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June 2018

Jason Hope and support for biotechnology research

Jason Hope has been supporting the anti-aging industry for a long time now. One major boost that he has received in this industry is having Aubrey de Grey as his partner in the anti-aging research. Grey is a passionate researcher who is committed to ensuring that there is a solution to the aging problems. De Grey founded a research foundation known as SENS Research Foundation which he uses to carry out the research work. The foundation has a research laboratory at Cambridge where tests aimed at using regenerative medicine is being done to see if they can be used to treat old-age diseases. Old age diseases have been a big problem in the history of humanity. No matter who you are, old age causes the body to weaken, and one is exposed to numerous human diseases.

SENS Foundation hosts a rejuvenation biotechnology conference where experts on this topic come together to discuss on how they can create a drug that will solve the old age puzzle. The aim is to create a drug that will reverse the effects of old age. The conference is a platform for experts to share what they know about this issue and also a chance for them to learn something new. The sole aim of the conference is to search for a solution to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease which are normally associated with old age. The conference is also used as a platform to find a solution to diseases that cause molecular and cellular damages. Jason Hope is interested in this research, and that is why he has contributed high amounts of money which have gone to research as well as sponsoring these conferences. He sees a future in the biotechnology industry being used to solve the aging issue.

Jason Hope wants to see human beings living healthy lives even at old age. The main problem with human diseases of today is that as one gets old, the body becomes weak. This is the unfortunate scenario which is facing humanity. Jason wants to see a drug that will revert the damage caused by aging. A solution to this issue will play a huge role in transforming the healthcare sector. The approach which is used in treating diseases today will have transformed. Jason hope wants to be part of this new transformation once it happens. Since the organization running this research is a non-profit organization, it depends on the funding of philanthropists like Jason Hope to perform its work.

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What Alex Pall Discussed In A 2016 Interview

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, better known as the Chainsmokers, were in New York City in 2016. While there, Alex Pall provided a publication with an in-depth interview. In the interview with Interview Magazine, here’s what he said:

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How The Pair Begun Working Together

New York City is where it all started for Alex Pall. He was a DJ, but it was more of a hobby than anything. He described it as a side gig, but he was passionate about it. He went onto say how one day he was browsing artwork at an art gallery when he realized that his entire life was mainly about dance music.

He spoke with his manager, who he is still working with, and that manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. The two met and the rest is history. Alex decided he would quit his job and pursue his dream.

Knowing If It Would Work

Alex was asked how he knew things would work out after meeting Andrew. His reply was that both of them knew what they could bring and when they initially chatted, they mainly talked about music. They eventually talked about how motivated and how hard they were ready to work to achieve their dreams. From there, the pair started to work hard daily.

Alex On Singing Their Own Songs

The interviewer pointed out that Alex and Andrew are unique because they sing their own songs, and they sing about their real lives. Alex said there are so many artists that actually don’t write their own songs or lyrics. He said the Chainsmokers do work with songwriters, but he and Andrew write the songs with them. He also said that some of the songs were completely written by them.

Those were the highlights of the interview. If you’re interested in learning more about Alex and Andrew, then visit the Chainsmokers’ website.

Igor Cornelsen and Bias in Investing

Igor Cornelsen has had a lot of experience as an investment manager during his long career in banking. He first got into the industry in 1970 after graduating from the Federal University of Parana. He now has his own investment firm where he still deals with his own investment fund every single day as well as being an investment manager. He has a tendency to be able to predict certain market trends before anyone else and this has paid off for him greatly. One of his predictions was that Russia would try to get back on the market by making agreements with the creditors they had defaulted on.

At the time, there was hardly anyone else who agreed with Igor Cornelsen but when it ended up happening he made quite a profit. As of 2010, he has also sold all of the assets that he had in the country of Brazil because he believed that their new economic model that had been implemented by their government would cause a complete disaster for their economy.

He insists that he does not have a specific strategy that he takes to grow his business as much as he did. It grew because he was able to find out that certain assets would decline before other investors did. He suggests that all new managers be very careful not to listen to the opinions of others that are also participating in the market due to their own bias. The only thing that an investor can truly trust is cold hard facts and data, not the analysis of somebody else. This is why he makes sure that he gets most of his economic information straight from Reuters instead of other sources where they have already been analyzed. Every investor has their own ideologies, these ideologies can skew their viewpoint of certain markets and investments and affect their decisions in a negative way that will lose them money. This is why Reuters is such a great tool for him as if only reports what is actually going on in the world with absolutely no bias in their publications.

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Highland Capital Management Makes A Generous Contribution To The George W. Bush Presidential Center

Highland Capital Management has donated $10 million to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The announcement was made by the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero and the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s CEO, Kenneth Hersh. The donation was for a new series titled Engage at the Bush Center sponsored by Highland Capital Management. This will provide the public with a new program series. Read this article at

The series will begin with a discussion of Antonin Scalia, the United States Supreme Court Justice who passed away in 2016. Christopher J. Scalia will be leading the discussion regarding his father. He is the co-editor of Life Well Lived, Reflections on Law and Scalia Speaks. The program also has a second feature. A panel discussion on the fourth U.S. President and Founding Father, James Madison is scheduled. The discussion will discuss the First Amendment Champion and his possible view regarding the current media landscape. Both presentations will be free for the public. Visit to know more.

The previous speakers for Engage have included Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Secretary of State for the United States and the previous National Security Advisor, Lorne Michaels as the legendary producer and creator of Saturday Night Live, General Michael Hayden as the CIA and NSA’s former director, Christopher Jackson as a former member of the cast of Christopher Jackson and a stage actor and Barbara Bush along with Jenna Bush Harper, her granddaughter. Highland Capital Management has also made donations to the Presidential Center in the past. Their contributions since 2012 total over $5 million. The Center has recognized the company as a Founding Benefactor.

Highland Capital is a global organization based out of Dallas. They specialize in helping businesses develop in numerous areas including hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity funds. James Dondero leads the firm with over three decades of experience in both credit and equity markets. His services include CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holdings, NexPoint Residential Trust and NexBank Capital. He is highly well respected as well as being an asset to the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Executive Advisory Council to which he received an invitation.


Sheldon Lavin role in the expansion of the OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest food manufacturing company in the world. The company which was started around 1910 by Otto Kolschwsky started as a butcher shop before advancing into one of the biggest companies in the country. It has undergone a transition from a butcher shop to Otto & Sons and finally to OSI Group. It is one of the surviving companies of the last century which shows the history of the American economy. Today, OSI Group operates in 17 countries and has over 65 facilities spread out across the world. It businesses activities are almost on every continent currently. OSI Group is in the process of expanding its operations to more places across the world under the leadership of President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin.

The growth of OSI Group has everything to do with the success of McDonald’s franchise business model. OSI Group got its first huge order of foods from McDonald’s which started opening up restaurants in the 1950s. Even today, OSI Group remains a foods supplier to the largest food chain restaurants in the world. It does not normally sell its products in retail.

As McDonald’s rapidly grew in the country, OSI group was forced to open its first food plant so that it could meet the huge demand which was coming from the McDonald’s. The plant was opened in 1973. As the company grew fast, Otto &Sons was renamed to OSI industries in 1975. By this time, the company was no longer operating like a butcher shop, but as a manufacturer applying the latest technology at the time to manufacture and supply food.

As time went by, OSI Group needed to expand its business operations to other parts of the globe. Since the sons of Otto were approaching their retirement age, they decided to bring in a new member into the company in 1975 Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as an equal partner. Sheldon Lavin was a financial expert and assisted the company during its capitalization in the 1970s.

McDonald’s continued to expand its businesses all over the country, and OSI Group was also forced to keep up with the pace by opening other plants outside Chicago. McDonald’s went global, and OSI Group followed suit. It opened plants in Spain and Germany through joint ventures.

Sheldon Lavin rose to the position of CEO after the two sons of Otto retired and left him as the only director in the company. Sheldon Lavin is now the CEO of the company and continues to push the dream of the initial owners of the company. It is spreading its operations to as many countries as possible.

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