Helping Avoid Confrontations in Jail with Securus Technologies

Each day that I show up for work at the local prison, I know I could be going home in an ambulance because the inmates would love to get their hands on me if they could. I spend forty hours a week in the jail, these inmates are there every single minute, and they are looking constantly for any weakness in the system they can use to their advantage. The only way to even the odds, me and my fellow officers must utilize ever resource we have at our disposal in an effort to keep the peace.


The first piece of business that we tend to each day is meeting with all the visitors who come to see the inmates. They are all told about how bringing anything into the jail could result in prison time if caught, and that they will be searched before they can meet with the inmates. We search the inmates after these sessions to make certain nothing was able to get into their hands. Even after all this, we do searches on the inmate cells and we even check their mail to make sure nothing can get into their hands.


When our prison was contacted by Securus Technologies to have our inmate call monitoring system upgraded, we now had and even more powerful resource in our hands. The company is based out of Dallas, has 1,000 employees, and all the staff is working very hard to make this world safer for us all.


In only a few days after the system was up and running, we heard inmates discussing how to get drugs into the visitor center, where they hid those drugs outside of their cells, and whether they were using or selling the drugs once they had them in their possession. We take instant action to eliminate these treats as soon as we get the alert.


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