Paul Mampilly; Looking for Low Risk Investments

Investing is a really vital aspect of life. From choosing stocks to mutual funds or just low risk investment dockets, this business can be quite intimidating especially for first timers. Moreover, relying on friends or family for investment advice is not always the best way for handling stocks investment because these stocks come in different prices and situations. Moreover, there are different financial situations that come with every stock price. For that reason, Paul Mampilly, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor is always available to provide clients with viable advice regarding the future of stocks and other investment dockets that may seem rather risky. Mampilly is trusted to offer such advice because of his experience in investment and different businesses. With that said, all he ever wants for every investor is the ability to make informed decision. Follow Paul Mampilly on

A Look into his Career

Although naysayers will always thump their chests and insist that no investment advisor can be trusted to guide investors, Paul Mampilly has often proven them wrong because he always offers the right advice depending on the type of investment. Mampilly is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses his wealth of knowledge to educate the common American on the best ways possible to spend their money. Over the years, he has crafted his career on giving people the best vessel to reach their life’s goals. This vessel is called Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that disseminates different ideas on investing and the probability of making it in future. Read this article at

Why Paul Mampilly?


For more than twenty years, Mampilly worked for Wall Street. While serving there, he encountered the likes of Deutsche Bank, Kinetics International as well as ING where he extended his service as a financial services advisor. Other than that, he is recognized as the winner of the Templeton Foundation where he invested $50 million and earned $88 million in return. From that moment onwards, he decided to travel along the same path of offering investment advice to his peers and professional investors. Well, it looks like he has been successful since then because until now, he has only exuded confidence in guiding Americans in decision making.

Who does he serve?


For Mampilly, his clients are the commoners who need substantial help in finding viable investment dockets. Therefore, he focuses on their needs by investing in more profitable niches. In addition to that, he looks for competitive industries for them to put their money.

The Observation


Mampilly is evidently an astute investment advisor. While people may doubt his intentions, it is certain that he has a clean track record of performance.


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