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Highland Capital Management Is Watching China ‘s Economy Carefully

James Dondero, the founder, and CEO of the Dallas-based investment firm Highland Capital Management knows a lot about emerging markets. Highland Capital Management has been investing in emerging markets for more than 20 years, and Dondero has been the catalyst for the success the company has experienced in those markets. Dondero is one of the old school financial managers. Dondero holds an accounting degree, and he cut his teeth on foreign market investments when he worked for American Express in Europe.

One of the first investments that James Dondero made when Highland Capital Management got started was in the Asian market. Dondero knew that China and other Asian countries had the ingredients to help fuel the global economy, and Dondero wanted to be a part of the growth in those markets. Highland Capital Management has more than $19 billion in assets under management, and a large number of those assets are in Asia. Dondero decided to open offices in Singapore and Seoul as well as in New York and Sao Paulo so Highland Capital could react to the changes that take place in emerging markets. One of the biggest negative investment changes has been in China over the last five years. Jim thinks China is still going to have an impact on investors for the next several years.

Many economists think China is going to throw the world into another great recession, and it may be as bad as the 2008 economic meltdown. Mr. Dondero thinks China’s slow manufacturing sector and large bank debt will be the catalysts for a major global economic downturn. But Highland Capital Management is prepared for that downturn, according to Dondero. The company has gotten rid of assets that will feel the brunt of the hard times in China. Dondero is focusing on Argentina, India and Mexico and Highland Capital is investing in those countries. To date, Highland Capital has more than $4 billion invested in Argentina, and that number will increase when the new Argentinian bonds go up for sale.

James has a history of selling and buying assets at the right time. The risks may be higher now, but that’s when the returns are greater, according to Dondero.

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The Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy of Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is a business person based in London, England. He was recently interviewed by Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network for the Enterprise Radio. Dye hosts a show which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to acquire business advice, news, and inspiration. The program does live event coverage from business people globally. In the recent interview, Sanjay Shah gave tips on becoming a prosperous entrepreneur and spoke on how he founded the solo capital and Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is also a renowned philanthropist. He is recognized for being the founder of Autism Rocks, which is a charity institution that majorly funds research on autism. Mr. Shah was motivated to establish Autism Rocks in 2014 after he found out that his four years old son Nikhil had been diagnosed with autism. Autism is an illness that affects the nervous system. He decided to use the affection for his family and music to boost wide research and awareness of autism. Shah has facilitated public awareness about the disorder by making partnerships with the music industry where he raises money for research from concerts.

Shah studied medicine, but later quit the dream of being a doctor to focus on the financial and investment sector. He became an accountant and worked for various investment banks such as the Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. He decided to open Solo Capital after he was dismissed from his job as an accountant during a financial crisis. Shah owns a couple of companies in London, Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands.

Mr. Shah founded Solo Capital Markets, a boutique financial service corporation that operates globally and has its headquarters in London, England. The company was incorporated in September 2011 and is also known as Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The firm focusses in proprietary trading, professional sports assets and consulting. The company’s net worth was 15.45 million pounds by the close of March 2015, had a cash flow of 30.26 million pounds and its assets totaled to 67.45 million pounds. Sanjay Shah is the CEO of the Solo Group Holdings that controls the Solo Capital Markets.


World Leader In Video Marketing Is Giving Away 30 Day Trials For Free.

Can you imagine having access to the most powerful video marketing service for a full 30 days at no cost to you? Well, you don’t have to imagine because Bob Reina, the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion has just announced the launch of his company’s 30 day free trials. Talk Fusion is a global leader in the video marketing industry and Bob Reina is giving everyone the ability to try the platform for a full 30 days free. Bob knows that everyone will love what Talk Fusion does and wants everyone to experience it first hand.

The thirty day free trials are available in over 140 countries and in nine different languages. Everything about Talk Fusion is super easy too. Bob Reina developed the basic idea because he wanted to send a video inside an email and AOL told him that it could not be done. Bob set out to send his video email and wound up creating the most sophisticated video marketing on the planet. You can sign up without a credit card too. You simply enter your name and email. Once you are signed up you have full access to video email, newsletters, the ability to host live meetings and so much more.

Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 and it has quickly become a global leader in the video marketing industry. This is because of a number of reasons. They have a high ethical approach to business and they provide a video marketing platform that is second to none. This means that the users get to know, like and trust Talk Fusion and continue using it over and over again. They also tell their friends, clients and business neighbors about Talk Fusion and those people use the service and in turn, tell others. As Bob Reina once said, “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

Talk Fusion lives up to the expectations of their customers. The whole system goes above and beyond. There is not a better system available and it shows in their success. The free 30 day trial is just going to open up the market to many more satisfied users. You owe it to yourself to go and try out Talk Fusion today.

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Michael Zomber And The Art Of Preserving History

Michael Zomber is one of the world’s most beloved historians, in addition to being a renowned collector of arms. Known for his extensive knowledge of weapons, Zomber should be a familiar face to History Channel watchers. He’s appeared on the channel’s ‘Tales of the Gun’ series. He can be seen on a multitude of programs such as ‘Guns of the Orient’, ‘Automatic Pistols’, ‘Guns of the Famous’, ‘Million Dollar Guns’, and ‘Dueling Pistols’. Michael Zomber’s encyclopedic knowledge of arms is not restricted to firearms.

In fact Michael Zomber is possibly most famous for his enthusiasm for the history behind Japanese samurai sword. Furthermore, Michael Zomber is a prolific author of books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as several screenplays. Some of his credits include ‘Shogun Iemitsu’, ‘Sweet Betsy: A Child of the Civil War’, and ‘Jesus and the Samurai’. Critics have heaped acclaim upon the documentary film, ‘Soul of the Samurai’, produced in collaboration with his wife, Andrea via their production company called Renascent Films LLC. Michael Zomber is a man possibly best defined by his wisdom.

Being someone who has spent well over a lifetime studying the role of weapons in history, and the often deeply disturbing lack of understanding about the nature of armed conflicts globally. He is a peaceful man, whose world revolves around the preservation of awareness. Michael Zomber is a long-time supporter of organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and UNICEF. Family is deeply important to Zomber. Currently he lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife and two children. Born and raised in Washington D.C., he earned his bachelors and master degrees at UCLA in English Literature.  Find Michael on Facebook for background information.

Shaygan Kheradpir Leads Technology Breakthroughs For Coriant

The technology based company Coriant is based upon the research and development department of Siemens, which was based in Germany where Coriant retains an office to keep continuity with its past. Coriant is the brainchild of Marlin Equity Partners, an investment company that has purchased a number of specialists in communications and optical network delivery to create a company that rivals the top five in the industry; a change in leadership has seen former CEO Pat DiPietro return to his position with Marlin and experienced technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir take over as Coriant CEO.

London born Kheradpir completed his education with a masters degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, which allowed him the opportunity to make his way in the communications industry with a management role at GTE Labs. Following the merger between GTE Labs and Verizon Kheradpir looked beyond the development of technology and instead formed new and innovative ways of saving money for the company via the IT department. Shaygan Kheradpir used a variety of techniques to make it easy for the company to lower its costs below the industry average despite being one of the largest IT departments in the industry.

Kheradpir has been a major supporter of a number of philanthropic and charitable groups over the course of his career, which took him to the board of the financial giant Barclays. The technology expert has moved to provide better opportunities for others following in his footsteps at Cornell University by appearing on the board of the Engineering Council at his alma mater.

After taking control of Coriant in late 2015 Shaygan Kheradpir has presided over the launch of a number of new breakthroughs in technology that include lightning resistant cabling with speeds unaffected by strikes. Coriant has also recently unveiled its own Cloud technology that makes it simpler to store larger amounts of data and access it at higher speeds than those offered by their rivals. The release of new technologies is designed to aid the position of Coriant in the eyes of its clients with many being loyal to the new brand after it was spun out of Nokia Siemens as its own company in 2013.

Highland Capital Under James Dondero

Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero, who has been the acting CEO of the company since its founding. The company just filed its recent 13F and found out that it is standing at a net worth of $ 3.42 billion. This implies a decrease from the previous portfolio value which was at $4.91 billion. The filling represented a big percentage of the company’s property that is listed in the United States. It has however been hard to establish Highland Capital’s shorts and expenses. This could have brought some slight alteration to the overall filling made by the company’s worth. This company has been making positive contributions towards the financial investment. It has had some impact on the US stock exchange and in the general economy.

James Dondero, who is commonly referred to as Jim, has been very instrumental in the growth of this company. He has seen the funding of various new purchases which the company made in the financial year 2015. The investments include Amazon Com Inc, Eagle Pharmaceutical Inc and Danaher Corp Del amongst others.

The hedge fund was able to increase its positions in the American Airls Group Inc by 60%. In the Patterson Companies Inc, the company was able to raise its positions by 16% which took the total share in this company to $89 million. James Dondero has been oscillating between selling the company’s stocks and buying others. The idea behind this is to keep the company on the profitable side of the business by selling the stocks when they are much needed in the market and buying others that are not in big demand during that time of purchasing.

These holdings are the American Airls Group, Salesforce Com Inc and Ishares Tr. They contribute 13.5% of US listed securities of this company. Highland capital management was able to lift the information technology sector by a bigger percentage as compared to other sectors. Jim is still expecting to lead the company in making other acquisitions which will earn it a better place in the industry.

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