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Adam Milstein: Are People That Blind? 

Adam Milstein is an author and an entrepreneur. He recently wrote an article in the Jewish New Syndicate where he explained how the radical left has joined forces with the radical Islamic movement to try to hurt Israel. He said that it is funny that it is like that. The radical Islamic movement is everything that the radical left stands against, including in the way that they treat women and people who are gay. They stone people who are gay and they throw them off the roof. There is no freedom for women in countries where radical Islam is practiced. However, the radical left seems to think that radical Islam is a political force that should be reckoned with. That’s a big mistake. The radical Islamic movement is promoting hatred and bigotry towards Jews and the Jewish state.

The viewpoint of these radical left people is totally warped, wrote Adam Milstein. What they are saying has no basis in reality. It does not make sense to follow their worldview. It just has not basic logic to it. How can you claim to be for the freedom of everyone but then band together with leaders from the radical Islamic movement who spew hatred towards Jews, gays, and women? How can you be such a hypocrite as to say that they are right when they do everything that you have been screaming against for decades? What has happened to the feminist movement? Why are they silent when in certain countries, women not only can not vote, but they can not drive a car or even leave the house alone without the permission of the husband? Adam Milstein explained the contrast in depth.

Adam Milstein says that this has got to change. The root cause of all of this is plain old anti-semitism. There is no other reason why people would turn against the Jewish state, which has freedom for all people, including gays and women, while joining teams with radical Islamists who want to kill gays and subjugate women. If not for antisemitism, how can people be so blind?

American And Korean Makeup Styles: Get The Look

Wengie loves both Korean and American style makeup. She also appreciates the differences in these two styles. So, in this video she shares with us some of the secrets from both styles. Wengie applies American makeup techniques and products to one side of face and Korean to the other side.

She begins with a primer. American primer has a light translucent color that blends well with a person’s natural skin tone. Korean toner has a dewy and brightening effect. Wengie follows the primer by matching an American foundation to her skin and topping it off with powder. She uses a cushion foundation, which has brightening properties, for the other side of her face.

Moving forward, Wengie points out that contouring techniques, as well as, highlights have been a major trend for American makeup. While highlighting is popular in Korea, contouring techniques aren’t. Applying a pink blush to the apples of the cheeks is desired for Korean makeup looks.

Strong and clean brows are a cornerstone in American makeup, with focus specifically on the arch. Using Korean makeup trends, eyebrows are kept soft and straight. Continuing with the eyes, it is a popular look in America to fill in the crease of the eye. Smokey eye looks and multiple colors blended together are popular. In addition, the winged eyeliner look is a major American trend. Finishing the eyes with lots of mascara and false lashes is highly desired.

With Korean makeup trends, the eyes are toned down. Wengie spreads out a single soft color to the lid, applies a shimmery color under the lid, and then lines the lash line with a darker shade. She continues with the natural line of the eye when applying liner and adds only a few coats of mascara.

When it comes to the lips, American makeup trends utilize liner, lipstick, and gloss. In Korea, cherry, pink, and peach lip colors are popular. Wengie applies the lip color to the center of her lips, dabbing it out the edges. Concealer is applied to the exterior of the lips and blended inward to create a rosebud look.