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June 2017

Duda Melzer – Leading Entrepreneur and Businessman Known for His Innovative Business Strategies

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, popularly known as Duda Melzer, is one of the most successful businessmen and CEOs in Brazil today. He is also a well-known personality in the field of media and journalism. He is a highly qualified individual with MBA degree from Harvard University and Bachelor’s degree in Business from Pontifical Catholic University.

Duda Melzer has also completed a few diploma courses from Harvard to further enhance his knowledge in the field of business and marketing. Duda Melzer in his initial days after finishing studies has worked with some of the most renowned media companies in the United States, which includes Family Communications Network, Delphi Corporation, and BoxTop Media. Working at the top media companies in the United States helped him get the exposure he needed to practically understand the media business and prepared him to head his family business, RBS Group. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

In a report by Estadao, RBS Group started operations in the year 1957 and was launched by the media mogul of Brazil, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. After the death of the founder of RBS Group, it was headed by his brother and son subsequently, before Duda Melzer took over in 2012 as the CEO of the company. However, the father of Duda Melzer ensured that he is capable of handling the business by not appointing him the CEO directly after his studies and allowed him to work in the United States for a few years. Even as Duda Melzer returned Brazil in 2004, he was asked to join lower positions in the company to know the business of RBS Group more closely.

Finally, after eight years of working in various departments of the RBS Group, he was given the position of CEO in RBS Group. Duda Melzer was also appointed as the Chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group in the year 2015. He also started the e.Brick Digital, which is the technology-based enterprise that invests in the digital sector and is attached to the RBS Group.


Financial Deals Showcase Madison Street Capital’s Middle Market Strengths

DCG Software and Spitfire Group Merger


In the first quarter of this year investment banking services provider Madison Street Capital (MSC) provided financial adviser services to DCG Software facilitating the closing of their successful merger with The Spitfire Group.


The deal highlighted Madison Street Capital reputation for delivering expert financial services to the investment banking middle-market segment. Mike Harris, CEO of the newly merged firm stated that the re-organization “is a natural progression of our partnership [that will enable the company] better serve our clients and the value they receive from [our] software.”


DCG has corporate offices in the United Kingdom and Malvern, PA. The firm provides global software quality and software analytics services to a broad customer base, enhancing business decision making and resource management. Spitfire is a consulting company delivering specialty expertise in utilization of technologies to businesses.



ARES Security Recapitalization and Debt Deal


Also, during his year’s first quarter MSC announced the completion of a successful recapitalization and subordinated debt financial arrangement for Vienna-based ARES Security Corporation. ARES is a software technology firm delivering high-end, security-based technology solutions. Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES expressed his enthusiasm with MSC’s services with “[his being]very impressed with the entire process [that included] the initial due diligence, valuation and capital raising processes.” The transaction included Corbel Structured Equity Partners, a Los Angeles, California-based firm, that provided the minority debt arrangement of the deal.



Madison Street Capital


Located in Chicago, IL, Madison Street Capital delivers financial expertise in the middle market segment of the domestic and international investment banking services market. Their high level of skill with connecting their clients to 2nd and 3rd tier investors has enabled the firm to accumulate a portfolio of more than 100 satisfied customers.


The company serves businesses with between $10 – $500 million dollar annual revenues and with earnings before income, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) in the range of $1 – $5 million dollars. The broad range of industries they serve includes: health care, food and beverage, construction and real estate, aviation, manufacturing, infrastructure, renewable energy and financial services in domestic and overseas markets. Their clients tend to have growth potentials of 10 percent and higher.


The businesses core competencies include a unique appreciation of the middle market, access to a broad network of domestic and international financial sponsors, a highly-specialized deal negotiation team and emphasis on valuation considerations and risk mitigation strategies that are important to their clients.


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Life Line Screening, National Top Preventive Health Screening Company

Prevention is better than cure says the wise man. The saying validates the mission statement of Life Line Screening which reads “Making people aware of unrecognized health problems and encourages them to seek follow-up care with their personal physician.” Life Line Screening is a top provider of community-based preventive health screening in the United States. Founded in 1993, the company has launched 16,000 screening campaigns across the country and successfully screened close to 8 million people. Life Line Screening is committed to giving superior preemptive screenings at competitive prices.

Life Line Screening uses state-of-ark ultrasound equipment, similar to those found in modern hospitals, and screening is performed by their highly qualified healthcare professionals to detect hidden health issues before they turn into a problem. The results of the screening are rigorously reviewed by board-certified doctors to ensure optimal standards. It provides numerous screening services including cardiovascular, lung cancer, chronic kidney diseases, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, thyroid disease, etc.

Life Line Screening provides various test screening package options including Carotid Artery, Peripheral Arterial, Osteoporosis, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Atrial Fibrillation and Complete Lipid. Once a person schedules an appointment and undertakes a screening, a board-certified physician would review the data from each screening using a clinically based predictive program. A report of the screening results is available within 21 days and can be accessed online through an e-Results program or in the mail. A completed results package is often signed by the reviewing physician and the National Medical Director and delivered to the patient. The patient then shares the results with his/her personal primary care physician.To provide useful information to the public, the company post articles, timely news, events from the leaders of healthcare accessible through subscription of Life Line Screening blog. You can schedule a screening appointment or find the location of Life Line Screening branch office closer to you on the company website or call 877-237-1272 to schedule a screening by phone.

Success Academy Provides More than Education in a High-Achieving and Learning Environment

Success Academy prides itself on teachers providing an individual devoted-learning environment with all students who attend their charter schools. Students learn in an environment that is rich with attentiveness and focus that is on a student achieving their highest learning potential.


For many students, the environment provides them the first idea of their full potential and teachers believe that awareness is why students continue to become engaged within their learning. With 76 percent of the students coming from low-income families, it has become a welcomed engagement to the parents of those students. Success Academy has an estimated enrollment of 14,000 students within the entire network of 41 schools. The efforts placed upon building an environment that provides all students the type of confidence needed to be successful is completely evident.


Because Success Academy is authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute, there are expectations set forth, for the performance of each student. Those expectations are paramount in the school’s efforts, for accountability, by continuing to raise the bar on providing standards of excellence and reaching high-performance.


In 2016, Success Academy scored within the highest-performing schools in the entire state of New York. Of the top schools, Success Academy had the top five schools in math and two of the top five schools in English. Those impressive numbers represented 4,230 students who were eligible to take the tests; receiving 94 percent proficiency in math and 82 percent efficiency in English. Within all the schools of New York, Success Academy is ranked as having the top one percent in math, top two percent in English and top five percent in science.


Success Academy was founded just over a decade ago, in 2006, and the network has not exclusively used test scores to measure the achievements of a student’s education. Although the network believes in the importance of testing, the commitment is in providing an environment and opportunity, for students to become whole individuals. Teachers provide an environment that builds a student’s self-esteem and focuses on assuring that a student has a firm belief in what they can achieve within society.


Sawyer Howitt, the Incredible Young Business Enthusiast

Based in Portland, Oregon, Meriwether Group is a company that deals with brand building. Its primary aim is to see to it that entrepreneurs take their business ventures a notch higher. Various services that range from business strategies, retail rollouts, to product development are offered. The company is known for providing modified services that go hand in hand with every business. Meriwether Group takes a look at the firm’s growth, available options as well as the strategy analysis. They give advice to the enterprise but ensure that they keep confident the ideas, dignity as well as the brand.

Since every company has a trademark, Meriwether Group strengthens it by pointing out the potential consumers and also ascertains the best approach to message delivery. On matters of sales and ways of leaping profit maximally, Meriwether Group has it covered. Their track record and expertise provides them with an opportunity to understand, plan and also manage the primary needs of the business, resulting in a firm that exhibits constant growth, lots of profit as well as business stability.

The project manager for Meriwether Group is none other than Sawyer Howitt. He has an understanding of all operational and monetary need of the firm. He has an appreciation for brands and means of connection to each consumer. Any task that may be presented to him be it an elaborate spreadsheet, filling in some critical documents or even making a presentation, Sawyer Howitt can handle it efficiently.

Sawyer Howitt first joined Meriwether Group in the year 2015 as a business strategy analyst. His skills were not only of importance but also unwavering. He was able to come up with RFID checkout solutions for retail ventures. His hard work and dedication to his work despite his young age amounted to his promotion to become what he is now. A Project Manager.

Sawyer Howitt studied at Lincoln High School Portland, Oregon.On a personal level, Sawyer Howitt is a jovial person who loves interactions. He is active in social media as he has accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. He uses these profiles to keep in touch with his clients.