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Eric Lefkofsky an American Innovator

Eric Lefkofsky is an American Billionaire businessman. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan and he graduated with his BA with honors in 1991. Eric Lefkofsky then went on to attend the University of Michigan Law School. He graduated in 1993 and received Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Lefkofsky is not just an extremely successful businessman but he is also a father and a husband. He and his wife are also philanthropist they started they own foundation called the Lefkofsky Foundation. The focus of Foundation’s organization is children. Mr. Lefkofsky and his wife are also involved with the organization called The Giving Pledge since 2013.

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of a company called Tempus Labs, which he stated back in 2016. This lab specialize in collecting and analyzing clinical and molecular data from hospitals and cancer centers around the country. Tempus is a very unique and complex system because it provides genomic sequencing services to physicians so they can craft personalized treatments for patient. Tempus is the leading provider of technology enabled precision medicine. The Tempus organization believes strongly in team work and the entire team having the same goal in mind and that is too improve patient outcome.

The Tempus teams number one enemy is cancer and they are attacking it from every direction. Because of Tempus patient have the opportunity to benefit from the treatment of others who came before them. Mr. Lefkofsky states that his motivation for starting Tempus was from personal experience. I think it’s amazing how he took that motivation and turned it into a tool that can benefit mankind. This type of unselfish forward thinking is the reason why Mr. Lefkofsky has seen so much success in his life.

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Raking In The Dough: Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a man who switched from one profession to the next with a seamless transition. He has made his career out of doing things and doing them well time in and time out. He went to the Univesity of Connecticut and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English. After that, he went to Boston University School of Law and earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence. Things were going well until another field caught his attention. In 1998 he was one of the co-founders of a company called Fortress with Wes Edens and Peter Briger. The investment bug hit him and he has been loving his work ever since. Read more at Wikipedia.

Randal Nardone has had many jobs over the years at Fortress and still works there today. When he first started at Fortress Randal Nardone was part of the Management Committee. He had had several years of experience in that particular area because he previously worked at other firms like UBS and Blackrock Financial. Helping manage things at a company is right up his alley.

Now he was looking for a new challenge at Fortress. He became an interim CEO for two years and was hired as the full-time CEO in 2016. He holds that position today even though Fortress was bought by Softbank and he dedicated to his consumer base.

He has also been able to make a little bit of money in the process too. According to the latest list at Forbes Magazine, Randal Nardone is number five hundred fifty- seven.

Working at Fortress is not the only thing he does. He works at other financial companies too like Springleaf Financial Holdings and Newcastle Investment Holdings. This is one of the busiest men in the financial sector and he loves every minute of it. That is the way he likes it to be.

Randal Nardone is proof positive that some can start a totally different career and make a big success of it as well. Once he got into the business he doesn’t want to leave. His success is nothing new for him and he is raking in the dough at the same time.



Your Bottom Line And Financial Peace Of Mind with Nexbank

The peace of mind you’re working for is possible once you get your financial life in order. Just don’t blame the money if you have it, and then before you know, you don’t. Even the most restricted budgets have room for you to put away money and save. The bottom of your financial account shouldn’t be zero.


The financial world uses “bottom line” because this is where your balance resides on a real balance sheet. That balance is also your worth and is presented in bold, black ink. As they saying goes, “Stay well into the black.” NexBank wants to achieve your financial goals, but it would be impossible to do so without your help.


Easier Than Telling Us Your Name


Our process is easy. You need a better grip on your money, and the first step to take is with an account. You need to account for your spending, your earnings and your monthly costs. We all have to account for these things. The help you get with NexBank service is built from the minds of Wall Street as its professionals are brought to Dallas, Texas.


NexBank is an agency that will know you by first name. We are here to connect you to a stream of knowledge that you won’t find at a national bank. Others won’t address you by your title. The title of financial success comes when you collaborate with a single goal in mind. Opening a simple account enables the perfect overview of your money from the start.



Welcome To NexBank And A Better Destiny


NexBank entered Texas because of people like you. We want to learn more about your inspiration and how you and other Texans were able to accomplish so much. The more we learn and understand what you’re working with, the better we can help. There’s a financial future for all us that begins with the right passion.


This passion helps us to excel when it’s matched with professional help. We’re ready and with our doors open.

Sunday Riley: Improving Skincare By Creating It Herself

Sunday Riley, a cosmetic chemist and product formulator, created her own skin care line after finding herself displeased with current products that lack active ingredients and are full of fillers. Sleek packaging, effective ingredients, and trustworthy research give her products value that is unmatched by other skin care lines on the market today.

At over $100 for a single bottle of any Sunday Riley product, they may not appear to be a great deal. But when you see the planning and effort behind her products, you will realize the products are made with impeccable quality and unrivaled value. The Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a retinol treatment that comes in a sleek, attractive bottle. It contains a high level of retinol and other beneficial ingredients that typically cost more. Comparable products retail for a higher price, some closer to $1,000, but they do not contain the same amount of active ingredients as Sunday Riley’s products. She is able to do this because she performs all the research and development for her products herself; she then passes that savings to the customer.

Another reason why the Sunday Riley skin care line is of unparalleled quality and value is because Riley will not release anything that doesn’t reach her rigorous standards. At one point she released a make up line, but felt it deterred efforts from the skin care line. She was unwilling to diminish quality, so she pulled the makeup line to again focus on making the best skin care line. As she focuses solely on skin care right now, she plans to continue to grow her brand in the future. While you can find her skin care line in places like high-end stores such as Barney’s, don’t be surprised if you see the Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment being promoted as a favorite product from an Instagram beauty guru.

The Sunday Riley skin care line trumps in value with its minimalist packaging, high percentage of active ingredients, and trustworthy research done by Riley herself. Other skin care lines may be able to compete in price, but the value and effectiveness are unmatched by Sunday Riley.

Matthew Fleeger leads Gulf Coast

Before holding his current position as the standing president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger graduated from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he received his degree in Business Administration. From his experience during his time in school, he started MedSolutions, Inc, which handles healthcare companies’ medical waste and was President and CEO there for over a decade. Later on, Fleeger sold it to major medical company Stericycle, Inc and grew into the tanning business. In fact, two companies he co-created accumulated nearly $100 million. Palm Beach Tan is one of the biggest indoor tanning companies in the nation and the other, Mystic Tan, is one of the single biggest tanning booth businesses in the world.

His knowledge in waste, oil and gas and tanning has led him to be a solid strategist, planner, negotiator and overall entrepreneur and leader. Gulf Coast Western prides themselves on constructing firm relationships with business partners in the oil and gas industry and Matthew Fleeger continues to lead them to excellence. Its focus in its operation is using resource, raw skill and expertise to draw from oil and gas reserves along the gulf coast portion of America hence the name of the company.

Through the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western always seeks to look towards plots of land with refined foundations, searching for companies that could net massive returns and lower the risk factors for its would-be clients. Every partner is shown a generous amount of respect and is given honesty and integrity to the highest degree to ensure long-lasting relationships for decades.

Gulf Coast Western is branching out nationwide to expand their business and continue to elaborate on the thousands of established collaborations across the country. They are always willing to incorporate ethics into business.

CEO Randal Nardone is Optimistic in the Wake of the Acquisition

On December 27, 2017, the SoftBank Group Corp., a Japanese banking giant, finalized on its agreement to acquire the Fortress Investment Group. The final transaction costed the SoftBank Group $3.3 billion. Shareholders of the Fortress Investment Group received $8.08 per share for their shares, a $2.25 bump in value from its market price of $5.83. The Fortress Investment Group is a global leading alternative asset manager who specializes in making investments in credit funds, hedge funds, private equity, real estate and railroads. The Fortress Investment Group has approximately $69.6 billion in assets under its management, half of which is in fixed income and the rest in credit private equity, credit hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles. Randal Nardone is very optimistic about the deal finalizing and believes that it will serve to strengthen the Fortress Investment Group in that in the future the firm will be able to grow faster as it will now have access to greater credit sources. Check out about Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone was a high-powered lawyer and partner at law firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood, but decided to forsake it in favor of a career as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. In May 1997, Randal Nardone joined UBS AG to serve as a managing director. In 1998, Randal Nardone co-founded the Fortress Investment Group LLC with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman and became one of the firm’s three Principals. His decision to forsake a career as a high-powered lawyer in favor of a career in the financial industry paid off big-time in 2007 when the Fortress Investment Group went public making him an instant billionaire as he owes 53 million shares of the Fortress Investment Group’s stock, which were valued at $1.6 billion. This resulted in him landing on an exceptionally elite list, Forbes Billionaire List. His ranking on the list was #557. However, as the Fortress Investment Group’s stock price fell significantly since its Initial Public Offering, Randal Nardone fell out of Forbes Billionaire List. There is no need to feel sorry for him as the SoftBank Group Corp. acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group conferred upon him a windfall in excess of $30 million.

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A Career Overview of Serge Belamant | The Inventor of Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technologies introduced efficiency and security to banks, governments, and consumers for processing financial transactions. Serge Belamant is the brilliant inventor of smart cards, a technology that contains micro-processors with capabilities of functioning on-line or off-line. For 28 years, he devoted much of his time running Net1 Technologies and inventing applications that integrates with his business inventions. He pursued funding and raised millions of dollars while the company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. While listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange he raised $4 million which wasn’t enough to fulfill an agreement with South Africa’s provincial government. According to Forbes, in February 2007 the government awarded Serge Belamant the contract for welfare payments distribution.

So, he sold mini-systems for transferring money and paying wages, and processing smart cards for over one million welfare recipients. The move helped him boost the market cap for Net1 to $140 million. In the beginning, 77 percent of the company’s revenue came from the South African government. Serge invented blockchain technologies in South Africa and the United States. Those inventions include the RSA Point of Sale, ATM network, and the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. He headed development, design, operation, and implementation of Saswitch ATMs. After purchasing Cash Payment Services from South Africa First Nation Bank and going public, Net1’s market value increased to $2 billion in 2012. The RSA government awarded the company another contract to pay social grants to social security recipients in South Africa.

He developed morphing and a Bio-metric Comparison Engine to process the social security payments. Morphing is an enhancement of smart cards which features functionality in UEPS when used with devices, such as ATMs and point-of-sale systems. Before Serge Belamant started his working career, he studied engineering, mathematics, and computer technology at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. Born in Tulle, France, he and his family moved to South Africa when he was a teenager and he continues to live there now. Belamant co-found Zilch Technology Limited this year and regained his business position to serve as CEO and Chairman for Net1 after he turned in his resignation in 2017, according to BlockPitch.

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Stream Cares Leads Texas Business Community in Philanthropy

Stream Energy is a direct-selling energy company from Dallas. For over twelve years, this company has been known for its charitable donations to organizations in the state of Texas and all throughout the country. With such a strong philanthropic culture within the country, Stream Energy has decided to go a step further and open an office dedicated to their charitable functions as a company called Stream Cares.

American companies are known for being more on the generous side. For all of 2016, American businesses gave away about $19 billion in donations to charitable foundations all over the world. Though a sizable sum, this does not include money spent marketing on behalf of charities, sponsorships awarded, or the time and money coming directly from individual employees. A foundation within a company, however, isn’t standard when engaging with charities.

Stream Cares will continue the tradition of donating to organizations far from home, but now there will be a more formal organization in selecting which charities to engage with, which functions to hold and when. In addition to giving to those in need, Stream Energy is looking to this foundation as a way to boost its profile as a company concerned with the welfare of its customers.

In addition to formalization, there will be an increased effort in localization. Working with national organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross allows employees to take part in big functions, but Stream Cares will also be looking to work with grassroots organizations more often. This will allow the company to have a direct impact in their local community, something that engages their workers.

Dallas is a city of 1.3 million people, one of Texas’ most populated. It also has a serious problem of homelessness, which has increased 24%. Stream Energy has sought a way to address this issue in their city by partnering with he Hope Supply Co, a charity dedicated to helping the homeless in Northern Texas.

Together, they held A Splash of Hope. 1,000 homeless children were taken to a water park for a day where they received financial aid, school materials, clothes, and supplies to assist their families.

Stream Cares has also assumed a symbolic responsibility. Texas is not known for its charity. Compared with the rest of the country it’s one of the least charitable states. Stream Energy hopes that its new foundation can stand as an example to the rest of the state’s business community of how they can step up and give back to those in their community.

OSI Food Solutions: Innovation, Ingenuity & Excellence

OSI Food Solutions is the quintessential food supplier of the 21st century. This food supplier is like a well-oiled machine that produces outstanding results. The company is headquartered in Illinois, but it has locations in a number of foreign territories. Though there are many companies that specialize in this field, OSI definitely stands out amongst a sea of competitors. OSI Food Solutions is also a custom-food creator. The company’s food specialists have the capability to work with the client to produce the best end results. The client will also be involved throughout this timely process. So, what other benefits does OSI have to offer? Well, this dynamic company has the capabilities of product ideation, concept development, shelf life study, cost reduction, new product development and many more.

OSI Food Solutions spend a lot of its time studying the market. The company always seem to recognize when a food product is in high-demand. This is one of the most progressive-thinking food processors in the world, and its background is a true testament to its success. At the company’s Spain location, over $17 million was spent on a high-capacity production line. This high-capacity production line has more than doubled the company’s output in meat processing. When it comes to chicken production at this location, OSI has been able to increase its output from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. Yes, these figures represent the production output in only a year’s time. In total, OSI processes more than 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork at its Spain location.

OSI Food Solutions has been making business moves like this for many years. The company has built a new feed mill in China’s Shandong Province that processes more than 600,000 metric-tons of feed. Twenty-five million dollars was spent on another high-capacity production line at the company’s Hungary location, which now processes more than 22,000 tons of chicken on an annual basis. Click here

Ted Bauman’s economic insight on Amazon

By every passing day, we see newer ideas emerging in the business market. One of them includes Amazon which has a market capability of $560 billion. It currently ranks 4th on the NY Stock Exchange. It works on a business model of online shopping. A lot of people all over the world subscribe to Amazon’s premium services for benefits like unrestricted free-shipping, free movies streaming and free television. It is the world’s first pit stop to online shopping. There’s also a misconception that Amazon is involved in creating a monopoly in the business market. Ted Bauman, a renowned Economist, explains all the myths.

But before we start explaining the myths, let me introduce Mr. Ted Bauman. Ted Bauman is a well-known economist who believes in staying off the media and actually working on the facts and figures. He firmly believes in keeping himself abreast with the ongoing financial crises all over the world. Ted writes publications about finance, some of the famous publications include The Bauman Letter, Smart Money service, and Alpha Stock Alert. With economics being his major, he brings unique power making options and insights on the table.

Mr. Bauman’s Say on Amazon

Amazon is a top-notch online business platform which provides a bridge between consumers and sellers. It is believed that, out of 20 orders placed on Amazon, 9 are sold by Amazon. It describes the vast involvement of Amazon in the business market and how it is coming up to the expectations of the consumer markets by providing swift delivery system along with a competitive price from the market.

According to Ted Bauman, Amazon is not actually running a monopoly. It is because companies like Walmart are already making hefty profits in the retail market. And if we compare their earnings with Amazon’s, they are quite less. Amazon over the years has targeted market of grocery and even bought Whole foods. But when comparing the returns of whole foods with 5 other supermarket chains, they surpass Whole Foods revenue alone. And it has been observed that the standards of many ventures started by Amazon are deteriorating day by day.

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