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Skout Urging Random Acts of Kindness

You wouldn’t expect an app to promote random acts of kindness, but Skout, a global app that allows people in a particular region to connect with each other has done just that. To help celebrate Random Act of Kindness week, this took place in the middle of February. They surveyed 2,700 of their users to find out their thoughts on performing and receiving the benefits of random acts of kindness. The results were shocking as more than fifty percent of the college people surveyed claimed to perform random acts of kindness each day. The good news continues as over 90 percent of people surveyed had done something kind and unexpected for a stranger.

Skout has been urging its millions of users to perform random acts of kindness throughout the week and then to post their positive actions on social media with hashtags that label them #Skoutkind. Even employees at Skout started to get involved by traveling through the city of San Francisco performing random acts of kindness along the way. They also held a charitable food drive to benefit the San Francisco- Marin Food Bank. Random acts of kindness make all people feel good. Those performing the act feel good about doing something nice for another and the person receiving the act also feels good. There is a revival of social connection that many people feel has been lost in our society.

They have been in operation since 2007 and were designed to allow people who meet in quick and random ways to establish relationships romantic or otherwise. They are all about preserving the magic that can occur when two people randomly bump into each other during their day. It is a place that those friendships can blossom and grow.

It is also a place where people can get together from all over the world. They recently added a travel feature that allows a person to connect with people in a destination that they would like to visit. When the trip actually takes place, you will already know a group of people from that area that can help guide you and make sure that you see all of the important features that the area has to offer. Providing a forum for creating and maintaining relationships is what Skout is all about.