Rick Shinto was in conjunction with some three professionals whom they worked together for the success of Innovative Healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides is one of the few individuals who worked around the clock towards ensuring that he helps the company grow from one strength to the other. He has always proven to be a person of great value in the Innovative Care family.




Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer and the President of the Innovacare Health. He began his medical career in Southern California as a pulmonologist 20 years ago. Since that time, his resume has been able to grow and has been able to include the writing of so many articles on healthcare issues and clinical medicine as well. He earned his bachelors of science degree from the California University and a medical one from the New York University. He later received his MBA from the Redlands University. These qualifications are enough to help him attain his overall goals, and he has been on the frontline pursuing greatness. He has always worked with a purpose of assisting people to achieve their goals as well as working towards improving patient’s health and wellness.




Shinto is famous for being a unique force of change within the industry, and he is one of the primary reasons the company is so successful today. He has been working towards helping the company expand to other markets as well as improving the patient’s health. He was appointed as the company’s chief executive officer in 2012 and has always worked towards improving patient’s healthcare. You can visit laraza.com




The company has been the improved healthcare pioneer in Puerto Rico and has been able to attract a massive following over the past few years. They have tremendous;ly worked towards the success of their clients and had persistently committed their skills towards excellence. They use technology to offer better and affordable services to their clients, and more than 70 percent of people have opted to go for their services over insurance companies because their services are well accessible. For more details visit crunchbase.com



Rick Shinto has a wide range of experience and has over the last two decades working in the healthcare line. He worked as the CEO and the president of Aveta Inc, and he even managed to receive an award from Ernst & Young for his innovativeness in the entrepreneurship world. He has been on the front line proving to the whole world that he has what it takes to take the industry of healthcare to the next level.

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