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How Lori Senecal is establishing a Flourishing Career in the Male Corporate Dominated Sector

CP+B is a Colorado-based advertising and marketing agency set up in 1988. The firm has earned a spot position among top advertising agencies across the globe. CP+B is a member of MDC Partners headed by Lori Senecal.

Lori Senecal earns a high-status appointment as CEO of CP+B

Crispin Porter + Bogusky appointed Lori Senecal to serve as a Global chief executive officer. This happened following the exit of Andrew Keller from the company. Senecal will be responsible for daily operations of the firm’s branches. Additionally, she will be in charge of overseeing the company’s development and growth plan. Lori Senecal has promised to capitalize on his extensive experience and to work closely with other employees to meet the objectives of CP+B.

Senecal’s career in advertising has enabled her to make strategic partnerships and acquire prominent worldwide accounts such BMW, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. Other than her new job at CP+B, Senecal will retain her position as a chief executive officer of MDC Partners.

Senecal’s previous work experience

Senecal’s record of accomplishment in business is remarkable – she is the former head of KBS agency. During her tenure at KBS, the firm’s workforce grew from 250 employees to over 900 workers. At KBS, Senecal was in charge of content creation and start-up investment. She also spearheaded business activities centered on innovation.

Lori Senecal also worked at McCann Erickson from 2003 to 2009. In 2003, she helped establish TAG Ideation, a specialized marketing unit. In 2006, she was promoted to the global chief innovation officer of TAG Ideation. About one and half years later, she was appointed the president of McCann in charge of the New York office.

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Senecal’s role in the 3% Conference

The 3% Conference is a movement that champions for an increase in the number of women who serve as creative directors. Prior to the establishment of this movement, only 3% of women in the United States served as creative directors. However, through the movement, the number of women has increased to 11 percent. The 3% Movement achieve its mission through professional and community development as well holding conferences on a yearly basis. In a session moderated by Carter Murray, Lori Senecal together with three other female leaders discussed their experiences in the male-dominated business world. This aim of this discussion was to encourage women in the 3% movement. Below are some of the key issues discussed:

1. Women are earning more executive appointments
Despite men dominating leadership positions, things are changing as more women continue to be appointed to lead various organizations. It was noted that men receive support from fellow men, unlike women.

2. Dealing with criticism
Having headed several companies, Senecal confessed that being a leader is not easy and that she handles criticism by relying on support from her workmates.

3. Balancing work and life
Balancing work and life are not limited to only family and work. It entails finding something that you are passionate about and pursuing it while executing your work duties.

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