Alexandre Gama: Who Is He?

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian advertiser and entrepreneur as well as Neogama’s founder and CEO. He also stands as the only Brazilian member of the Global Creative Board. This committee is composed of six leaders from around the world.

Alexandre Gama’s Career History

As an advertising and marketing graduate from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, his plans to continue in the field were far from over. In 1982, his career in advertising truly began to take flight through the Standard Ogilvy agency, where he began as a full-time writer. Eight years later, he moved up the corporate ladder in position and acted as a copywriter for D9. He remained there for over four years and earned a reputation as Brazil’s most respected and awarded writer. He later went through a long and rigorous process of partnering and founding numerous start-up agencies, and he now stands as Neogama’s best writer and agent, not to mention the envy of many similar agencies in the area.

Alexandre Gama Awards

Alexandre Gama has been awarded over 300 unique awards. He obtained his first major known award in 2006. Over 250 field professionals granted him the Advertising Award.

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