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Highland Capital Management Makes A Generous Contribution To The George W. Bush Presidential Center

Highland Capital Management has donated $10 million to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The announcement was made by the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero and the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s CEO, Kenneth Hersh. The donation was for a new series titled Engage at the Bush Center sponsored by Highland Capital Management. This will provide the public with a new program series. Read this article at

The series will begin with a discussion of Antonin Scalia, the United States Supreme Court Justice who passed away in 2016. Christopher J. Scalia will be leading the discussion regarding his father. He is the co-editor of Life Well Lived, Reflections on Law and Scalia Speaks. The program also has a second feature. A panel discussion on the fourth U.S. President and Founding Father, James Madison is scheduled. The discussion will discuss the First Amendment Champion and his possible view regarding the current media landscape. Both presentations will be free for the public. Visit to know more.

The previous speakers for Engage have included Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Secretary of State for the United States and the previous National Security Advisor, Lorne Michaels as the legendary producer and creator of Saturday Night Live, General Michael Hayden as the CIA and NSA’s former director, Christopher Jackson as a former member of the cast of Christopher Jackson and a stage actor and Barbara Bush along with Jenna Bush Harper, her granddaughter. Highland Capital Management has also made donations to the Presidential Center in the past. Their contributions since 2012 total over $5 million. The Center has recognized the company as a Founding Benefactor.

Highland Capital is a global organization based out of Dallas. They specialize in helping businesses develop in numerous areas including hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity funds. James Dondero leads the firm with over three decades of experience in both credit and equity markets. His services include CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holdings, NexPoint Residential Trust and NexBank Capital. He is highly well respected as well as being an asset to the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Executive Advisory Council to which he received an invitation.