Clayton Hutson – article recap

Clay Hutson is a live sound engineer and professional tour manager. The services he provides include stage rigging, production design, producing, and logistics. Their events are known in the music industry for their professionalism and excellence.


Clay Hutson has recently managed a sold-out country music tour for the band Staind. The tour was a promotional exercise for the front man’s solo album titled Town Line. Clay Hutson uses the DigiCo SD11 rack-mountable system for his production. The tour was held across the country in churches, casinos, honky-tonks, and 50,000 seat venues. To say that Clay Hutson has great skills would be an understatement. When he sets his production into effect on a music track he is creating a piece of art. Artists enjoy working with him for more reasons than just his professionalism; he is an artistic creator. Clay Hutson manages bands with the skill of a true creator.


Clay Hutson often wears multiple hats when he is on a tour with a band. He will assist with the stage rigging, making sure all the props are in their correct places. He will have a great deal of influence on the sound checking and production of the music. His skills during a live performance are known for their magnificence. As a tour manager he knows what bands are looking for and he knows how to keep fans happy when they are attending his concerts. Clayton is an avid fan of the DigiCo technology. He makes regular usage of them on his tours. He has used their SD7, SD8, and has even used a hand-made D5 when he was on tour with Marilyn Manson. The tour with Marilyn Manson took place 10 years ago. He will continue to support the great production equipment. He says that the portability and the reliability make the equipment company his favorite for usage on the road.


The control and consistency that he receives when using the DigiCo equipment are unparalleled. He can achieve the perfect acoustics and sonic levels that will leave a unique buzz in a fan’s ear. The fans know what good music sounds like and they want something that will leave them with good feelings. If he cannot achieve those good feelings then he has not done his service to the fans or the music. Music is Clay Hutson’s life and the company is all about pleasing the fans and the bands. Learn more:

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