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Barbara Stokes of Green Structure Homes Delivered is in Alabama in the United States. It is a contractor company that constructs homes for people who are hit by a disaster. The company was founded in 2008 by Barbara stokes and Scott stokes who are now the C.E.O and the C.O.O respectively. The company offers engineering and manufacturing service to its customers.

Barbara is an alumnus of Mercer University where she specialized in Biochemical engineering and physics, besides studying applied subjects at GSH. With more than 6 years’ experience, she has done a lot for the company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

According to Barbara, medical valuation knowledge and her role at GSH compliment each other because as a medical professional, it feels good to change people’s lives for the better. To achieve this one needs to have technical knowledge and skills which she has acquired at GHS.

Barbara Stokes believes that planning activities for the day is what makes her productive. According to her, prioritizing her activities has helped her to find a balance between spending time with her loved ones and do her job. She also believes that sharing ideas with her team and working together to implement them has contributed to customer satisfaction.

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Barbara acknowledges that the fulfillment she gets when giving back to the society is what motivates her to keep on doing her job. She is also optimistic that more women will get involved in business leadership in future. She claims that young people should never underestimate themselves but instead they should work hard to achieve their goals in life.

Green Structure Homes Delivered C.E.O advises the business people to improve their working environment for employees to be happy and productive. Enhancing communication channels and finding ways to make the working environment friendlier increases productivity. She also believes that being a step ahead and taking advantage of every opportunity is what has helped her grow.

Barbara thinks that associating with the right people and listening to them can help one to grow in business. Embracing new technology and keeping on reading the right materials can also propel entrepreneurs to greater heights. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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