Igor Cornelsen and Bias in Investing

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Igor Cornelsen has had a lot of experience as an investment manager during his long career in banking. He first got into the industry in 1970 after graduating from the Federal University of Parana. He now has his own investment firm where he still deals with his own investment fund every single day as well as being an investment manager. He has a tendency to be able to predict certain market trends before anyone else and this has paid off for him greatly. One of his predictions was that Russia would try to get back on the market by making agreements with the creditors they had defaulted on.

At the time, there was hardly anyone else who agreed with Igor Cornelsen but when it ended up happening he made quite a profit. As of 2010, he has also sold all of the assets that he had in the country of Brazil because he believed that their new economic model that had been implemented by their government would cause a complete disaster for their economy.

He insists that he does not have a specific strategy that he takes to grow his business as much as he did. It grew because he was able to find out that certain assets would decline before other investors did. He suggests that all new managers be very careful not to listen to the opinions of others that are also participating in the market due to their own bias. The only thing that an investor can truly trust is cold hard facts and data, not the analysis of somebody else. This is why he makes sure that he gets most of his economic information straight from Reuters instead of other sources where they have already been analyzed. Every investor has their own ideologies, these ideologies can skew their viewpoint of certain markets and investments and affect their decisions in a negative way that will lose them money. This is why Reuters is such a great tool for him as if only reports what is actually going on in the world with absolutely no bias in their publications.

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