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Charter School Network

Success Academy Provides More than Education in a High-Achieving and Learning Environment

Success Academy prides itself on teachers providing an individual devoted-learning environment with all students who attend their charter schools. Students learn in an environment that is rich with attentiveness and focus that is on a student achieving their highest learning potential.


For many students, the environment provides them the first idea of their full potential and teachers believe that awareness is why students continue to become engaged within their learning. With 76 percent of the students coming from low-income families, it has become a welcomed engagement to the parents of those students. Success Academy has an estimated enrollment of 14,000 students within the entire network of 41 schools. The efforts placed upon building an environment that provides all students the type of confidence needed to be successful is completely evident.


Because Success Academy is authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute, there are expectations set forth, for the performance of each student. Those expectations are paramount in the school’s efforts, for accountability, by continuing to raise the bar on providing standards of excellence and reaching high-performance.


In 2016, Success Academy scored within the highest-performing schools in the entire state of New York. Of the top schools, Success Academy had the top five schools in math and two of the top five schools in English. Those impressive numbers represented 4,230 students who were eligible to take the tests; receiving 94 percent proficiency in math and 82 percent efficiency in English. Within all the schools of New York, Success Academy is ranked as having the top one percent in math, top two percent in English and top five percent in science.


Success Academy was founded just over a decade ago, in 2006, and the network has not exclusively used test scores to measure the achievements of a student’s education. Although the network believes in the importance of testing, the commitment is in providing an environment and opportunity, for students to become whole individuals. Teachers provide an environment that builds a student’s self-esteem and focuses on assuring that a student has a firm belief in what they can achieve within society.