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JustFab: Taking Online Subscription Shopping To The Next Level

JustFab is an online, subscription-based boutique that caters to women across the globe by offering them the fashion trends they love at unbeatable prices! Women that want to shop the most recent trends at a value they cannot resist, need to look no further than JustFab. Fashionistas need to simply visit to register to become a JustFab member, and they are ready to shop the hottest designer shoe and clothing styles until they drop. The membership even includes a personal shopper! JustFab pledges to put the JustFab members first, by offering excellent customer service. The JustFab clothing empire has exploded, and is quickly gaining notoriety from even the most respected fashion critics. Most recently, the Las Angeles Times wrote an article on the amazing success JustFab is currently experiencing!

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The article in the Las Angeles Times, touched on the continued success the fashion empire, JustFab, has been experiencing in comparison to the the most recent struggle most start-up companies are currently experiencing. There have been many exciting whispers of a possible IPO and name changes for JustFab in the future, and this is due to the empires recent success of over $500 million dollars just last year. JustFab is one of the only subscription companies to ever gain this much continued success in an industry that often cools down after the exciting initial launch. JustFab has only continued to see growth and success, and has recently expanded it’s empire by acquiring rival ShoeDazzle, launching a children’s line, and by launching the new activewear brands Fabletics and FL2 inspired by Kate Hudson. JustFab plans to capitalize on the new growth and additions, and create an even stronger presence in the subscription- based shopping world, by listening to customer feedback and making the changes needed to create a subscription model that makes the customer happy. JustFab has made exciting changes for members, and the company promises to only improve for it’s loyal members!


Ordering Online Is Easy With Help From Doe Deere

I really love being able to order things online. As a busy woman with three kids, a flourishing career in law and many hobbies, I don’t always have the time to spend shopping. I need to make sure that I have what I need when I need it. This is why I’ve been so happy to work with a company called Lime Crime. Founded by the indomitable and one of a kind Doe Deere, Lime Crime has become my go-to place to find and buy makeup that is ideal for me. I know I can pop on the site and find lots of makeup choices right at my fingertips.

Making Life Easier

Being able to log on the site is a wonderful way to get my makeup needs met. As a professional, I’m often called on to court in order to help represent someone. I need to look elegant and fashionable at the same time. When I have a chance, I know that it’s really easy for me to pop on the site and get access to products that are really quite fashionable and in touch with the modern world. Doe Deere has the knack of being able to touch base with what is going on at any given moment in time. She has her pulse on the world of fashion. This lets me relax and leave the fashion to someone else.

Just A Quick Click

With her amazing help, I can tap into the fashion world and not worry that I don’t look fashionable in some way. I have the chance to have fun with my makeup and know that I look like a professional in touch with the world of today. I also love the opportunity to be able to have products that help me get into a world of bright colors. She makes it so easy for people like myself to log on the site and pick out items that are wonderful for our needs. We get the chance to see items that might be ideal for lipstick or for the eye shadow that I just know will set off my green eyes well. I can quickly get online when I want and find the items I want for my own personal style. No worries about being out of style in some way. I’m right there at Lime Crime getting exactly the makeup I want very easily.


James ‘Jim’ Hunt And VTA Publications Share Their Professional Expertise

VTA Publications was founded in 2012. With time, the company has slowly gained popularity for offering online courses and true stories from successful investors. Based on their crucial services, the company has continued to receive a significant number of clients. Other than the online services, the company also organizes events and seminars often. The functions are mainly meant to tackle different topics. These particular services not only leave the clients with the know-how about success; but also encourage them to reach for the success.

Since its establishment, VTA Publications has remained the center of ideas and has helped a large number realize their potentials. The company has maintained the lead due to the fresh ideas from experienced and serious investors. Talk of Jim Hunt, who plays a vital role when it comes to investment accomplishments.

Jim Hunt is famously known for his reliable financial techniques. His broad experience saw him becoming the investment analyst for VTA Publications. He is among the few people behind the company’s success. His duty in the company mainly entails predicting stocks and analyzing stock charts. If you understand the stock market, you can bear with me that predicting the trend or analyzing a chart is nothing but a hard nut to crack. But for Jim Hunt, the charts are his playground. He is very talented in reading beyond the charts.

Jim’s talent in reading the charts has seen him assist a larger population to understand beyond the chart presentations. After his analysis, he is in a position to guide people through investment by giving them tips on the current markets so as to assist them to accomplish their goals. Some time back, Jim showed a significant profit he made on his VTA Publications YouTube channel while overcoming a bear run. This particular prediction was not only correct; he confirmed his ability for predicting and analyzing charts to earn profits.

Jim boasts of his predictions and believes in his predictions. Unlike many other analysts who will not commit their capital to a prediction, Hunt is different. When it comes to investment, it is usually a matter of risking. But with Hunt’s, the situation is turned into a bed of roses. Hunt uses social media platforms to connect with the world and air their successful ideas. Over and over again Jim says that the secret to success can be formulated through making the right choices. Through the VTA Publications, Jim’s guides to success now reach more interested investors.

Securus Technologies and the highlighting wrong doings

This PR Newswire article basically goes on to talk about Securus Technologies which is a leading provider as well as justice criminal justice technology solutions for the following departments investigation, corrections, monitoring and public safety had eventually called out that a releasing of several facts, findings articles and reports will point out the wrongdoings as well as the integrity breaches by the industry ‘s inmate communications provider, Global Tel Link or in short GTL. The PR Newswire article then goes onto saying that Securus Technologies will go on with reviewing multiple issues of the systematic wrongdoings or simply any sort of potential wrongdoings by GTL in the form of press releases. The industry does this in hope to shame GTL to the point to where it will change for the better and act accordingly with higher integrity. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith states that he loves the industry as well as serving all of society including friends, family, inmates and law enforcement. He goes onto stating how deeply hurt and offended he is that GTL would be willing to simply drop down their integrity with this industry when their industries goal goes deeper than money. It is about to serve all of customers with the right attitude, best interests and to give quick and right away services.

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This industry truly sounds like one that gives proper care when dealing with customers and clients. Dealing with the GTL in such a way would certainly help give a message to them to the point where they will eventually reach the expectations of Richard Smith and provided the absolute best of interests to the customers. From the way Richard Smith describes his feelings with GTL, it seems he takes a lot of pride and dedication with his industry wanting everyone’s absolute full potential.

For more info on Securus, see CrunchBase.

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Compliance Officers and Helane Morrison – how one woman is leading an entire and entire industry

Businesses in the United States, and abroad, have had to contend with increasing regulation and oversight from government agencies. There are rules and permits that govern a businesses ability to hire workers, construct new properties, sell certain products, and how they interact with costumers. This has given way to a rapidly expanding new profession: compliance officers.

An amalgam of accounting, risk management, and company oversight, compliance officers have begun to gain prominence amongst several different types of companies, ranging from the hotel industry to the financial services sector. A relatively new profession, compliance officers now number in the thousands, a stark contrast to 20 years ago when that number was zero.

A leader in the field of compliance, and the current Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, Helane Morrison has exemplified the field’s purpose for following the rules her entire career. She started her career in law, working for a private law firm from 1986 to 1996, being elevated to partner in 1991. In 1996 Helane Morrison delved into the field of regulatory enforcement of the securities industry when she began working for the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission or the ‘SEC’ as it is more commonly known.

During her time at the SEC, Morrison oversaw a massive expansion of the San Francisco office, according to the SF Gate the number of employees doubled from 30 to 60 over the duration of 5 years. After a successful eight years working for the governmental regulation agency, Morrison decided once again to join the private sector when she became the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm based in San Francisco.

Morrison has since gained prominence as a strong willed and ethical woman in a mostly male-dominated field. She has been described as a woman who is “shattering the glass ceiling in the corporate world” and has been included in panels discussing compliance tips and best practices for the private fund industry.

If you are interested in learning more about her, read the biography found on the Hall Capital website, which details her education, prior jobs, and involved committees.

The Many Successes of Luciana Lossio

Luciana Lossio has been very successful in the Brazilian world of law. She has not only been successful in her own practice but has also been very successful as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. Lossio has the degrees needed as well to practice law in many different areas. Lossio has degrees in Legal Order, Prosecution, Civil Order, and Civil Procedure. As a member of the Brazilian Institution of Electoral Law, Lossio has a great knowledge base that she can add to on a regular basis.

Lossio has had some very high profile clients as well. She regularly has represented those in the executive branch. This has helped her career greatly as she has been thrust into the public eye and performed very well under the public pressure.

Lossio has a great passion for equestrianism as well when she isn’t busy with her amazing law career. Lossio has been riding since the age of 6. Even though riding as a great passion of Lossio, she knew that her studies and future career would always come first. Throughout the years, Lossio has really put in the hours needed to become an extremely talented rider. In her youth, Lossio won the title of Brazilian Champion Amature Jumper.

Lossio has a very bright future in the world of law as she not only continues to provide excellent counsel for her clients but also continues to sharpen her skills as a lawyer on a regular basis. Lossio is committed to an excellence that has become an all-consuming passion. Lossio has been known to work long hours and fight for what is right with her clients. There are very few law professionals in Brazil are as hard working as Lossio. This has helped to create a career for Lossio that will go down in Brazilian law history. The future is very bright for Lossio as she moves forward with integrity and skill in the Brazilian law field. The name that she has built for herself will continue to attract new high-profile clients that are in need of her amazing services. It will be exciting to see what is in store for Lossio in the coming years.

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The Passionate CEO Brian Bonar Wins 2010/2011 Cambridge Who’s Who Award

The prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year award was given to CEO Brian Bonar in the 2010/2011 season. Brian Bonar was recognized for his strong performance as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. This award is only given out to two outstanding male and two female executives each year.

Mr. Bonar certainly has the credentials to merit such a high honor. He has been in the financial industry for almost 30 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. As the head of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar has had to deal with many difficult issues relating to employer benefits.

In case you are unaware, Dalrada is a Marketing Liason, which means they supply things like employee benefits and workers compensation to their clients.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203 and

Dalrada Financial Corporation, however, is not Mr. Bonar’s only claim to fame. He is also the CEO of Trucept, Inc. (formerly known as Smart-Tek Automated Services), and is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Trucept was designed to help smaller businesses with financial services, whereas Allegiant also helps smaller businesses both fill in temporary staffing and have access to the human resources services they need.

Mr. Bonar has 18 years experience working with IBM all around the world. He has primarily worked in Asia, Europe, and the USA. He has also worked closely with many high-growth companies both in the UK and the USA for about 20 years.  Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Another one of Mr. Bonar’s many career achievements includes founding a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) called AMS Outsourcing between the years 2007-2008. He was especially successful in this venture by building a loyal clientele in the Czech Republic and in Mexico.

Mr. Brian Bonar’s higher education began with a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland. He later went on to pursue both an MBA and PhD from Strafford University in England. Both of these higher degrees were focused on International Business Development Studies.

In his precious spare time, Mr. Bonar is passionate about helping the community and serves as Director of the American Marine LLC, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.

The Unpredictable Success of Doe Deere


Doe Deere has done an excellent job of building her Lime Crime brand. She had put lots of hard work into promoting the brand through social media. Onlookers that are watching her rise will say that this hard work has paid off. She has become someone that has managed to build a brand almost entirely through social media. In the cosmetics world this is a rarity, but Doe Deere has managed to do this with a high level of efficiency. That may be the main reason that so many people continue to check out here next move. They want to know what she is going to do next.
What Doe Deere has managed to do is surprise her fans with different shades of the Lime Crime lipstick out of the blue. She has managed to keep the people guessing about the next Lime Crime color because no two colors are ever the same. One month Lime Crime may present a zany bright color like “Alien.” The next month may bring something darker like “Teddy Bear.” There is no rhyme or reason for what Doe Deere is doing. She is the CEO and she can do whatever she feels like doing. That is why she has been able to be so successful. There is a type of magic in her unpredictability, and people tend to love this about her.

Stay up to date with Doe Deere on

Doe Deere is someone that has managed to creative a landscape of vivid colors and sell this through the Lime Crime brand. She started small, but anyone that has eyes can see that the brand has this cult like following that is going to bring the Doe Deere dream into many homes through America and beyond.

She has been able to thrive because she is a rule breaker. This is what she does, and she has become rather good at it. She doesn’t subscribe to the rules. Her makeup, if all the other cosmetic companies are coloring inside of the line, is a defiant act of coloring outside of the lines. She knew what the cosmetic game was like, and she didn’t like it so she changed it. She was tired of seeing companies with executives in glasshouses that had no connection to the customers. Doe Deere wanted the throne, but she didn’t want to sit at the top alone. She wanted feedback so she stayed connected with consumers.

To know more about Doe Deere, visit


Fabletics in Athleisure

Athleisure is a recently growing trend in style in which garments intended for workouts and other athletic exercises is worn in different settings, for example, amid work, easygoing or social events. Examples of Athleisure outfits in Fabletics are yoga jeans, tights and stockings that “look like athletic wear” and described as “in vogue, spruced up sweats and practice garments”. The thought is that workout clothes on are as far as anyone knows advancing out of the exercise center and turning into a bigger piece of individuals’ regular closets. By some records, the athleisure pattern became out of ladies wearing yoga pants. Another account recommends that the pattern occurred in light of the fact that individuals could wear them for numerous events without changing, which implied more prominent comfort, since individuals did not need to convey an additional exercise center outfit while in transit to the workplace, for instance. Reports in USA Today and in the Wall Street Journal portray the athleisure market as developing, dislodging average workwear styles, and slicing into offers of pants, with a business sector size in 2014 as $35 billion, speaking to a 8% expansion from the earlier year. While the pattern was begun by ladies, men are progressively swinging to athleisure wear too. For men’s style, athleisure wear started with extravagance workout pants and after that moved to the upper middle area with “dressy/lively forms of men’s overcoats, varsity coats, pea coats and sweaters”.
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Americans spent almost $44 billion on alleged “active wear,” up 16% more than 2014. In the interim, denim deals have taken a hit, down 5% or all the more consistently since 2013. Athleisure organizations, for example, Fabletics whose fellow benefactor and motivation is famous actress Kate Hudson, have discovered the trend and quickly jumped on board. By redesigning their hues, surfaces and prints, Fabletics makes entire themed closets. It’s quick mold – from configuration to conveyance in eight weeks. Fabletics lives for the most part on the web. Paying supporters get rebates. New fashion accumulations are discharged the first of each month consistently, yet with a lot of enticing incentives in the middle of each release to draw customers.

The Products Offered by Beneful

The dog food industry is a multi billion dollar industry that has grown exponentially over the years. With this competitive market more and more name brands are finding ways to attract consumers. In present day, one of the most popular new trends is to make a dog food that is healthy, wholesome, as well as delicious. Dog food companies are now more than ever finding new ways to make the dog food a delicious as well as healthy treat that only has the freshest of meats and vegetables inside each of the products. Dog food companies now make the effort to not only sell an inexpensive product, but to also sell a quality product to the consumer.
One company in particular that has created a new and healthy product is Beneful, one of the largest dog food companies in the world. Among the many products that are produced by Beneful the favorite products include wet dog food, dry dog food, as well as dog food treats. Among the many options offered on most Wal-Mart groceries to both the dogs as well as to the consumer, the wet dog food option is among the favorite products offered. The wet dog food comes in over 20 different varieties that contains different combinations of meats, vegetables, as well as grains. Dog owners love Beneful wet dog food ( because they come in cans that provide their dogs with a wholesome yet substantial serving that will leave any dog full and ready to start the day.

Along with the wet dog food, Beneful also offers delicious dry dog food as well as delicious dog food treats. The treats (, though seemingly unhealthy, are freshly baked every single day which makes the treats lower in the calories and healthier to consume. The treats offered by Beneful come in a variety of textures and flavors. The dog food treat can be light and fluffy like a cracker, or can even be thick and dense that provides a more wholesome option to the diet. Owners and even the dogs that prefer Beneful are grateful to now have a delicious and healthy option to choose from. Beneful is also available for order online via