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NexBank Capital is a financial institution that serves its clients in three principal businesses. The services include commercial banking, mortgage provision, and other institutional services. Primarily, personalized banking services are provided to financial institutions and cooperation nationwide. The NexBank has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas where it carries out its commercial operations. James Dondero is the chairman of the financial institution that founded in 1922.


John Holt, president, and CEO of NexBank has maintained a remarkable progress in the development of the commercial industry and raising the capital shares. In his regime, the bank has introduced two core products for their clients. The products include investment banking and online transactions that help businesses with commercial and transaction advisory. Moreover, they provide a working strategy and a short term working capital to companies.


Progress Made by the Bank


The bank has partnered with Habitat for Human International which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. As a result, the financial institution has registered nearly a 100 employees who provide banking services to their clients. Additionally, on August 9, 2017, NexBank raised $20 million in additional investment capital. In the same year, their Financial Literacy Program reaches out to 1,600 Dallas students.


With $6.4billion asset as of June 2017, NexBank distributes institutional services, delivers mortgages, and commercial banking. Also, the bank shows its commitment to serving financial cooperation, medium-firms, and investors in real estates.


Charitable Activities Conducted by the NexBank


Banks and their employees are concerned and always want to donate to the needy families. The charity work is achieved through their established Texas Bankers Association. The bankers give to assist the Officer Foundation controlled by Dallas Police Association. In case an officer succumbs to injury or death, the funds raised are used to support the family members of the victim.


In the aftermath of Thursday’s night attack by a sniper in Dallas downtown, Plains Capital Bank located in Dallas reached out to Dallas Police Unit with donations worth 25,000 dollars. John Holt said that the overall support from business and citizens was not only a testimony to the people of Dallas but generally to the Texans.

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