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 OSI Industries Invest €17 Million in Spain

Aurora, Illinois based global meat processor, OSI Industries has infused its operations in Spain with a substantial capital investment. The purpose of which is to enable its plant there to catch up with ever-growing demand on the Iberian Peninsula. Over the past three consecutive years, the sales of the company’s chicken products in the region have risen 10% year over year.

The funds went towards expanding the plants chicken production in particular. Previously the plant, which is in Toledo, Spain, had a maximum output capacity of 12,000 tons of chicken. Following the upgrade, maximum output at the plant has doubled to 24,000 tons of chicken, and 45,000 tons of meat products overall. The facility will now be able to address the steadily growing demand for OSI Industries’ products in both Spain and Portugal.

In addition to expanding the plant’s meat production capacity, OSI Industries is also committed to sustainability. As such, the Toledo plant received an overhaul. Systems and devices were installed to reduce pollution, decrease energy and water consumption. The plant also received security and fire prevention enhancements, as well as a new test kitchen for new product development.

OSI Industries is a privately held food processing conglomerate. The company has 65 fully operational plants around the world located in 17 countries. OSI Industries is the supplier for many well known fast food chains and grocery stores worldwide. Among the company’s most popular products are meats, sausages, bacon, meat patties, frozen dough items, and a variety of chicken products.

The Chairman and CEO of OSI Industries is Sheldon Lavin. He is a highly regarded figure in the industry. Mr. Lavin has been in the meat processing business for several decades. One of his guiding principles for OSI Industries is to always remain up to date and current with technology. To that end, the company is readily willing to invest in enhancements to its global operations where necessary and appropriate. That includes encouraging R&D and expanding facilities to meet demand as needed.