Arthur Becker Speaks About The Future Of His Business

In a recent interview with Ideasmench, Arthur Becker spoke about what he is doing with his new business Madison Partners. This company works in real estate development along with small biotechnology firms. Arthur Becker is currently working on a number of townhouses and condominiums in both New York City and Florida. However, Arthur Becker is quick to point out that his work is that of a leader who spends much of his time looking for new projects and ideas.

During the Ideamensch interview, he speaks candidly about what made him into a successful entrepreneur and what he would like change about his past if given the opportunity. Arthur Backer credits his success to his strong work ethic, ability to think outside of the box, and his dedication to organizing new ideas in order to turn them into profitable projects. In addition, he states that his time working a low paying job for the parks department motivated him to be successful. His regrets include not finishing his second year of business school. This is an impressive claim as he was the owner of a construction company during this time, and chose to work on a project instead of focusing on his studies.

Arthur Becker ( first came into the public view as the Chairman of Navisite. Navisite is a firm focused on managing technologies and applications. The company was rated by NASDAQ during his tenure. Arthur Becker then went on to serve and the CEO and Chairman of Zenio. Zenio is the largest digital newsstand with it offering over five thousand different magazines. This experience in both application and digital marketplace management comes from his education at Bennington College with him going on to attend business school at Dartmouth. Arthur Becker has also served and managing member and managing director of Atlantic Investors and Madison Technology Group.


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