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JeanMarie Guenot on the Cutting Edge of Curing Blood Cancers

Jeanmarie Guenot is the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics. She has had more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Amphivena is involved in creating bifunctional antibody therapies for hematologic malignancies. Jeanmarie Guenot began her career as a Team Leader/Principal Scientist, Preclinical R&D for the Hoffman-La Roche Company in 1993 where she spent three years. She spent another three years at Atlas Venture as an associate in Life Sciences. Guenot went on to become Vice President, Corporate and Business Development at PDL BioPharma for five years. By 2008, Jeanmarie founded Guenot LLC where she served as a manager before heading for SKS Ocular, LLC in 2009 for three years, another company that she had founded.


During her career in pharmaceuticals, she worked with treating glaucoma and ocular inflammation therapeutics. Guenot developed Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50 that deals with phase 2 cancer patients. At Amphivena, Dr. Guenot is working on developing antibodies in a first-in-class bi-functional antibody therapy to cure blood cancers. Guenot is trained in physical and medicinal chemistries. She has been trained as a specialist in specialized in drug design, X-ray, quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methods, protein structure and prediction, NMR and refinement. I think that I find Amphibian’s work with cancer treatment the most appealing.

Dr. Guenot can be found on Linkedin and Facebook. People who suffer from hematologic malignancies can benefit most from it because Dr. Guenot has the most up-to-date treatment available. She is working with immunotherapies that help the body to recognize hematological malignancies and attack the cells. The body can learn which cells are not part of the cellular structure of the body and irradiate them. Dr. Geunot can not only treat the body but also supply the right drugs that will be body friendly to the patient while treating these malignancies. I think that being involved in experiments and also in the pharmaceutical area, most patients would find JeanMarie Guenot’s large field of expertise most helpful in seeking treatment for their illnesses.

Read more about her career, and her life’s work here:

Need Extra Income? Try Traveling Vineyard!

Traveling Vineyard is a Direct Sales Company that pays you 35 percent in the sales. As your team grows then you will get a higher percentage of your sales. It is a little different than other direct sales companies because you don’t have to keep a supply on hand. The business model of Traveling Vineyard is set up where you purchase a success kit for $189 to start. This kit will give you everything you need to get through 2 events.

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Your guests will order the products they want then Traveling Vineyard will send it directly to them. How easy is that? You do have to re-order the wines for the future events that you host however you can earn that money at from the first two events you hold from your success kit. The only other expense you will have will be paying to keep your website active which is $15.99 after the first 90 days. That’s right! The first 90 days they will wave the cost of your website.

So, what are some reasons you would benefit from participating in The Traveling Vineyard? The obvious benefit would be having an extra income to help with monthly bills, put money back to take a vacation, help get debt paid off, etc. Whatever the reason, the Traveling Vineyard would help provide that extra you are wishing you had. I don’t know about you but it seems like I could always use some extra money for something. Another benefit would be meeting people. As we get older we don’t go anywhere to really meet people like we did we were in school.

Traveling Vineyard has 23 different wines to choose from whether you like sweet and fizzy, red, or white wines. Gather your friends up and host an event today. What are you waiting for?

Everything You Should Know About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the leading talent acquisition experts in the world. As of now, she is the current talent acquisition manager for Deutsche Bank. One of her duties at the firm is an advisor to the executive committee on matters of hiring governance. She attained her first degree, which was in Philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn. Later on, she went to the New York Law School where studied for her JD.


Work History


She started her career as a director of candidate placement in Hudson. She held this position for five years, starting in 2002. At the time, she was crucial in assisting numerous firms to recruit case managers, paralegals, attorneys, and support staff. She helped candidates get positions in firms that were on a contract basis, permanent, and temporary. At the time, Julie was working with corporations, financial institutions, and reputable law firms. With her work, she was assisting her clients to comply with the Employment Act. Additionally, she was helping to link employees with the right job environment, thus reducing workplace conflicts. Additionally, it ensures that there is a low turnover rate.

In 2007, she became the executive recruiter at Citi Global Functions. At her time there, she was responsible for the full-cycle recruitment of senior level staff in Compliance, Auditing, and the Legal fields. She was quite innovative with her recruitment methods. Julie would use tools like direct sourcing, social media, internet research, and employee referrals. She eventually left the company in 2011, having achieved a lot.

When she was at Citi, she would oversee the recruitment of managerial and director positions for Citi Global and CitiCards. She was also at the helm of negotiations for complex job offers that involved differed awards, immigration, clawbacks, and equity buyouts.

Before Deutsche Bank recruited her, she was working for the New York Life Insurance Company and Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. Since joining the bank, she has been able to ascend quite fast in her career. She currently holds the Executive Talent Acquisition Manger position. Julie partners with business leaders from Global Technology & Operations, Private Wealth & Commercial Clients, and Asset Management in her pursuit of talent acquisition and process improvement.

Julie is also at the helm of negotiations and developments that involve offers for managing directors. These efforts usually involve material risk takers and corporate stakeholders. Her role at the firms is that of offering strategic direction and training to her team of recruiters. She has earned recognition for her ability to improve the standards of hiring governance. It has led to improved proficiency and the capacity to attract the best minds from diverse pipelines.


Her Hobbies


Besides being an excellent recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg, who is currently a resident of Manhattan, has a number of hobbies outside the workplace. Most of them revolve around charitable giving. Some of her charitable work revolves around animal welfare, civil rights, economic empowerment and social action. Additionally, Julie organizes regular platforms where she coaches and trains employees on how to be suitable for the workplace.

InnovaCare Health Redefines Healthcare Management

InnovaCare are Health is providing high-quality Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicaid in addition to pioneering innovative network models for sustainable healthcare services. InnovaCare also offers physician practice services and is committed to giving quality and cost effective models based on the current technological advancements.

The company runs two Medicare Advantage plans within Puerto Rico namely, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership of these schemes has grown to over 200,000 members and over 7,500 healthcare providers. InnovaCare also manages two Medicaid health plans for the Government with a full range of benefits in line with a coordinated care model.

InnovaCare’s Proactive Leadership

Dr. Richard Shinto, The President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc.

Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He was initially the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. between 2008 and 2012 when the company was sold.

Dr. Shinto has under his belt 20 years of operational and clinical healthcare experience. He has worked in various healthcare institutions as the chief medical officer. They include NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, Medical Management for MedPartners, and Cal Optima Health Plan in California.

When Dr. Shinto arrived in Puerto Rico in the year 2006, his vision was clear to all the employees of the company. He strengthened the working relationship between the healthcare providers and the medical plan members on The visions and mission of the organization were deliberately grounded on the strategy to embrace innovation. The approach of Dr. Shinto is to continue enhancing the quality of service both on Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans to meet and even exceed the clients’ expectations.

Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer, InnovaCare, Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at the company. Penelope Kokkinides similarly has over two decades of active experience in health care and specializing in government programs in addition to the managed care industry. She has an edge in developing innovative clinical programs focusing on improving organizational infrastructures and enhancing efficiencies.

Kokkinides has worked in critical roles across the healthcare provision industry including as the Executive Vice President of Centerlight HealthCare, and as Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health. Other institutions she worked for include the UnitedHealth Group, where she spearheaded the development and implementation of a new health model.

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Through the Medicare Advantage Plan, the Medicaid Program, and the provider networks, InnovaCare Health Inc. works tirelessly to fulfill their healthcare mandate. That way, their mission of transforming healthcare management so as to meet today’s health problems in a complex healthcare environment will be achieved.

McGalla Encourages Women To Stay On Top

Susan McGalla is a woman that many other woman and men respect and admire. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC. McGalla is known as an expert consultant and she works with talent management, branding, marketing and operational efficiencies. Susan McCalla has noticed that there is continued growth when it comes to the demand for female workers in the United States workplace. At the same time, many women still find it difficult to make needed advancements in the workplace. McGalla gives woman good advice when it comes to how to find success in the workplace.

Susan McGalla believes that higher education equals greater opportunities. Women are almost half of the professionals that are working in United States, and that is a number that has to continue. The workplace is still very male-dominated, and the number of women that have college educations still needs to increase. McGalla advises women to go after higher education and to look for things like scholarships and grants on in order to get help to pay for their education. College enrollment rates for woman has exceeded the rate for men for many years now, and that will push woman forward when it comes to the job market.

McGalla encourages women to continue to have confidence in the work place. Even though higher education increases a woman’s opportunity, women have to continue to feel confident to continue pursuing their personal goals within their companies. Women’s aspiration levels drop 60% when it comes to influence in management with time, and for that reason they need to keep their confidence level at a high point. Women need to work together to support each other to achieve higher management positions at their companies.

The third thing that McGalla encourages is for women to ignore the glass ceiling that they may perceive in their workplace. There is a glass ceiling that says that a woman can only get so high in her business success on Even though there are gender designed roles, McGalla encourages women to persevere and to not be deterred by discrimination and prejudice. McGalla believes that there is no reason to reinforce stereotypes, and she encourages women to let their work speak for itself.

UK Leaving EU Puts World Economy On Alert

When the UK voted in a special referendum to leave the European Union (EU), Flavio Maluf called for everyone to take heed. He believes this major event will precipitate in a major follow-on negative effect on all the world’s stock markets. This does seem likely, as the EU was heavily supported by the UK’s contributions, to the tune of € 11 billion in the year 2014. According to Maluf, no one who is knowledgeable about the world of finance and money markets could miss the warning signs.

The signs are coming fast and clear. European stock markets dropped an average of 12 percent after the Brexit event. Maluf goes on to point out some other signs of a weakening economy on a global scale. He says that although the UK economy had been strengthening, the inflation in Britain was too high. This was because of the burden of supporting the poorer countries in the EU. Compounding this issue was the lack of taxation on imports to the UK from other EU countries. After the exit, the UK reinstated the tariffs and even updated them to return this revenue stream to the UK.

Another sign Maluf noticed is that the British pound sterling fell after Brexit to a low not seen since the dark days of 1985. He predicts the return of the trade taxes will sour the UK’s relationship with many countries, even beyond Europe. However, he also notes that his native Brazil has never done very much trade with the UK, anyway. Less than 2 percent of Brazil’s exports ever make it to the UK.

Flavio Maluf is the founder of a number of companies in Brazil, most notably, the sustainable product materials company, Eucatex. Eucatex is a business dedicated to creating building construction and product manufacturing materials in a sustainable way and for better global sustainability. His business has been growing steadily in the last 20 years, along with other Eco-friendly companies in South America.  Read his official blog for more insight, straight from Flavio Maluf.

Securus Technologies and the highlighting wrong doings

This PR Newswire article basically goes on to talk about Securus Technologies which is a leading provider as well as justice criminal justice technology solutions for the following departments investigation, corrections, monitoring and public safety had eventually called out that a releasing of several facts, findings articles and reports will point out the wrongdoings as well as the integrity breaches by the industry ‘s inmate communications provider, Global Tel Link or in short GTL. The PR Newswire article then goes onto saying that Securus Technologies will go on with reviewing multiple issues of the systematic wrongdoings or simply any sort of potential wrongdoings by GTL in the form of press releases. The industry does this in hope to shame GTL to the point to where it will change for the better and act accordingly with higher integrity. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith states that he loves the industry as well as serving all of society including friends, family, inmates and law enforcement. He goes onto stating how deeply hurt and offended he is that GTL would be willing to simply drop down their integrity with this industry when their industries goal goes deeper than money. It is about to serve all of customers with the right attitude, best interests and to give quick and right away services.

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This industry truly sounds like one that gives proper care when dealing with customers and clients. Dealing with the GTL in such a way would certainly help give a message to them to the point where they will eventually reach the expectations of Richard Smith and provided the absolute best of interests to the customers. From the way Richard Smith describes his feelings with GTL, it seems he takes a lot of pride and dedication with his industry wanting everyone’s absolute full potential.

For more info on Securus, see CrunchBase.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Helps Lead Coriant Into The Future

Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the new Coriant CEO because he is the perfect person to work with a company that is trying to make its way through the cell phone retail market. They want to be able to offer all the things that other companies offer, but they are a large conglomerate today. They want to be able to bring something to the market that people will want to buy, and they cannot do that unless they have a strong leader.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a hire from Verizon who worked in production and as a VP at the company. He was there when they were making prototypes every 30 days, and he is the person who knows best how the company should run given that they want to get into retail like Verizon is. He has a doctorate, and he is someone who is going to help the company make the best impression on the public. The public wants to be able to get new phones, and the public wants to be able to get them from a company that makes something exciting. Coriant is trying to be exciting, and they are going to turn to Shaygan Kheradpir to get the results they want. They will feel much better about the choices they have made, and they will get very competitive.

There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get Coriant phones in the future because of Shaygan Kheradpir, and they are going to see something brand new that is going to shock the market. Shocking the market is going to be hard, but they have the right person in place to do it. They are going to ask Shaygan Kheradpir to help them make sure that they are a very good competitor for the other companies. He is going to help style them like Verizon, and he is going to make sure that Coriant is giving the people what they want. Anyone who is looking for a new phone company should have a look at what Coriant is doing with their new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir.

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John Goullet Principal of Staffing Firm Diversant

Diversant is a staffing firm that specializes in the information technology sector. This firm helps both technology workers find jobs as well as companies find the workers they need in order to help run their information technology department. With Diversant companies in a variety of industries can find specialized workers such as programmers, systems analysts, database administrators and software developers. Diversant has been in business for over two decades and has established a track record of helping companies and professionals in the information technology sector find what they need in order to reach their respective goals. With values such as teamwork, discipline and diversity, Diversant is always in good position to help organizations and professionals meet their professional needs.

Over the years Diversant has helped technology workers find the opportunities they needed in order to reach their career goals. It has also helped companies get the best workers for the particular tasks they need done. This success can be attributed to Diversant’s philosophy of using teamwork, discipline and diversity to reach these objectives. The firm looks to help technology professionals from a variety of backgrounds and skills get the work opportunities they are seeking. It also helps companies in numerous industries get the technology workers they need quickly. With Diversant clients will have a firm that will work with them as well as within the organization to quickly and efficiently match technology professionals and companies to meet everyone’s goals. Lastly Diversant will keep working with clients until their goals are met which is an example of the discipline that Diversant has when it comes to serving both technology workers and companies.

The person who is in charge of the day to day management of the firm is John Goullet. He has had a long career in the technology industry and has lots of experience when it comes to evaluating the needs of organizations and talent. He began his career working as a consultant for a number of technology companies. By 1994 he found a need for companies to hire technology workers and then started up his staffing firm. This firm was highly successful and eventually merged with Diversant. Once this merger was complete, John agreed to lead the company as its Principal.

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Dynamic Search Partners Succeeding with Keith Mann

For more than ten years, Dynamic Search Partners has been the very best in matching potential investors to a top quality hedge fund or private equity firm. They have been and continue to be so successful at this because of their ability to create strong, trusting relationships with their clients and with some top firms. The close relationships with these top firms often result in some strategic partnerships. Dynamic is also proud of its team of the very best and brightest in the industry who are always willing to adapt to the ever changing face of the investment industry.

So that they may dedicate more time to each individual client, Dynamic caps the number of clients it takes on at any one time. Because of this, clients are almost always satisfied with the complete and thorough attention they are given. Dynamic has been in operation in the hedge fund industry since 2001. In 2007 they successfully began to branch their expertise into the private equity industry. Since 2001, the Dynamic team has ably assisted more than 2,000 clients. They have placed these professionals all over the world in hedge funds, private equity, investor relations, investor marketing, and investor strategy.

Keith Mann, cofounder of Dynamic, currently leads the company as its managing director. He has been a leader in the company since its foundation where he began his financial investment career. He rose through the ranks of leadership quickly to attain the top spot. In his years of leadership, he has become one of the top experts of the hedge fund industry in the world. But his passion lies in more than just business and finances. He is also involved in charity giving. Since 2013, he has also led his company to help raise money for Uncommon Schools, a charter school designed for low income teenagers.

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