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July 2017

Dick Devos is going to the top of the business ladder

Dick Devos was born in 1955 and is the oldest son of Richard Devos, Sr. Dick Devos father is known as being the cofounder of Amway Corporation. This is a company that is known for being a network sales company and distributes health, household and also personal care products through dealers.


In 1974 Devos started working for the Amway Corporation where he held different levels of responsibility in many of the company’s different operating departments. In 1984 Devos went on to become the vice president, in 18 countries, of the company’s operations. It was said that Devos took on this responsibility to gain experience outside of the family firm.

Then in 1989, to be able to start a new business venture, he left the firm.


In 1991 Devos went on to be appointed by his father to manage the National Basket Association’s Orlango Magic Basketball franchise. While taking on this role he still stay involved in the management of the Windquest Group. In 1993,a short two years later, he returned back to Amway Corporation as their president. In 2000 Amway Corporation begain restructuring and Devos oversaw it all. The firm was able to expand to well over 50 countries and territories in six different continents thanks to the new structure of Alticor.


Devos retired as the president of Alticor,in 2002, to be able to be devoted full time to his private venture. It was in 2006 that he then decided that he wanted to enter into politics and run for governor in the state of Michigan on the Republican ticket. During his running he was believed to be the wealthiest man that has ever ran for governorship of Michigan. It is said that money usually is a big help in political campaigns but in Devos case it seemed to be of very little help. He ended up spending nearly $40 million of his own money on his campaign.


Dick Devos ended up marring Elizabeth (Betsie) Prince. She is the daughter of Edgar Prince and is also the founder, owner and president of the Blackwater private security firm, that is located in North Carolina. The two have four children togather named, Rick, Elissa, Andrea and Ryan.


In 2017 Betsie Devos went on to be appointed as being the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She is one business lady that plans on continue her career further and further. With Dick Devos help there is no telling where these two will go in the business ladder.

Eyeing New Jersey’s Property Market, Boraie Development

Philly Purge, an online news site, recently published an article about New Jersey’s real estate market. According to the writer, a surging real estate market crisis has hit New Jersey. Zillow, a real estate tracking firm, reported that the state has the highest rate of residential mortgages in the United States. This statistics reflect the tough times that homeowners are facing. It’s projected that this situation will somehow improve the lives of the residents. After the real estate market, the homes in New Jersey are expected to gain value. What’s more, there will be an increase in employment rates in the region.

The article mentioned that things could get worse for New Jersey. There are speculations that the housing shortage might intensify. Consequently, the demand for housing will be more than the supply, thereby creating a deficiency of housing units for sale. Moreover, there will be an influx of home sellers. Although this looks like a disaster, it’s a blessing in disguise. The real estate market of New Jersey will improve and the values of homes will appreciate. Many property owners aren’t selling their houses at the moment because they anticipate an increase in home prices, in future. This means that they will make more money if they wait for a few more years.

More homes are expected to be put up for sell in the coming months because of the new developments in New Jersey. Additionally, the cost of living has gone up. Economists have predicted that rent rates will increase. The mortgage rates, nonetheless, might remain the same. With the new developments in New Jersey, more construction companies will emerge. Established firms like Boraie Development are expected to make the most out of this housing boom. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development has transformed the real estate scene of New Brunswick. The construction company is run by a prominent realtor called Omar Boraie. Omar is a successful entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. His leadership has enabled Boraie Development to achieve a lot in the last decade. Some of Mr. Boraie’s notable projects include The Aspire and the Rector Street building.

Boraie Development works with architects, contractors and various financial institutions to complete its projects. It renders a wide range of construction services, including selling homes, project management and housing development. The firm gets most of its funds from private investors and commercial banks. Boraie Development works with other property managers to identify trends in the real estate market.

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Logan Stout Succeeds As An Entrepreneur By Finding Personalized Solutions To Individual Problems

One of the best things about entrepreneurs is that they find solutions to many different issues. They also think outside of the box in order to come up with something that is going to bring about innovative solutions to issues. This is exactly what Logan Stout has done. The first thing he has done was figure out his passion which has turned out to be fitness. Afterwards, he has looked into different ways that he can approach health and fitness. He has looked at the issue that people are faced with when it comes to their goals of fitness. He has then come up with a solution that is sure to benefit many.


This solution is IDLife. This program takes a personalized approach to fitness. Therefore, people who are looking to get fit will be matched with the right plan for them. As a result, they will find that losing weight and sculpting their bodies is a bit easier than before. They will also gain confidence and a better body image. This makes IDLife one of the best deals for people that are looking to improve their health and their sense of self worth.

Logan Stout as an entrepreneur takes a lot of joy in what he does. For one thing, he has made sure that he is in the industry that he enjoys the most so that his job is more than just a paycheck. As a result, he has not only brought a lot of joy to his own life with his work but has also brought joy to people being in the fitness people. As people learn the secrets that they need in order to succeed in getting the kind of body they want, they realize that Logan Stout is the type of person to trust for this activity.

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