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Writer, Editor, And Architect: Robert Ivy

Originally from Mississippi, Robert Ivy graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South earning a Bachelor of Arts in English, and Tulane University with a Master of Architecture. Fit for purpose, throughout his career Ivy has contributed to the arts in his work on the biography Fay Jones: Architect, which is now in its third edition and remains highly regarded.

Later in his career, Ivy was also Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill’s Architecture Record, a magazine that has its roots in American architecture. Under his leadership, he expanded the magazine to a global audiences including China and the Middle East. The magazine earned several notable awards including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Though, this was just the beginning of a lifetime of achievements.

In 2011, Ivy joined the American Institute of Architecture, and was appointed as its Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer. The institute, as a result of his work, has more members than ever over its 160 year long history, founded in 1857. With more than 200 international, state, and local chapters.

For his work in effectively communicating the importance of design in architecture, Ivy was recognized by the National Architectural fraternity Alpha Rho Chi as a “Master Architect,” with his belief that the design of buildings and structures should positively influence the communities they are located in as well as contribute to the well-being of all who work in and around them. He is only one of seven to be honored in this way through the fraternity’s one hundred year history.

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In addition to this honor, Robert Ivy was awarded the Dean’s Medal by the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

If all these achievements cannot be considered lifetime, in June, Robert Ivy will be awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters according to He will become the first architect to be honored by the school and is one of few others born in Mississippi who have been awarded. There is no question he has allowed for architecture to become more accessible to the public, displaying AIA’s core values to the letter.

As a writer, editor and communicator of all things architectural, Robert Ivy could not be more deserving, and if his track record is any indication, this is a hallmark to a life of unmatched feats. Time will only tell how much more he can contribute to a thriving community.

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