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Brown Modelling Agency Stakes a Claim in the Lone Star State

During a segment called Fashionably 8 on the news station, News 8 Austin, reporter, Lesley McCaslin covered the modeling and talent agency, Wilhelmina Brown, expanding to Texas. A top agent from Wilhelmina Brown named Justin Brown was interviewed, and he expressed the intention of beginning with Austin then gradually matriculating throughout the rest of central Texas with a fully equipped team to discover talent, such as models and fashion designers. In another portion of the segment, talent scout, Roman Young shared his admiration for the bold culture of Austin, from its passion for athletics to its surging music scene. Young described Austin fashion as a cross between a collegiate and rockabilly look. To celebrate the introduction of the Wilhelmina Brown Modeling Agency to Austin, local fashion designer, Linda Asaf, held a fashion show called “Summer Frost,” presenting a stellar collection of designs that incorporate neutrals, whites, and light silvers with only two weeks of preparation. She stated that an evening gown made out of gray lace that concluded the fashion show was her favorite of the night. Linda Asaf always had faith that the fashion scene in Austin would eventually flourish; she saw the collaboration with the Wilhelmina Brown agency as the first step toward the city achieving further recognition in the fashion world.




Brown Agency has launched the careers of a multitude of Texas models since its debut in Austin. These models have had the opportunity to work for thousands of the most popular brands on the planet; for example, Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’oreal. Brown Agency fashion models have also graced runways of Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, as well as so many other high-end fashion shows. Justin Brown, now the president of the Brown Agency, maintains his humility, stating the Brown Agency is only as good as its talent. You can check out their Instagram page.