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Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua, the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, has just recently opened a branch of his company in Turkey. This is the 39th country that a branch of the gourmet coffee company has been opened in. According to Bernardo Chua, the opening of this recent branch is a significant achievement for the company. He states that Turkey will unite the company’s operations in Asia, Europe and Africa. The decision to extend efforts to Turkey is a natural measure as the company is known for opening the first ever coffee house in the 1600s. The beverage continues to be an established part of the national culture as Turkey’s appetite for high quality coffee thrives. Bernardo Chua has recognized that the hunger now includes an enthusiasm for healthy products, making the company a perfect fit.

Last year, Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold were awarded five People’s Choice and Dangal Bayan awards in Manila. Bernardo was recognized as an outstanding entrepreneur while he was CEO of Organo Gold, now known as one of the fastest growing networking companies. Organo Gold is a healthy living company that offers products that contain the ingredient Ganoderma Lucidium,which is a mushroom that’s known for its antioxidant qualities. Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold in 2008 using his knowledge of network marketing, taking the company worldwide. The company holds a special place in the hearts of the locals of the Phillipines, Bernardo Chua’s home country.   LinkedIn has more information on what Bernardo has accomplished up until now.

Alexei Betlyukov’s Extraordinary Rise to the Top of the Corporate World

Making it in the corporate is quite challenging. Upcoming entrepreneurs face many hurdles, which force most of them to drop out and get involved in other ventures. Alexei is a different crop of entrepreneur altogether. He is the kind that leaves behind a lasting impression and paves way for the success of his successors.

Mr. Beltyukov’s Philanthropy

The Russian born millionaire and philanthropist is dedicated to ensuring that startups have a source of funding and a source of business guidance. He does this through Endemic Capital, a company that he established in 2013. LinkedIn shows that he rose from humble beginnings in his home country to the upper echelons of the business world, which has motivated him to fund several philanthropic causes. He helps his fellow nationals to start businesses. He also seeks opportunities in business schools across the globe for them, so that their corporate skills can be sharpened.

Alexei graduated from INSEAD in 1997 with a Master’s in Business Administration. This set him on the path of entrepreneurship. His Alma matter has helped him establish the Russian Alumni Scholarship at the institution, which provides scholarships to Russian students attending the institution. He has also partnered with the government of Russia to provide consultancy and guidance to the Skolkovo Foundation. This initiative provides grants and openings for Russian upstarts to gain a foothold in their respective industries, and also spread outside the nation’s borders.

Trailing Alexei’s Business Path

Immediately after graduation from business school, Beltyukov embarked on his successful entrepreneurial journey. To date, he has launched many successful firms, which have market leadership in their own rights. Among the companies he has founded are A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, Endemic Capital and Solvy.

Currently, he manages A-Ventures Ltd, which is an investment management corporation with an asset base of over 400 million US dollars. He is also at the helm of New Gas Technologies, which makes investments in developments concerned with the exploitation of natural gas and its related constituents. Besides that, he runs Mechanicus, which is widely recognized as a giant in the automobile repair business.

In the past, beyond being an author Beltyukov has worked as an Executive Director and CEO of Renova Project, which was a management company with interests spanning across Russia and Latvia. He also served as the Vice President in charge of Strategy and Business Development at Brunswick capital, where he oversaw major development projects including one of the most profitable rail car projects in the world. He divides his time between business, philanthropy and mentoring the next crop of corporate managers.

Doe Deere Takes an Uncoventional Approach to Fashion

Every September, it’s quite common for fashion and beauty magazine to release an issue letting readers know about the trends that will likely be popular in the spring. However, there are some people who don’t subscribe to these rules, and Doe Deere is one of them. Deere is the owner of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company for all-natural eye shadow and lipstick. Doe is also a hairstylist, and is often outspoken about her outgoing approach to beauty and fashion.

One of the rules that Doe Deere says is meant to be broken is wearing several makeup colors at one time. Most makeup artists advise women not to wear a smoky eye with a bold lip, but Deere says that you don’t necessarily have to follow this rule. There are several colors that will match your skin tone, and Deere says that putting these colors together will help you to achieve your customized look.

Deere also says that people should focus on wearing what makes them feel good, no matter where they are heading. She doesn’t really believe in occasion-specific clothing, and says that people should choose pieces that will make them feel elegant, fun and beautiful. Deere is also not a fan of being simply wearing clothing that is age-appropriate. She has even had to tell her mother not to choose her outfits based on her age, and gushes about how beautiful she thinks her mother is. It’s clear that Doe wants to inspire everyone with her fashion philosophies, including her own families.

Doe also says that it’s not necessary to wear beige or black if you’ve dyed your hair an unnatural color. Deere often wears her tresses in blue, pink or green, and doesn’t wear all-black outfits to “balance out” her look. She often wears clothes that are filled with colors and patterns, because it makes her feel especially whimsical and beautiful. Deere also shares that color should be a way for people to show off their personality, which is why many of the shades in the Lime Crime line are especially bold and eye-catching.

Deere also encourages people to wear lots of patterns and colors at one time as well. Most fashion experts say that you should stick to a set color scheme and not wear clothing that’s too “busy.” However, Doe Deere says that the key to great fashion is to do what makes you happy. She offers tips for wearing outgoing hairstyles and makeup products on her Lime Crime website to keep you looking your personal best.

Crystal Hunt From Soaps To The Big Screen

Queens of Drama is a reality TV show being aired on the CW network. It is from the production company Thinkfactory Media. Girl power is in full effect as several former soap opera actresses try to get a steamy new series on TV. The show brings some of the most iconic figures of U.S. daytime soap operas starring Crystal Hunt, Donna Mills as a fictionalized version of herself and Hunter Tylo, who is best known for her role in “The Bold And The Beautiful”. The stars are on a mission to develop, pitch, produce and star in a show, with the goal of landing a pilot deal by the end of the season.

Crystal Hunt played Lizzie Spaulding on the soap opera Guiding Light, which won her a Daytime Emmy Nomination. Crystal portrayed Stacy Morasco on the soap opera One Life to Live. Hunt appeared in various commercials including one for the 25th-anniversary celebration of Walt Disney and an anti-drug advertisement with *NSYNC. Recently, Hunt was featured in one of the most popular movies last Summer, Magic Mike XXL. Crystal has also made the jump to producer recently, with her first Executive Producer on the film Talbot County.  There are more details for her on Metacritic.

She grew up in Clearwater, Florida and began participating in pageants at the age of 2. Acting was something that she really loved since she was a kid. With acting, she says, it helped build her self-confidence and also kept her self-focus on something good versus being destructive. As a child, if she didn’t get her schoolwork done or did something wrong, she wasn’t allowed to go on her audition, which she says worked really well.

Crytal Hunt has told her Facebook fans she feels very strongly about volunteering and started very young. Growing up, she and her family would go to church and feed the homeless or helped people in the area who couldn’t afford to have Christmas. She believes by giving back makes one a better person, people will start looking at you differently and most of all it’s a very rewarding experience.  There’s more on Crystal at her photography site.

How Much Information Does Brian Torchin Have For Medical Job-Seekers?

Brian Torchin is still a managing partner at HCRC, and he is currently researching the latest trends in the medical profession. Brian has spent much of his career helping people find jobs in the industry, and he offers information online about finding medical jobs. This article explains how Brian Torchin has become a true resource for job-seekers, how he has researched the industry and what a medical job-seeker must do to improve their chances of finding a job.

#1: Brian Has His Eyes On All Parts Of The Industry

Brian has been watching the industry since he began work at HCRC, and he has seen trends come and go with regard to medical hiring. Brian understands what it takes to get a job in today’s economy, and he has invested quite a lot of time in talking with medical administrators. He always knows what people are looking for when they are hiring, and he ensures that every job-seeker knows what is going on before their interview.

#2: Brian Shares His Findings On His Blog

Brian keeps a blog associated with the HCRC website, and he uploads new pieces every time he has acquired new information. Brian is well-known for his writing style, and he offers salient information for everyone who is looking for a new job. He answers questions that have been sent to him, and he ensures that he covers current topics in the industry.

#3: Brian Has Made Medical Staffing Agencies Chic

Medical staffing agencies were once hard to find, but Brian has made the use of a medical staffing agency commonplace in the industry.

Brian Torchin’s work has changed the medical industry for the better. Everyone who graduates with their degree may find a job much more quickly with Brian’s help, and his blog speaks to many concerns that job-seekers have. Brian’s research helps everyone find gainful employment soon after graduation without stress or a loss of hope. has more information about Brian Torchin.