Clay Siegall Expands Seattle Genetics

The pharmaceutical industry is a very important industry that is responsible for creating medications and processes that can help to save and improve lives. One individual that has dedicated his career to this industry is Clay Siegall who is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall helped to found the company in 1998 and today is the President and CEO of the company.

When he first founded the organization, his goal was to improve processes that are completed to treat a variety of different ailments and diseases. Today, the company is one of the leading of its kind and has formed a variety of joint ventures with some of the top companies in the pharma industry.

While Seattle Genetics has done a lot of great things by developing new drugs and medical procedures, the company has also been a great company for investors. Ever since the company was founded, Clay Siegall has helped the organization raise more than $1.8 billion in equity that has been used to expand the company and invest in the operations. The company has continued to raise a lot of capital and could see a major infusion or investment in the future as well.

The Seattle based company has done very well financially over the past decade and has continued to be showcased in a variety of magazines and professional newsletters due to the success that it has had. Along with this, it has continued to gain the attention of venture capitalists and even larger firms that are looking to expand.

While the company has been a leader for years, one of the most promising things about the firm is the growth that it is continuing to have. In 2016, the company made more than $418 million in revenue. This was a 45 percent increase from just two years prior. At the same time, the underlying stock value of the company has seen a 50% increase and is looking to continue to increase in the future.

Many stock analysts have continued to be very bullish on the company due to the strong potential it provides to investors. As the company continues to develop new technologies and change the pharma landscape, it will continue to be a very popular and intriguing target for those that are looking to expand on their footprint. Beyond the potential for a buyout, there is also a lot of potential for internal growth.

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