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WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are Specially Formulated To Cure The Most Unmanageable Hair

WEN cleansing conditioners have been on the market for quite a while, and it has done amazing things for women all over the world. There are plenty of reviews out there to be seen on WEN as well. Bustle Magazine had a well done review published by Emily McClure, detailing her experience with the product from delivery to the end of her week test period. She tested out the FIg variety of WEN cleansing conditioner on her fine hair for a week, taking before and after pictures to show the results as well. In the end, even though she was skeptical herself, she saw the results that were promised with a little tweaking to her routine. Emily’s review can be found on

One of the great things about these cleansing conditioners is that they were developed by Chaz Dean (see;, a high profile hair stylist that has a reputation for working with the celebrities. In reality though, Chaz took extra special care when creating WEN’s formula. He used only natural ingredients, and managed to find the right balance which would provide a deep clean for the hair and scalp, while also working for all types of hair, be it very fine or very thick and curly. The special 5 in 1 formula Chaz created also takes it a step further, since it can replace other shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, and detanglers. It also removes past buildup from the scalp that is a byproduct from chemicals in typical shampoos and conditioners.

WEN cleansing conditioners not only offers convenience and affordability, but they come in several varieties to meet the different needs and tastes of women out there. WEN can be ordered exclusively online, from places such as Amazon and Sephora, and comes with a speedy delivery as well as a support hotline in case of emergency with delivery’s.

Visit WEN’s Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more about Chaz Dean’s products.

The Popularity of Wen

Bustle is the website that a lot of women will typically check out when they want beauty advice and hair styling tips. There are professional total beauty consultants and hair stylists that have taken it upon themselves to test out some of the products and share their findings with the rest of the world. Emily McClure is one of those people. She tested out the Wen hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz, and she came forth with some interesting finds. She has showed the viewers of this site how much of the conditioner was required for fine hair like hers, and she shows the end results of the conditioning process over a period of several days. It was a positive experience that has made a lot of more people take interest in Wen by Chaz.

Wen hair is a very popular line of hair care products on Sephora primarily because it has been promoted by celebrities. This is how the average person hears about it. As time progressed the word spread through hair salons. This buzz from hair stylists like Emily McClure would eventually trickle down to websites like Bustle by way of hair stylists and consumers that styled their own hair at home. The Wen products tend to cost a bit more than the average conditioners, but these are leave in conditioners. The Wen products will also save people money in the long run because these are products that are marketed as all-in-one hair care products.

A single Wen hair care product may serve as a shampoo and conditioner. It may be used to entangle hair and help strengthen hair if the ends are shedding. People are willing to pay more for these Wen products because this will often restore hair. It is considered one of the best hair care brands on the market.

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A Bustle Review of Wen By Chaz

Have you been looking for new hair products on QVC? As you know, there are lots of shampoos and conditioners in the market, so it’s hard to find the ones that will work best for you. Luckily, Bustle’s Emily McClure tested WEN hair conditioner by Chaz Dean  for seven days, to give you an accurate idea of how the product works.

McClure states that it takes lots of product for the conditioner to work. If you have really thick hair, you’ll need about 32 pumps of the product! She noticed that her hair immediately felt thicker, which was definitely a good sign.

Over the next few days, Emily used Wen hair conditioner each day in the shower. She saw that her hair wasn’t as frizzy as before, but it did feel noticeably greasy. On the fourth day, when she didn’t have time to wash her hair, she said that her tresses felt heavy. She added a few curls for more volume, but the curls fell pretty quickly.

Near the end of the week, McClure says that her friends commented on the shininess of her hair, which let her know that her new hair treatment was working. Overall, Emily recommends WEN Hair conditioner, but says it’s best for women who wash and style their hair every day.