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Ricardo Tosto: Choosing a Good Attorney for Business Advice

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced attorney or a law firm that provides outstanding legal services? Want to hire someone that provides expert advice and representation in Brazil? Perhaps you have heard about Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – one of the most prominent attorneys in Brazil.

When it comes to getting a lawyer, you need to know where to look. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes highly recommended in the Brazilian legal community.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top rated lawyer and business law expert. Ricardo Tosto handles a wide variety of legal issues related to business and corporate entities and is well recognized in the legal industry.

For issues regarding breach of contract, business formation, legal structure, shareholder and related matters, you need to get in touch with Mr Ricardo Tosto. He is also well versed in business disputes and conflicts that arise in a wide variety of situations.

Getting a lawyer to represent, or advise you, on important business or corporate issues, is an important decision and should be handle properly. Although there are a lot of law firms and attorneys in Brazil that represent and advise clients on business enterprise issues, not all of them are well known for rendering top notch service.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has practised law for many years and is well versed in all aspects of the legal field. If you’re looking for a lawyer who knows what works and what it takes to get you a great outcome, it is imperative to contact Mr Ricardo Tosto right away.

As a well respected lawyer, Ricardo Tosto takes the time to understand his clients’ needs and works with them to come up with the right approach for the situation. Ricardo Tosto has clients throughout Berazil and they include business owners, institutions, corporate executives, organizations and multinational companies.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho works closely with his clients to achieve the great outcome in their situation. His clients rave about the outstanding outcome he has obtained in their case.

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A lawyer is a very important person in our lives because they help in issues related to children custody, writing of the will, and matters to do with the tenant and the landlord. New York city has adopted an online platform referred to as the New York State Bar association which was formed in 1876 which people in need of a lawyer can use. It has a website whereby anyone who is looking for a lawyer has to answer some confidential questions pertaining to where they stay and the legal issue they want addressed.



The information is then reviewed where exactly the person resides to know how they can get contact with the attorney who gets to know the individual’s problem. Lawyers can be retained on the basis agreed upon between the client and the lawyer. The Bar Association has been referring lawyers to individuals for a very long time. It has given employment to many youths in the region who work day and night to make sure all the clients are attended to. More and more people are now using the online way of getting lawyers as opposed to looking for them in offices.



Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the American bar association and the advisory board of lawyers. He holds law degree from the university of Chicago. Jeremy has been into various organizations such as the Dow. Before the formation of his company Jeremy worked in various law firms like the Lipton, Rosen and Katz Companies. Goldstein have enough experience in the field and have helped a lot of people in the country with legal matter. His company has an objective of giving advice to C.E.Os., committees and the corporate sectors in areas that pertain to very sensitive issues in the companies. Jeremy Goldstein also give speeches on executive compensation and corporate governance in private and public venues across the country.

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The Many Successes of Luciana Lossio

Luciana Lossio has been very successful in the Brazilian world of law. She has not only been successful in her own practice but has also been very successful as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. Lossio has the degrees needed as well to practice law in many different areas. Lossio has degrees in Legal Order, Prosecution, Civil Order, and Civil Procedure. As a member of the Brazilian Institution of Electoral Law, Lossio has a great knowledge base that she can add to on a regular basis.

Lossio has had some very high profile clients as well. She regularly has represented those in the executive branch. This has helped her career greatly as she has been thrust into the public eye and performed very well under the public pressure.

Lossio has a great passion for equestrianism as well when she isn’t busy with her amazing law career. Lossio has been riding since the age of 6. Even though riding as a great passion of Lossio, she knew that her studies and future career would always come first. Throughout the years, Lossio has really put in the hours needed to become an extremely talented rider. In her youth, Lossio won the title of Brazilian Champion Amature Jumper.

Lossio has a very bright future in the world of law as she not only continues to provide excellent counsel for her clients but also continues to sharpen her skills as a lawyer on a regular basis. Lossio is committed to an excellence that has become an all-consuming passion. Lossio has been known to work long hours and fight for what is right with her clients. There are very few law professionals in Brazil are as hard working as Lossio. This has helped to create a career for Lossio that will go down in Brazilian law history. The future is very bright for Lossio as she moves forward with integrity and skill in the Brazilian law field. The name that she has built for herself will continue to attract new high-profile clients that are in need of her amazing services. It will be exciting to see what is in store for Lossio in the coming years.

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Ross Abelow: A New York Legal Star

Many people are curious as to who Ross Abelow really is and what his views on various topics may hold. Abelow has anticipated such and has written a blog to address just that! A recent legal blog he has provided exemplifies some of the cases he has handled, such as sensitive divorce hearings, and a quick look at the link to his archives gives the audience a glimpse into some of the things he enjoys outside of work, such as cars, economics, and educational growth. He also touches on items such as “hot button topics” like gun control. His diverse interests allow him to be flexible in communicating and working with all types of people in a range of industries. This type of experience can help contribute to his ongoing success as well!

Those seeking a lawyer with comprehensive background experience, as well as compassion, would be wise in considering Ross Abelow and his services. He has extensive knowledge in areas of family law, including living wills, divorce and matrimony, and entertainment law. Abelow also has an impressive academic record, with collegiate degrees earned from prestigious NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Along with his burgeoning legal career, Abelow has demonstrated a solid commitment to his community by supporting charitable organizations such as animal welfare and rescue groups. As a resident of New York, Ross understands only too well how complex certain aspects of law can be, and the impact that these can hold over clients’ lives. To that end, he strives to provide the finest of all customer service for each and every case he handles. He readily invites interested potential clients to seek out a free consultation with him so that he can assess and provide feedback before moving forward with a case.

With a vast array of interests, both career-linked and otherwise, Abelow has truly demonstrated that he is a star in his field and a standout attorney for his current and future clients. He is pleased to have been of past service to his loyal patrons and looks forward to many more years serving old and new friends alike!

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