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UKV PLC Presents One of the Most Profitable Investment Sectors

United Kingdom Vintners popularly known as UKV PLC is a small group of wine experts who offer guidelines to clients looking to invest in high-end wines or those seeking to purchase wine for special occasions. The firm is based in London, UK, and it is globally known for offering unmatched customer experience.

Customer needs come first at UKV PLC. As a result, the client is at liberty to contact the office for advice or meet with the consultants at the customer’s most appropriate place. Some of the services offered by UKV PLC include storage of expensive wines, brokerage, and delivery. Additionally, the firm provides valuation services to their clients whenever needed.

Benefits of Investing In UKV PLC

As wines became more desirable, older, and rarer, their prices appreciate. For instance, Bordeaux, one of the wines carried by UKV PLC has appreciated with 600 percent from 2003. Some of the benefits of investing in UKV PLC include:

Increasing Profits in Uncertain Environments

UKV PLC products have high demand even during uncertain times. Since the Brexit, the pound has been weakening dropping its value by more than 20 percent in some areas. On the contrary, UKV PLC wine has value has increased by 12 to 15 percent. At the same time, trading has increased by over 20 percent to learn more: click here.

Global Demand

The global demand for wine has been growing. Today, China, India, Brazil, and Russia have joined the nations with high demand for wine. In fact, in 2013, China beat France to become the leading market destination for red wine. The most expensive wine auction was held in Hong Kong, where it was sold at 1,035,000 pounds. This growing demand for wine shows that investing in UKV PLC wine products is a brilliant idea.

Unique Benefits

As opposed to investing in precious metals, cars or art, investing in wine has exceptional benefits. Some of the advantages include tax reliefs. The 1992 Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act allows wine to be an exceptionally tax efficient investment. Additionally, wines retain their intrinsic properties and become more profitable with age. Wines from UKV PLC are fully insured; thus you don’t have to worry about damages.