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Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare owns and operates a group of care homes located in Sussex, which is located in the United Kingdom. This well respected company is an exceptional organization that specializes in taking care of the elderly, along with care for adults with disabilities or learning difficulties.

In fact, one of their highly specialized services is caring for older adults with dementia. The company has been providing care services to people in the community since 1985. The organization is currently headed by Amanda Morgan-Taylor in the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Specialized Care
Sussex Healthcare is an amazing organization that is currently recruiting new members to join their staff. Working for Sussex Healthcare provides an individual with the opportunity to join a professional organization that believes in providing the highest quality of care to their clients. Therefore, Sussex Healthcare is primarily interested in hiring people that are compassionate about their work and really enjoy providing quality care to their clients. In addition, Sussex Healthcare is an organization that truly believes in investing time, training, and money in new recruits.


Sussex Healthcare Offers Workers Great Benefits
Sussex Healthcare is a one of a kind organization that provides their staff with a multitude of benefits. The fact is that many healthcare organizations do not go the extra mile and provide their workers with the type of benefits that Sussex Healthcare workers receive. The organization’s top benefits include a pension, uniforms, free transportation, in house training in a wide range of courses, meals, paid breaks, along with a wonderful chance for career advancement. The top benefits include in house training for entry level workers along with training opportunities for career advancement within the Sussex Healthcare organization.

Job Openings At Sussex Healthcare
A wide range of job openings are currently available at Sussex Healthcare. Quite a few are entry level and provide training, while some are for more experienced workers. Here is a list of a few of the current openings at Sussex Healthcare.

Care Assistant – Personal Care Of Clients

Team Leader – To Care For Young Adults With Complex Needs

Driver – Key Duties Include Transporting Service Users

HouseKeeper – Care For The Elderly Suffering With Dementia

Senior Care Assistant – Key Role Is Caring For Seniors With Mental And Physical Difficulties

Join the staff at Sussex Healthcare today and you are on your way to a great career with a wonderful organization.

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What Can Elysium Health’a “Basis” Do For You?

Elysium Health is a modern health and wellness company, founded in 2014. Brought together by scientist Leonard Guarente, Dan Alminana, and Eric Marcotulli, this company provides the latest health technology in supplement form, and their mission is to help you live healthier for longer. Elysium offers a supplement called Basis, based on cellular health and optimization and made of high-quality and bio-available nutrients that sustain NAD+ levels, which naturally deplete as humans age. By optimizing and restoring these levels, we are able to age with health on our side and reduce many negative effects of lowered NAD+.

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is required in all living cells for the breakdown of nutrients into energy. It is also responsible for maintaining DNA health and regulating your body’s circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is your body’s natural oscillation of bodily functions throughout a 24 hour period, such as alertness, hormone levels, blood pressure and melatonin. These “rhythms” exist as your body’s natural schedule to maintain homeostasis, and when it is disrupted you can suffer from lethargy, sleeplessness, mood swings, and much more. By increasing NAD+, you can keep this rhythm in check and optimize your body’s daily performance and overall health.

While new studies are consistently reflecting the benefits of NAD+, it was actually discovered in 1906. One of its primary functions is a catalyst of metabolism by controlling oxidation reduction reactions to break food and nutrients down into energy. Without this essential co-enzyme, life itself would cease with the lack of metabolism. By optimizing NAD+ levels, energy production is increased and streamlined.

NAD+ Is also closely related to protein enzymes, and it uses them to preserve health in DNA, especially with the body is under stress whether internally or environmentally. By helping to correctly adapt to stressors, the DNA health is preserved and does not get damaged by the effects of stress.

While these details regarding NAD+ aren’t new, what is new is the research of the levels we have and how they decrease over time. As we age, we produce less and less NAD+, which can have many negative effects at the very basic level of our health. By supplementing this coenzyme, you can add life back to your body in a sustainable way that is bioavailable and perfectly syncs with your bodily processes. When you add back in NAD+, you can see improvements in stress management, metabolism, energy, sleep, and much more.

While the logic seems simple for how NAD+ helps us, the manufacturing and implementing can be complex. That’s why it is so important to purchase the supplement from a trusted source with high standards for quality and testing. While Elysium Health‘s facilities comply with FDA standards, they also go above and beyond with rigorous safety and efficacy testing to ensure the highest quality products. They are also led by a team of prestigious scientists striving to produce the best possible supplement with state of the art technologies and research. Elysium‘s Basis supplements are available by single bottle, or subscription plan from their website,