Financial Deals Showcase Madison Street Capital’s Middle Market Strengths

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DCG Software and Spitfire Group Merger


In the first quarter of this year investment banking services provider Madison Street Capital (MSC) provided financial adviser services to DCG Software facilitating the closing of their successful merger with The Spitfire Group.


The deal highlighted Madison Street Capital reputation for delivering expert financial services to the investment banking middle-market segment. Mike Harris, CEO of the newly merged firm stated that the re-organization “is a natural progression of our partnership [that will enable the company] better serve our clients and the value they receive from [our] software.”


DCG has corporate offices in the United Kingdom and Malvern, PA. The firm provides global software quality and software analytics services to a broad customer base, enhancing business decision making and resource management. Spitfire is a consulting company delivering specialty expertise in utilization of technologies to businesses.



ARES Security Recapitalization and Debt Deal


Also, during his year’s first quarter MSC announced the completion of a successful recapitalization and subordinated debt financial arrangement for Vienna-based ARES Security Corporation. ARES is a software technology firm delivering high-end, security-based technology solutions. Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES expressed his enthusiasm with MSC’s services with “[his being]very impressed with the entire process [that included] the initial due diligence, valuation and capital raising processes.” The transaction included Corbel Structured Equity Partners, a Los Angeles, California-based firm, that provided the minority debt arrangement of the deal.



Madison Street Capital


Located in Chicago, IL, Madison Street Capital delivers financial expertise in the middle market segment of the domestic and international investment banking services market. Their high level of skill with connecting their clients to 2nd and 3rd tier investors has enabled the firm to accumulate a portfolio of more than 100 satisfied customers.


The company serves businesses with between $10 – $500 million dollar annual revenues and with earnings before income, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) in the range of $1 – $5 million dollars. The broad range of industries they serve includes: health care, food and beverage, construction and real estate, aviation, manufacturing, infrastructure, renewable energy and financial services in domestic and overseas markets. Their clients tend to have growth potentials of 10 percent and higher.


The businesses core competencies include a unique appreciation of the middle market, access to a broad network of domestic and international financial sponsors, a highly-specialized deal negotiation team and emphasis on valuation considerations and risk mitigation strategies that are important to their clients.


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