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What Makes Stellar the Best Network According to Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb has managed to make stellar one of the top networks
in the modern times. With his strong background in programming, he has managed
to help financial institutions, businesses and non-profit organizations worldwide
implement Stellar effectively. With its high level effectiveness, Stellar has
managed to attract a lot of interest from people living in the developing world.
This is because these countries have the highest population of people without
bank accounts.

What you get from Stellar

Simplicity that makes it easy to use

Since 2014, stellar has been upgraded to meet the changing
needs. Currently, the network is highly secured, modular and more scalable than
it was at the beginning. Together with his team, Jed McCaleb has made its easy
for people to understand, maintain and extend this network. At the moment the
network uses the idea of simplicity, in order to make more and more people
understand and use it effectively. When using the network, you find it easy to
interact using different libraries and tools. In addition, it is also easy to
get the required information.

Highly securedĀ 

Jed McCaleb has managed to make Stellar secure. Its security
is boosted by use of Stellar Consensus Protocol. The team carries out several failure
simulations through integration and unit tests to ensure optimal security. This
ensures that it does not fail or have its safety compromised in anyway.

Run by the community

According to Jed McCaleb, the Stellar network that is run by
the community. The way the network is designed currently, it is fully run by
community participants who do not work in Stellar. This ensures that the
network is not administered or operated internally. The company itself only
works on the network open source core protocol. All other aspects that make
stellar useful are performed by the community participants.