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Waiakea Water is About to Unleash a Game Changer for the Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has some news that is going to be a game changer. They have created the world’s first and only fully degradable and 100 percent recycled water bottles. Waiakea Water is the founding partner of TimePlast. It is patented additive that takes the life of the plastic water bottles from 1,500 years to only 15 years. This means it is 97 percent faster than the traditional water bottles. With this additive is makes the chemical bonds a lot simpler. The plastic is drastically weakened, thus it taking way less time to break down. Traditional plastic bottles are made to be stronger and better so they can be more durable. Unfortunately, this means that the plastic takes over a millennium to break down naturally. Even though these new water bottles will degrade way faster, they will not be any different when it comes to quality and functionality.

Creating this addictive was not an easy task though. It took five years and 1,200 experiments to get it right. It was hard to get a patent for this invention, even the huge chemical companies could not complete the task. With patience and diligence it happened. Emmons hopes that this will create a movement to be more environmentally friendly. Only one pound of this miraculous additive can change one thousand bottles.

No water is more refreshing than Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. It is a sustainable product that contains plenty of health benefits. It’s not like any other water, but is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock in the beautiful Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii.

It is completely alkaline, eco-friendly, and is chock-full of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. These are potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The source itself is completely sustainable and renewable. Its recharge rate is 1.4 billion gallons a day. The facility where to water it bottled uses 33 percent renewable energy. On top of that, the containers come from 100 percent recycled bottles.

The founder of Waiakea Ryan Emmons also wanted to include a socially-conscious element to it. They partnered with PumpAid to help rural disadvantaged communities in Africa get clean drinking water. With every bottle purchased, 650ml of water of clean water is donated.