Neurocore is a neurological studies company that started in 2004 and started to study brain training. The company first wanted to see if brain training was even possible which took years to prove that it was, in fact, possible to train the brain to feel, think, and believe certain things. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase. Now, this is not brainwashing as it is primarily focused on emotions and focus not actual thoughts that someone holds dear. But after the company proved that it was possible to train the brain then the company went into how it could help people and what would work to help people. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.So to do that the company started to have the clinic open up in their home state of Michigan. But the clinics soon moved on to Florida as that is where there are clinics as well as the original clinics.

The Neurocore now offers their services to the public and has had great success. While the treatment must be paid for by the patient cash as the treatment isn’t covered by insurance the company finds that the treatment they offer is something that thousands of people want are even willing to travel a good distance for. With the clinics bringing in income to cover the care and further research the company is looking to make more clinics all over the United States in order to be able to serve the people in the United States and give more and more people a better life. Those that have had the treatment report that they feel better and that it has changed their life. The people in which the clinics treat have a huge diversity because it can be people with severe depression or those that just have a hard time keeping their focus for a long period of time and really want to improve that.


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