A lawyer is a very important person in our lives because they help in issues related to children custody, writing of the will, and matters to do with the tenant and the landlord. New York city has adopted an online platform referred to as the New York State Bar association which was formed in 1876 which people in need of a lawyer can use. It has a website whereby anyone who is looking for a lawyer has to answer some confidential questions pertaining to where they stay and the legal issue they want addressed.



The information is then reviewed where exactly the person resides to know how they can get contact with the attorney who gets to know the individual’s problem. Lawyers can be retained on the basis agreed upon between the client and the lawyer. The Bar Association has been referring lawyers to individuals for a very long time. It has given employment to many youths in the region who work day and night to make sure all the clients are attended to. More and more people are now using the online way of getting lawyers as opposed to looking for them in offices.



Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the American bar association and the advisory board of lawyers. He holds law degree from the university of Chicago. Jeremy has been into various organizations such as the Dow. Before the formation of his company Jeremy worked in various law firms like the Lipton, Rosen and Katz Companies. Goldstein have enough experience in the field and have helped a lot of people in the country with legal matter. His company has an objective of giving advice to C.E.Os., committees and the corporate sectors in areas that pertain to very sensitive issues in the companies. Jeremy Goldstein also give speeches on executive compensation and corporate governance in private and public venues across the country.

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