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Skout Urging Random Acts of Kindness

You wouldn’t expect an app to promote random acts of kindness, but Skout, a global app that allows people in a particular region to connect with each other has done just that. To help celebrate Random Act of Kindness week, this took place in the middle of February. They surveyed 2,700 of their users to find out their thoughts on performing and receiving the benefits of random acts of kindness. The results were shocking as more than fifty percent of the college people surveyed claimed to perform random acts of kindness each day. The good news continues as over 90 percent of people surveyed had done something kind and unexpected for a stranger.

Skout has been urging its millions of users to perform random acts of kindness throughout the week and then to post their positive actions on social media with hashtags that label them #Skoutkind. Even employees at Skout started to get involved by traveling through the city of San Francisco performing random acts of kindness along the way. They also held a charitable food drive to benefit the San Francisco- Marin Food Bank. Random acts of kindness make all people feel good. Those performing the act feel good about doing something nice for another and the person receiving the act also feels good. There is a revival of social connection that many people feel has been lost in our society.

They have been in operation since 2007 and were designed to allow people who meet in quick and random ways to establish relationships romantic or otherwise. They are all about preserving the magic that can occur when two people randomly bump into each other during their day. It is a place that those friendships can blossom and grow.

It is also a place where people can get together from all over the world. They recently added a travel feature that allows a person to connect with people in a destination that they would like to visit. When the trip actually takes place, you will already know a group of people from that area that can help guide you and make sure that you see all of the important features that the area has to offer. Providing a forum for creating and maintaining relationships is what Skout is all about.

How Much Information Does Brian Torchin Have For Medical Job-Seekers?

Brian Torchin is still a managing partner at HCRC, and he is currently researching the latest trends in the medical profession. Brian has spent much of his career helping people find jobs in the industry, and he offers information online about finding medical jobs. This article explains how Brian Torchin has become a true resource for job-seekers, how he has researched the industry and what a medical job-seeker must do to improve their chances of finding a job.

#1: Brian Has His Eyes On All Parts Of The Industry

Brian has been watching the industry since he began work at HCRC, and he has seen trends come and go with regard to medical hiring. Brian understands what it takes to get a job in today’s economy, and he has invested quite a lot of time in talking with medical administrators. He always knows what people are looking for when they are hiring, and he ensures that every job-seeker knows what is going on before their interview.

#2: Brian Shares His Findings On His Blog

Brian keeps a blog associated with the HCRC website, and he uploads new pieces every time he has acquired new information. Brian is well-known for his writing style, and he offers salient information for everyone who is looking for a new job. He answers questions that have been sent to him, and he ensures that he covers current topics in the industry.

#3: Brian Has Made Medical Staffing Agencies Chic

Medical staffing agencies were once hard to find, but Brian has made the use of a medical staffing agency commonplace in the industry.

Brian Torchin’s work has changed the medical industry for the better. Everyone who graduates with their degree may find a job much more quickly with Brian’s help, and his blog speaks to many concerns that job-seekers have. Brian’s research helps everyone find gainful employment soon after graduation without stress or a loss of hope. has more information about Brian Torchin.

Video Services Of The Future, For The Future

Video communication services are critical to the operation of any modern day business. This is because often employees are spread out over vast geographic areas. The nice thing is that there are now services such as Talk Fusion which make this process all the easier.

Talk Fusion is the brainchild of Bob Reina who is the founder and CEO of the company. He has more than 20 years of marketing experience and is truly a proven leader. He leads the brand by helping to expand recognition of it, and by making sure that the people who provides this service to turn into great disciples for the brand to others.

Reina has had a varied career and has worked hard to bring those various experiences into the work that he does today. He has worked as a police officer in the past, and he has even done some work with the church that he attended at the time. That makes him more dynamic of a business leader than what most are used to when it comes to their business leaders.

It is easy and inexpensive to send videos across the Talk Fusion platform. The truth is that many video steaming services are not that cheap, and many of them do not work as advertised. It is something to be concerned about. That is why Talk Fusion is quickly snapping up market share.

After paying just a one time fee, you can pay just $20 per month to get the Talk Fusion service. This allows for videos of up to five minutes in length to be uploaded and also the storage of up to 1,000 e-mails. It is a bargain of a deal compared to what many companies are paying for their video conferencing services.

Talk Fusion has worked so hard to make sure that the quality of video is something that people will appreciate.

The Human Rights Foundation Supports Freedom Around the World

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) works to help all people enjoy the basic freedoms some people in the world take for granted, and other people have never enjoyed.

Its foundation is the ideals presented in 1976 in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Its mission is to preserve human rights where they now exist, and expand them to other people, promoting liberal democracy. HRF opposes violence.

Incorporated in 2005, HRF opened its New York office in 2006.

Its work includes education to raise awareness about freedom and how it’s vulnerable. It also works to free political prisoners. It carries out education programs in closed societies. And it organizes events around the world, building a greater public awareness and desire to protect and expand human rights and freedoms for all. It promotes tolerance and democracy, especially in Latin America.

HRF has secured the release of 7 political prisoners. It has testified to Truth Commissions on human rights violations. It has also submitted amicus briefs in international human rights court cases. And published two books on human rights.

Filmmaker and human rights activist Thor Halvorssen Mendoza founded HRF to work for human rights in a nonpartson way.  He’s also founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and patron of On Our Own Feet, the Centipede Children a peace organization in Prague.

Halvorssen’s own family has experienced human rights violations in Venezuela. In 1993 his father, was falsely imprisoned, beaten and tortured. He was released only after human rights groups such as Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights took up his cause and pressured the government for his release. In 2004 Venezuela government security forces fired into a crowd of peaceful protestors, killing one person and wounding 2, including Halvorssen’s mother. In 2014, the government imprisoned Halvorssen’s first cousin.

Halvorssen’s films include: The Sugar Babies about children forced to work as slaves in Dominican Republic sugar farms, Hammer & Tickle about human rights violations in the Soviet Union and Freedom’s Fury about the 1956 Hungarian rebellion.

The Oslo Freedom Forum is an annual event bringing together human rights activists and leaders from all over the world.

HRF believes every person has the right to freedom of speech, of association and expression, freedom of religion and freedom from slavery and torture.

Autism is Everyone’s Issue

The whole world deals with autism. The main reason the cases of autism are so high right now is because of the lack of awareness being spread. Doctors are not diagnosing children early enough and sometimes they are making mistakes when delivering the child at birth There are a lot of things that can cause autism but the issue is that we do not agree on all of those causes. We are experiencing higher rates of autism than ever before reported.  In a recent interview with Friday magazine Sanjay Shah talks all about why the decision was made to start this foundation.It took international rap superstar to come to his home and explain to him that he was trying to get world class entertainers to do do benefit shows to help funding towards autism research. This really touched Sanjays heart. The 42 year old family man hosted Snoop Dog and his ten man entourage in his Dubai home to talk about the autism research. The fact that a man who has sold over 30 million records id concerted about the situation inspired him to start his own fundraiser. He has a GoFundMe page to help with the fight of autism that we all say way too much everyday. Snoop Dog decided to get people to play the gigs for research because his youngest son was diagnosed with autism a few years ago. Since the idea started they have gotten stars like Lenny Kravitz to perform. Sanjay explains that all of the money goes to ARC which eventually goes to ART for reasearch. You can help donate at Sanjay’s GoFundMe page. Find Sanjay on Facebook to keep up with news and other events.

YouTubers You Should Know

Love them or hate them, either way they found their fame through a handheld camera and crafted a new kind of celebrity. That’s right; I’m talking about YouTubers.  Here are just a few that have skyrocketed to YouTube fame:

Tyler Oakley

Since first putting his face in front of the camera back in 2007, Oakley has gained a thriving following of Youtube subscribers as well as twitter and instagram followers. An American Youtuber and activist, Oakley’s videos mainly consist of pop culture, humor, and queer politics.


Full name Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, is an English born author, fashion and beauty vlogger, and YouTuber. Zoella created her first video back in 2009 while working under the British retailer New Look.

Jenna Marbles

An American YouTube personality, comedian, and vlogger, Jenna Marbles (real name Jenna Maurey) has become an internet sensation ever since her video titled “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To” went viral back in 2011. Marbles has since gone on to do collaborations with other YouTubers, released her own brand of dog toys, co host the podcast Jenna and Julien, and host the SiriusXM Hits 1 “YouTube 15” countdown weekly.


Australian-Chinese vlogger Wengie directs her focus more towards asian beauty tips and tricks, as well as asian beauty products. She also vlogs about fashion and occasionally throws in a a motivational video with a personal flair because it’s her passion to inspire girls around her to chase their dreams.
Wengie is a cat lover who is more than willing to help her readership and viewers to grow their own blogs. She offers sections on her blog specifically for this purpose. She also is open for interviews and and promptly answers questions her followers have, making her a respectable member of the YouTube community.

Why Kyle Bass Seems Dangerous

Monetary interests can rot the most ethical of people. When a person has a lack of ethics from the get-go, money can exponentially advance the process. Kyle Bass is a frightening character in this regard, as he’s always had an air of suspicion about him.

In 2008, America hit an economic roadblock when it tried to push poor economic practices vis-a-vis subprime lending. Bass saw the troubles coming and predicted them, which quickly earned him national, and in some cases international, recognition. Bass currently maintains a hedge fund centered in Texas, but despite the initial fervor with which he expanded throughout the financial scene, his fund doesn’t seem to be performing too well. Yet Bass is continuously making television appearances, and all indications point toward increase of wealth on his end.

Certainly one reason he’s been able to increase in affluence has to do with CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This organization uses political and legal shenanigans to cut prices on pharmaceutical organizations. The resulting stock drop among pharmaceutical agencies is something Bass is quick to capitalize on via short sold holdings. Bass basically uses the sentiment of the sick to manipulate the stock market such that he walks away with millions of dollars.

The problem has gotten so bad of late that congress actually becomes somewhat bipartisan concerning the issue. Bass isn’t doing anything illegal, but what he is doing has a distinct lack of ethics to it, and the result is gutting millions from the American economy.

Ultimately, Wikipedia shows Kyle Bass is beholden to Argentina. That’s where he’s from, and all indications point toward Bass being a lackey of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is the socialist despot who currently presides over Argentina. She is responsible for defaulting the country two times in the last thirteen years, and her financial decisions are continuously negligent. Yet even though Bass made his mark on the financial scene by predicting faulty financial practices, his interdiction with de Kirchner seems entirely blind to her poor choices. In fact, Bass seems to endorse them, and continuously sings de Kirchner’s praise! This seems to indicate that Bass is a lackey of some sort for Argentina, and that his efforts in America financially have to do with economic destabilization. Socialism is all about facilitating a global revolution, and de Kirchner couldn’t really be a socialist if in some way that utopian ideal didn’t color her reasoning.

In the end, Bass must be closely considered and trusting him may not be the best idea.

Overcoming Regulatory and Compliance Issues

When it comes to hedge funds, some of the most pressing issues involve regulatory and compliance. In order to ensure success, a firm needs to have experts on staff that are well-versed on the many aspects of hedge funds. Within the investment industry, one of the most recognized experts on laws related to hedge funds is Sam Tabar. Using his extensive legal background as well as experience working on the international financial stage, Sam has been able to learn more and more about hedge fund structure and formation with each job he has held over the years. In fact, it has been his ability to quickly spot new trends in the industry that has helped him gain the trust of clients and become recognized the world over for his inquisitive mind.  Sam Tabar has even moved into creating Vimeo videos to continue to help others learn about the industry.

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Upon his graduation from law school at Columbia, Sam decided to use his training and start his career by working for a world-renowned law firm in the United States. As an Associate with the firm, Sam was given the responsibility of working with clients from all over the world. Focusing on numerous topics with his clients, Sam helped many people overcome issues regarding management agreements, employment law, contract structure and formation, and much more. Credited for ensuring many people were able to gain a better understanding of hedge funds and how they could invest in them, Sam was given increasing levels of responsibility within the firm.

However, soon afterwards Sam decided he wanted to pursue other career options. Thus, he left his lucrative law career behind and instead moved into a position with PMA Investment Advisors as the firm’s Managing Director and Head of Capital Strategy. In this high-level executive position, Sam was put in charge of designing and implementing global marketing strategies that would produce stellar results for the firm. In a dramatic move, the firm put Sam in charge of its most valuable account, a hedge fund worth more than $2 billion. Never one to shy away from the task at hand, Sam embraced the challenge and immediately began to build an extensive network of investors for the fund.

What Is An Investment Banker, Exactly?

Because of the popularity of startups around the world, people everywhere now seem to know about venture capitalists. Called VC’s for short, these financial individuals are sometimes known as angel investors as well. However, while VC’s get a lot of attention, it seems that another kind of individual does not: the investment banker.

Who is an investment banker? Firstly, they have been around far longer than VC’s and have also fostered important trade relationships in that time. They can be of great help to those looking to raise money, especially entrepreneurs. But again, what exactly is an investment banker?

An investment banker is someone who helps companies or governments raise funds by selling financial assets on the market. This often includes the issuing of securities. They also provide fundraising for capital markets such as debt or equity. Perhaps more importantly they also offer advising and consulting services for strategic mergers, acquisitions, and other kinds of important financial actions on behalf of a company, organization, or individual.

A great investment banker can help companies decide where and how to raise their money. They also prepare important documents and prevent misunderstandings that can be costly. They follow regulations to ensure compliance as well. But aside from the financial benefits, investment bankers help people in a larger sense of the word. They can create situations that allow people with difficult circumstances to rise above them and create success.

One such example of an investment banker who uses his intellgience and financial resources to help people is Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is a dual national of Austria and Venezuela.

For example, Lustgarten has used his purchase order financing company to help those in certain areas who are having difficulties gaining access to global trade. He allowed them to engage in American trade by providing U.S. dollars in a location that was difficult to come by them in Venezuela.

Getting to Know The Stars of Queens of Drama

Queens of Drama is a reality television show which debuted in the United States on the cable television network, POP. The series was produced by Leslie Greif and stars, Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Vannessa Marcil and Chrystee Pharris.

The series rose to prominence due to it’s famous soap opera personalities, most notably Crystal Hunt who is renowned for her appearances on such well received soap operas as Guiding Light and One Life To Live. Hunt has also appeared in the Zac Efron headed vehicle, The Derby Stallion as well as the teen romance comedy, Sydney White.  Metacritic has more about what Crystal has done in her career.

On Facebook Crystal makes it apparent that the leader of the group on the show is played by Donna Mills, as herself, of Play Misty For Me fame (the 1970s Clint Eastwood cult hit). Mills has also starred in numerous other films and television series, often with high profile film makers, such as Woody Allen’s Don’t Drink The Water or the famous cult classic western, Gunsmoke as a troubled woman. Mills position as queen bee of the show was likely done due to the fact that out of all the other actresses she has easily had the most prolific and lauded career.  There’s a cool acting reel for Crystal Hunt from the show on YouTube.

Next up is Lindsay Hartley, who is known primarily for her performances in the soap operas, Passions, where she played Theresa Winthrop, as well as All My Children, where she played Cara Castillo. Hartley is also one of the earliest of the leading ladies of “Queens” to get her start in show business, with a stunning debut as pre-teen beauty pageant winner of the Young Miss America Beauty Contest.

First gaining a foothold in the world of acting from her casting in the famous soap opera, Days of Our Lives as Marina Torasco. Unfortunately her character, though a villain, was wildly unpopular. She quite acting but found herself returning to the show off and on again over the years ultimately culminating in a freak collapse during the shooting of recent episode of Queens of Drama. However, her fans need not worry as she’s currently back on her feet and doing better than ever.

Vanessa Marcil, in contrast, has not had quite as storied a career as many of the previous stars but has earned her fair share of awards and praise nonetheless.

Lastly there is Chrystee Pharris, a actress remembered primarily for her starring role in the supernatural, romance drama, Passions. She has also been featured in such popular television programs as The Steve Harvey Show, Scrubs and Castle.