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May 2018


Barbara Stokes of Green Structure Homes Delivered is in Alabama in the United States. It is a contractor company that constructs homes for people who are hit by a disaster. The company was founded in 2008 by Barbara stokes and Scott stokes who are now the C.E.O and the C.O.O respectively. The company offers engineering and manufacturing service to its customers.

Barbara is an alumnus of Mercer University where she specialized in Biochemical engineering and physics, besides studying applied subjects at GSH. With more than 6 years’ experience, she has done a lot for the company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

According to Barbara, medical valuation knowledge and her role at GSH compliment each other because as a medical professional, it feels good to change people’s lives for the better. To achieve this one needs to have technical knowledge and skills which she has acquired at GHS.

Barbara Stokes believes that planning activities for the day is what makes her productive. According to her, prioritizing her activities has helped her to find a balance between spending time with her loved ones and do her job. She also believes that sharing ideas with her team and working together to implement them has contributed to customer satisfaction.


Barbara acknowledges that the fulfillment she gets when giving back to the society is what motivates her to keep on doing her job. She is also optimistic that more women will get involved in business leadership in future. She claims that young people should never underestimate themselves but instead they should work hard to achieve their goals in life.

Green Structure Homes Delivered C.E.O advises the business people to improve their working environment for employees to be happy and productive. Enhancing communication channels and finding ways to make the working environment friendlier increases productivity. She also believes that being a step ahead and taking advantage of every opportunity is what has helped her grow.

Barbara thinks that associating with the right people and listening to them can help one to grow in business. Embracing new technology and keeping on reading the right materials can also propel entrepreneurs to greater heights. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Class Dojo Are Pioneering The World Of Education With Community And Communication

There are few things more important in a child’s life than their education. It builds the foundation for every child’s critical thinking skills and abilities to perform in the real world. This is why it is more important than ever that kids are getting a good education and a positive learning experience that inspires students to succeed. Today’s generation is the most crowded and competitive in history, with more businesses and individuals looking to enter the market. Class Dojo is one such company that has focused on education by creating a free learning app focused on building communication for students and parents, even teachers.

Class Dojo works by allowing every student to stay connected to each other as well as their parents even while they are in the classroom. Instead of being clueless about what is going on with their child’s schooling, parents are able to stay updated and contact the classroom teacher at any time they need to. This level of communication is effective because it engages student’s and allows them to be more effective in the classroom, which is one of the hardest jobs for a teacher. Students also perform better when they have support and encouragement from their parents, which greatly improves their confidence and desire to attend school.

There are many platforms out there to improve education at all levels, but none have really focused on the core issue for students, communication. In most cases, it is not the material and difficulty of school that gets in the way. Instead, it comes down to behavior, community, peer pressure, positivity, negativity, and so on. Basically, the social aspects of schooling are the biggest factors in shaping a child’s academic career. Class Dojo is completely free to use and have been that way since they launched their program, allowing more students each year to become involved. WIth more than have the schools in the country adopting the program today, it is one of the most used applications in elementary schooling today.

Robert Ivy’s Incredible Success

On 11th April 2011, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) made a public announcement concerning the achievements of their executive vice president, Robert Ivy. The body announced that Mr. Ivy was one of the few people in the state recognized by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). This much-coveted recognition prize is called the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The rewarding of Robert Ivy represents the first time when an architect has won such an accolade. This prize is usually given to living Mississippi residents whose works of creation and artistry are extraordinary. Mr. Ivy’s win highlights his immense expertise in the architecture field.

The other recipient of the accolade is Mississippi based stained glass artist, Andrew Young. The two winners will be given their respective prizes at a later date at an event organized by MIAL. This ceremony is scheduled to take place on 2nd June.

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Mr. Robert Ivy’s win was met with great applaud especially from his fellow architects. AIA president, Mr. Carl Elefante was very excited about the honor going to one of the body’s members. He announced his delight by saying that the deeds of Robert Ivy put them in the spotlight for the incredible work that they do as architects. Mr. Elefante thanked the awarding body for their recognition of the best in Mississippi. He also praised the agency for seeing it fit to honor one of their members with the award.

Mr. Robert Ivy has worked in numerous other firms before coming to AIA. He was once an editor in chief of a newsletter called the Architectural Record. During his time in this position, he received numerous awards. One of the most prominent ones was the National Magazine Prize. He later joined AIA and became CEO, and his effective leadership skills have been evident all through. The firm has experienced rapid growth during his tenure. One of the most recognizable achievements is the record membership that has been attained with him being at the helm.

Many bodies have also recognized his extraordinary works in architecture. In 2010, Mr. Robert Ivy received the Master Architect honorary award. This is a major fete as the award has always been associated with the best architects in the world such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Robert Ivy also received an award from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones architecture school.

When MIAL’s president announced Robert Ivy’s win of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, she praised his achievements in putting Mississippi architects on the global map.

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Robert Ivy Recieves A Muched Deserved Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Institute of Architects, also known as the AIA, was formed as early as 1857 and has grown tremendously since then. Today, the American Institute of Architects has well over 90,000 members serving the United States of America. In addition to this, with headquarters established in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., it would not be a surprise to one day see the American Institue of Architects reach a global presence. Now, as we can imagine, there is no doubt that it takes a highly qualified individual to take the reigns of such a distinguished organization. Furthermore, it is safe to assume that whoever is at the reigns of the American Institute of Architects definitely meets those standards. Well, this could not be truer of Robert Ivy as the leader and face of the institute. As a professional with years of experience, Robert Ivy has become more of a renowned expert since taking over at the institute. AS the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has worn the company by leading efforts in educational based programs, community establishment, public outreach, and other similar forms of advocacy for the institute. Needless to say, Robert Ivy has truly been beneficial and, more importantly, crucial to the institute’s growth and development. With that said, here is more on Robert and how his success at the institute has led to him receiving very honorable recognition.

Robert & A Lifetime Achievement Awards

According to many of his fellow professionals and experts, Robert has been long overdue for some nationwide recognition. As if his career has not naturally accomplished that due to his brilliance at the American Institute of Architects, many would agree that an award has been a long time coming for a professional of caliber. Having said that, it will come to the delight of many people that Robert has recently received a lifetime achievement award for his effort. As explained by this article on Robert and this achievement, Robert has tons of impressive numbers and similar proofs to show why he is deserving of such an award. Overall, his run as a leader of the institute should have been enough to have earned him this ward a long time ago. Regardless, the fact that he received this award is enough for him. Nevertheless, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is another similar award in his future as a professional.

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Enhanced Athlete Understand the Importance of Bodybuilding the Right Way

Bodybuilding is a great way to stay fit and show people you care about the things that you want to do. Enhanced Athlete knows people sometimes struggle with the issues that come with bodybuilding, so they try to provide tips to make it easier for everyone who does it. They also want people to see they have a chance at becoming the best because the company does everything they can to offer these solutions. Enhanced Athlete knows what everyone needs. They’re confident they can help and they know what to do to give everyone the chance at a better life for their bodybuilding techniques. If people follow these techniques, they will continue getting better at bodybuilding. It’s their way of giving people what they need and their way of making it easier for people to try things on their own. If they can be successful in different ways, they’ll get more from the options they have.


Always take your time. Don’t worry about doing it fast or doing it in a way that doesn’t work for your body. Bodybuilding only works if you do it the right way. Take your time and try to give your muscles a break. If they have time to heal and they can create enough scar tissue, you’ll have bigger muscles than you did before. It’s important to do these things so you can make things better when you’re looking at the positive experience that comes with giving people a chance to try things on your own.


If you really want to enhance your bodybuilding experience, try using help from Enhanced Athlete. Not only do they provide the gear that you need to become a better bodybuilder but they also provide support to help you see what you can do to grow even more than what you did before. It’s their way of helping people have a better understanding of everything that keeps happening in different instances. For Enhanced Athlete, the point of doing this is making sure people understand they have the right bodies and the right options to do things the right way.


As long as Enhanced Athlete continues supporting people who need it, they’ll keep giving everyone the chances that will show them how things will get better. As long as everyone knows how they can do things the right way with bodybuilding, they’ll have a chance to do it even better. If you follow the tips Enhanced Athlete offers and follow things they give you, you’ll be successful no matter what. The company wants to see all their clients have a better experience and have a better chance at helping people so they can make things better for everyone in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto Opines On The New Resources Repatriation Laws

Ricardo Tosto has broad experience in the legal field. He is a founding partner at Leite, Tosto, and Barros. Ricardo has successfully represented clients in various suits across legal categories. He is a force in banking legal representation. In one of his notable recent suits he successfully defended a Swiss client who had been accused of money laundering. He has recommended the passing of the resource repatriation law that has enabled the legal fraternity to follow up on Brazilian resources tucked away in foreign countries.

The Resource Repatriation Law

The law was finally approved by Congress after a series of debates that aw the reviewing of the income tax rate charges. The income tax based on the exchange rate was reduced from 17.5 % to 15%. The fine was also cut down from 17.5% to 15%. The review rates were tabled by Mr. Manoel Junior, the rapporteur of the text and agreed on. Tosto further explained that the exchange rate in 2014 was about R $ 2.65.

Amnesty Possibilities

According to Ricardo Tosto, the new law gives an allowance for amnesty to offenders. He observes that there is a possibility of the offenders being acquitted of such crimes as money laundering, tax evasion, and misconduct. He says such possibilities are provided for in law number 13.254. Tradition demands that it is only the serious crimes that prohibit amnesty. According to the Leite, Tosto, and Barros, a partnership between Brazilian lawyers and international lawyers is useful in the war against corruption, money laundering and the hiding of illegally acquired assets in foreign countries. Such cooperation, he says will help track the individuals that are hiding assets in foreign countries. He further adds that the regularization of assets held abroad is mandatory if the war against the offense is to be won. In short, the lawyer says that tucking money away in foreign countries is a crime; if the Brazilian tax authorities do not know about it. He says that the law is a chance to regulate the illegal money held outside of Brazil. Cooperation between the legal fraternities, Ricardo Tosto says, is a chance to seal the gaps and make it harder for the perpetrators to continue with their schemes.

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Louis Chenevert and His Formative Work at United Technologies

We do not tire in hearing some of the most abhorrent news we can imagine every single day. We think that when we are aware of this news, we can be best prepared. However, this might not be the best way to go. In the case of Louis R. Chenevert, the Former Chairman, and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, it is not through fear that we can encourage the kind of leadership that our world needs. It is through celebrating the strength and the winners we have today that can make us feel stronger and more enlightened.

The CEO That Inspires

Being the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation was such a challenge for Mr. Chenevert, but it is through overcoming such challenges that he is able to gather the knowledge, expertise and first-hand experience that people need and search for. Through the ideas that he superimposes on the guidelines and tips he shares to his workforce, he is able to inspire and grow the company he runs in the most efficient and indomitable way possible.

The UTC Experience

When he was the CEO of United Technologies, he realized that there is a strong predilection for employees to always go for the easy way out. Despite the fact that the company he runs is a multi-national global company, he still faces a lot of small-scale challenges that are not to be forgotten and ignored. It is also important to say here that his experience at United Technologies would later become his profound contribution to the entire world of corporate commerce. That said, it should also be noted that his desire to always prioritize the customer’s needs and make sure to deliver game-changing products is the reason why he was always relevant and innovative in his work for United.

There’s a lot of areas that United is focusing in, including aerospace technology, home technology and security. With the kind of innovative thinking that Louis Chenevert brings to the table, the company is able to double its production rate, develop better aerospace technology and ensure that it has the largest acquisition rate among the competition.

Adam Milstein: Are People That Blind? 

Adam Milstein is an author and an entrepreneur. He recently wrote an article in the Jewish New Syndicate where he explained how the radical left has joined forces with the radical Islamic movement to try to hurt Israel. He said that it is funny that it is like that. The radical Islamic movement is everything that the radical left stands against, including in the way that they treat women and people who are gay. They stone people who are gay and they throw them off the roof. There is no freedom for women in countries where radical Islam is practiced. However, the radical left seems to think that radical Islam is a political force that should be reckoned with. That’s a big mistake. The radical Islamic movement is promoting hatred and bigotry towards Jews and the Jewish state.

The viewpoint of these radical left people is totally warped, wrote Adam Milstein. What they are saying has no basis in reality. It does not make sense to follow their worldview. It just has not basic logic to it. How can you claim to be for the freedom of everyone but then band together with leaders from the radical Islamic movement who spew hatred towards Jews, gays, and women? How can you be such a hypocrite as to say that they are right when they do everything that you have been screaming against for decades? What has happened to the feminist movement? Why are they silent when in certain countries, women not only can not vote, but they can not drive a car or even leave the house alone without the permission of the husband? Adam Milstein explained the contrast in depth.

Adam Milstein says that this has got to change. The root cause of all of this is plain old anti-semitism. There is no other reason why people would turn against the Jewish state, which has freedom for all people, including gays and women, while joining teams with radical Islamists who want to kill gays and subjugate women. If not for antisemitism, how can people be so blind?