Class Dojo Are Pioneering The World Of Education With Community And Communication

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There are few things more important in a child’s life than their education. It builds the foundation for every child’s critical thinking skills and abilities to perform in the real world. This is why it is more important than ever that kids are getting a good education and a positive learning experience that inspires students to succeed. Today’s generation is the most crowded and competitive in history, with more businesses and individuals looking to enter the market. Class Dojo is one such company that has focused on education by creating a free learning app focused on building communication for students and parents, even teachers.

Class Dojo works by allowing every student to stay connected to each other as well as their parents even while they are in the classroom. Instead of being clueless about what is going on with their child’s schooling, parents are able to stay updated and contact the classroom teacher at any time they need to. This level of communication is effective because it engages student’s and allows them to be more effective in the classroom, which is one of the hardest jobs for a teacher. Students also perform better when they have support and encouragement from their parents, which greatly improves their confidence and desire to attend school.

There are many platforms out there to improve education at all levels, but none have really focused on the core issue for students, communication. In most cases, it is not the material and difficulty of school that gets in the way. Instead, it comes down to behavior, community, peer pressure, positivity, negativity, and so on. Basically, the social aspects of schooling are the biggest factors in shaping a child’s academic career. Class Dojo is completely free to use and have been that way since they launched their program, allowing more students each year to become involved. WIth more than have the schools in the country adopting the program today, it is one of the most used applications in elementary schooling today.

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