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Life Line Screening, National Top Preventive Health Screening Company

Prevention is better than cure says the wise man. The saying validates the mission statement of Life Line Screening which reads “Making people aware of unrecognized health problems and encourages them to seek follow-up care with their personal physician.” Life Line Screening is a top provider of community-based preventive health screening in the United States. Founded in 1993, the company has launched 16,000 screening campaigns across the country and successfully screened close to 8 million people. Life Line Screening is committed to giving superior preemptive screenings at competitive prices.

Life Line Screening uses state-of-ark ultrasound equipment, similar to those found in modern hospitals, and screening is performed by their highly qualified healthcare professionals to detect hidden health issues before they turn into a problem. The results of the screening are rigorously reviewed by board-certified doctors to ensure optimal standards. It provides numerous screening services including cardiovascular, lung cancer, chronic kidney diseases, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, thyroid disease, etc.

Life Line Screening provides various test screening package options including Carotid Artery, Peripheral Arterial, Osteoporosis, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Atrial Fibrillation and Complete Lipid. Once a person schedules an appointment and undertakes a screening, a board-certified physician would review the data from each screening using a clinically based predictive program. A report of the screening results is available within 21 days and can be accessed online through an e-Results program or in the mail. A completed results package is often signed by the reviewing physician and the National Medical Director and delivered to the patient. The patient then shares the results with his/her personal primary care physician.To provide useful information to the public, the company post articles, timely news, events from the leaders of healthcare accessible through subscription of Life Line Screening blog. You can schedule a screening appointment or find the location of Life Line Screening branch office closer to you on the company website or call 877-237-1272 to schedule a screening by phone.

When It Comes To Business Finance, Sam Tabar Is the Name

Smart investing is what Sam Tabar has long been known for. He is the one responsible for creating this African-American startup to help all women of Africa, and all African-American women of the Untied States, called THINX. Tabar has guided many investor clients in their hedge fund investments. He offers only top-winning, professional, expert mentoring to each of his successful clients. His goal is always to help each client reach his full investing potential.

Sam is very good looking, he speaks a number of different languages, he is well educated, driven, and well known for his high intelligence level. He has worked at the executive level, both in his experience in practicing corporate law, and in business finance and investments. His primary skill in business finance is in using tools to build capital in a business. So, it is clear that he has double powers. He practiced law at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom. Since then, LinkedIn indicates Tabar has excelled in hedge fund management and as an investing strategist for the last ten years.

In his investment advisory role at THINX, Sam Tabar does not discriminate. He works with clients of all levels of investing, from novices to veteran traders on the stock market. When he notices with his eagle eye that a client is missing an important piece of knowledge, he works to educate them of this blind spot. He sagely insists that his clients do their own homework, to help them become professional in their investment strategies. He customizes a learning plan for each client, according to the deficit he notices in their knowledge. His private education also includes information on how to accurately chart emerging market trends accurately and other analysis tools.

After graduating, with honors, from Oxford University, Sam Tabar went on to also graduate with honors from Columbia Law School. He took the bar and passed it with flying colors. He was an editor for the Columbia Business Law Review, while at Columbia. He launched his career at the SPARX Group, formerly PMA Investment Advisors. After that, he was the Asia-Pacific Region’s Director for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Look Sam up on

John Goullet Principal of Staffing Firm Diversant

Diversant is a staffing firm that specializes in the information technology sector. This firm helps both technology workers find jobs as well as companies find the workers they need in order to help run their information technology department. With Diversant companies in a variety of industries can find specialized workers such as programmers, systems analysts, database administrators and software developers. Diversant has been in business for over two decades and has established a track record of helping companies and professionals in the information technology sector find what they need in order to reach their respective goals. With values such as teamwork, discipline and diversity, Diversant is always in good position to help organizations and professionals meet their professional needs.

Over the years Diversant has helped technology workers find the opportunities they needed in order to reach their career goals. It has also helped companies get the best workers for the particular tasks they need done. This success can be attributed to Diversant’s philosophy of using teamwork, discipline and diversity to reach these objectives. The firm looks to help technology professionals from a variety of backgrounds and skills get the work opportunities they are seeking. It also helps companies in numerous industries get the technology workers they need quickly. With Diversant clients will have a firm that will work with them as well as within the organization to quickly and efficiently match technology professionals and companies to meet everyone’s goals. Lastly Diversant will keep working with clients until their goals are met which is an example of the discipline that Diversant has when it comes to serving both technology workers and companies.

The person who is in charge of the day to day management of the firm is John Goullet. He has had a long career in the technology industry and has lots of experience when it comes to evaluating the needs of organizations and talent. He began his career working as a consultant for a number of technology companies. By 1994 he found a need for companies to hire technology workers and then started up his staffing firm. This firm was highly successful and eventually merged with Diversant. Once this merger was complete, John agreed to lead the company as its Principal.

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How VTA Publications Can Help You Plan For Retirement

Many Americans face an increasing fear of retirement years. They have come to discover the unreliability of a government system that promised them peace in retirement and have reached the conclusion that it is not as dependable as it was once thought to be. Americans are currently seeking dependable and predictable retirement solutions to ensure the security of their lives and the lives of their families in their elder years. VTA Publications, a company that develops and publishes quality digital coursework for individuals who desire to learn specific skills, has developed a course that promises to help people to retire with peace and dignity.

The course developed by VTA publications regarding retirement was created as an answer to an ever increasing problem among citizens of the United States. These Americans are facing situations that they did not expect to face in their lives. Inadequate preparation for retirement could be caused by any number of reasons, but is most commonly caused by a misunderstanding of the way the retirement system works. Alternatively, a lack of preparation for retirement could be caused by procrastination on the part of an individual who puts off any efforts to build a retirement income until it becomes too late to act.

In any case, their website shows VTA Publications has put together a retirement course to help individuals at any stage of life to build a retirement income that they can be proud of. This course teaches users to take steps to eliminate the debt in their lives. Without paying off debt, people could be forced to pay large bills during their retirement years that could rob them of any living expenses they may have worked hard to save. Additionally, the debt could be passed on to the relatives of the individual upon their death. This is usually an extremely unwanted consequence of debt. The course, therefore, emphasizes the importance of paying off one’s debt before advancing in the next steps of the course.

The remaining courses in VTA’s retirement course teaches the users how to effectively earn, manage, and maintain their income in an effort to build their retirement income up to an adequate level. The course shows the users appropriate ways to invest portions of their income into accounts to create high yielding returns. The course also teaches users how to figure out the correct amount of money that they need to save in order to live the lifestyle they wish to live upon retirement. A big point that MoreMoneyReview noted as a reason this is a course people definitely need to try.