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The Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy of Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is a business person based in London, England. He was recently interviewed by Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network for the Enterprise Radio. Dye hosts a show which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to acquire business advice, news, and inspiration. The program does live event coverage from business people globally. In the recent interview, Sanjay Shah gave tips on becoming a prosperous entrepreneur and spoke on how he founded the solo capital and Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is also a renowned philanthropist. He is recognized for being the founder of Autism Rocks, which is a charity institution that majorly funds research on autism. Mr. Shah was motivated to establish Autism Rocks in 2014 after he found out that his four years old son Nikhil had been diagnosed with autism. Autism is an illness that affects the nervous system. He decided to use the affection for his family and music to boost wide research and awareness of autism. Shah has facilitated public awareness about the disorder by making partnerships with the music industry where he raises money for research from concerts.

Shah studied medicine, but later quit the dream of being a doctor to focus on the financial and investment sector. He became an accountant and worked for various investment banks such as the Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. He decided to open Solo Capital after he was dismissed from his job as an accountant during a financial crisis. Shah owns a couple of companies in London, Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands.

Mr. Shah founded Solo Capital Markets, a boutique financial service corporation that operates globally and has its headquarters in London, England. The company was incorporated in September 2011 and is also known as Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The firm focusses in proprietary trading, professional sports assets and consulting. The company’s net worth was 15.45 million pounds by the close of March 2015, had a cash flow of 30.26 million pounds and its assets totaled to 67.45 million pounds. Sanjay Shah is the CEO of the Solo Group Holdings that controls the Solo Capital Markets.


Autism is Everyone’s Issue

The whole world deals with autism. The main reason the cases of autism are so high right now is because of the lack of awareness being spread. Doctors are not diagnosing children early enough and sometimes they are making mistakes when delivering the child at birth There are a lot of things that can cause autism but the issue is that we do not agree on all of those causes. We are experiencing higher rates of autism than ever before reported.  In a recent interview with Friday magazine Sanjay Shah talks all about why the decision was made to start this foundation.It took international rap superstar to come to his home and explain to him that he was trying to get world class entertainers to do do benefit shows to help funding towards autism research. This really touched Sanjays heart. The 42 year old family man hosted Snoop Dog and his ten man entourage in his Dubai home to talk about the autism research. The fact that a man who has sold over 30 million records id concerted about the situation inspired him to start his own fundraiser. He has a GoFundMe page to help with the fight of autism that we all say way too much everyday. Snoop Dog decided to get people to play the gigs for research because his youngest son was diagnosed with autism a few years ago. Since the idea started they have gotten stars like Lenny Kravitz to perform. Sanjay explains that all of the money goes to ARC which eventually goes to ART for reasearch. You can help donate at Sanjay’s GoFundMe page. Find Sanjay on Facebook to keep up with news and other events.