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The Unpredictable Success of Doe Deere


Doe Deere has done an excellent job of building her Lime Crime brand. She had put lots of hard work into promoting the brand through social media. Onlookers that are watching her rise will say that this hard work has paid off. She has become someone that has managed to build a brand almost entirely through social media. In the cosmetics world this is a rarity, but Doe Deere has managed to do this with a high level of efficiency. That may be the main reason that so many people continue to check out here next move. They want to know what she is going to do next.
What Doe Deere has managed to do is surprise her fans with different shades of the Lime Crime lipstick out of the blue. She has managed to keep the people guessing about the next Lime Crime color because no two colors are ever the same. One month Lime Crime may present a zany bright color like “Alien.” The next month may bring something darker like “Teddy Bear.” There is no rhyme or reason for what Doe Deere is doing. She is the CEO and she can do whatever she feels like doing. That is why she has been able to be so successful. There is a type of magic in her unpredictability, and people tend to love this about her.

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Doe Deere is someone that has managed to creative a landscape of vivid colors and sell this through the Lime Crime brand. She started small, but anyone that has eyes can see that the brand has this cult like following that is going to bring the Doe Deere dream into many homes through America and beyond.

She has been able to thrive because she is a rule breaker. This is what she does, and she has become rather good at it. She doesn’t subscribe to the rules. Her makeup, if all the other cosmetic companies are coloring inside of the line, is a defiant act of coloring outside of the lines. She knew what the cosmetic game was like, and she didn’t like it so she changed it. She was tired of seeing companies with executives in glasshouses that had no connection to the customers. Doe Deere wanted the throne, but she didn’t want to sit at the top alone. She wanted feedback so she stayed connected with consumers.

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Getting to Know The Stars of Queens of Drama

Queens of Drama is a reality television show which debuted in the United States on the cable television network, POP. The series was produced by Leslie Greif and stars, Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Vannessa Marcil and Chrystee Pharris.

The series rose to prominence due to it’s famous soap opera personalities, most notably Crystal Hunt who is renowned for her appearances on such well received soap operas as Guiding Light and One Life To Live. Hunt has also appeared in the Zac Efron headed vehicle, The Derby Stallion as well as the teen romance comedy, Sydney White.  Metacritic has more about what Crystal has done in her career.

On Facebook Crystal makes it apparent that the leader of the group on the show is played by Donna Mills, as herself, of Play Misty For Me fame (the 1970s Clint Eastwood cult hit). Mills has also starred in numerous other films and television series, often with high profile film makers, such as Woody Allen’s Don’t Drink The Water or the famous cult classic western, Gunsmoke as a troubled woman. Mills position as queen bee of the show was likely done due to the fact that out of all the other actresses she has easily had the most prolific and lauded career.  There’s a cool acting reel for Crystal Hunt from the show on YouTube.

Next up is Lindsay Hartley, who is known primarily for her performances in the soap operas, Passions, where she played Theresa Winthrop, as well as All My Children, where she played Cara Castillo. Hartley is also one of the earliest of the leading ladies of “Queens” to get her start in show business, with a stunning debut as pre-teen beauty pageant winner of the Young Miss America Beauty Contest.

First gaining a foothold in the world of acting from her casting in the famous soap opera, Days of Our Lives as Marina Torasco. Unfortunately her character, though a villain, was wildly unpopular. She quite acting but found herself returning to the show off and on again over the years ultimately culminating in a freak collapse during the shooting of recent episode of Queens of Drama. However, her fans need not worry as she’s currently back on her feet and doing better than ever.

Vanessa Marcil, in contrast, has not had quite as storied a career as many of the previous stars but has earned her fair share of awards and praise nonetheless.

Lastly there is Chrystee Pharris, a actress remembered primarily for her starring role in the supernatural, romance drama, Passions. She has also been featured in such popular television programs as The Steve Harvey Show, Scrubs and Castle.

Discover Your Inner Unicorn with Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the face behind the ultra-successful Lime Crime cosmetic brand, wants us all to find our inner unicorn. Using the terms she reserves for people that are just a little bit different, brave, creative and daring, Deere believes a bit of the unicorn spirit lives in all of us. In a recent interview with Bustle, Doe Deere sat down to discuss the fashion rules that are meant to be broken.

Be Bold

General make-up rules dictate that you should pick either a bold eye or a bold lip. Deere claims this isn’t so and often feels most comfortable in a makeup look that is universally bold. Choose the colors and pairings that speak to you, that make you feel beautiful. If that means a smoky eye paired with a deep, red lip, more power to you.

Be Careful Mixing Colors

Another fashion “rule” worth breaking concerns mixing colors. Deere encourages everyone to take a risk and play with color. Do not be afraid to experiment with blending brights and pastels, neutrals and neons or any other combination that makes you jump for joy.

Avoid Too Many Patterns

Next to mixing colors, Doe Deere loves to play with patterns. While she agrees that creating a beautiful look featuring multiple patterns can be intimidating, it can also be breathtaking.

Avoid Socks with Heels

Socks allow you to accessorize every outfit with personality, according to Deere. A self-proclaimed owner of more than 100 pairs of socks, Deere believes they are an easy way to add color and fun to any outfits. Mix and match your heels and your favorite socks.

Bold Hair, Neutral Outfit

While neutral clothing provides a blank slate for brightly hued hair, you do not have to avoid colorful outfits. Deere encourages mermaid haired beauties to pay attention to color saturation. Pair pastel locks with light, soft colors.

Dress Your Age

Deere believes there is no such thing as dressing your age, or dressing for a certain occasion. Instead, she believes in dictating your own wardrobe. Put together outfits that make you feel happy, beautiful and daring. Do not be afraid to wear that tulle skirt at any age, or a glittery jacket while shopping for groceries.

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