers and event professionals who are affiliated with the George Stree ethic and method, so you know pretty much what you will get.

In Austin, one of the most popular wedding locations is the Walnut Creek wooded area, located just north of Austin. With its many miles of wooded, creek laden trails, you are sure to find just the backdrop for your wedding occasion.

Or perhaps the Le San Michele, one of the most elegant locations in the Austin, Texas area would be more to your liking. Here the Mediterranian setting blends with the Southwest grandeur. The rustic element fits right into the mood of a romantic setting filled with all of the southwest landscape and architectural features. To book a service, simply go to


Brazilian Attorney Bruno Fagali wins Ethics Award

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney specializing in ethics and compliance issues. He graduated with his LLB degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and holds a post-graduate diploma in Administrative Law from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of Brazil’s top higher education institutions in government and policy. Throughout his career, Bruno Fagali has been concerned with ethics and anti-corruption measures in the public sphere, including government contracts, regulatory laws, and government liability.

Bruno Fagali is currently Head of Compliance for Nova/SB, an advertising agency specializing in public interest communication. He is a member of the IBDEE, the Brazilian Institute of Law and Business Ethics as well as the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. In recognition of his dedication to the public interest, Bruno Fagali and his advertising firm were awarded the Pró-Ética Award, which recognizes and fosters excellence in the compliance field.

According to Bruno Fagali, one of the biggest challenges that the firm faced was the sheer amount of paperwork the Government Accounting Office required. The attorney had to answer an endless list of questions in a detailed fashion. According to Fagali, most business do not have that level of awareness or record-keeping when it comes to their compliance programs.

For Bruno Fagali, compliance isn’t a box that needs to be checked, but an important component of success in business. He believes that social responsibility is fast becoming one of the major metrics that consumers use in making their decisions, and companies that do not heed the message will suffer the consequences.