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Cotemar Mexico Looks To Benefit From Mexican Oil Industry Changes



The Mexican oil industry has recently begun to undergo some major changes that could be of benefit to a number of privately held companies providing their services for oil companies around the world. One of the major changes taking place in the Mexican industry is the opening up of oil fields to private companies for the first time since the nationalization of the industry led to a monopoly for the government owned Pemex corporation.


A number of privately held companies will now be given the chance to bid for the rights to explore and drill in many deep water fields, including the massive Trion oil field in the Gulf of Mexico. It is hoped that a change in ownership of the rights for oil exploration in Mexican fields will lead to improvements being made in the handling of business interests, social issues, and land use issues that Pemex have so far failed to address.


One of the companies hoping to benefit from the changes in rules for the Mexican oil industry in Cotemar Mexico, a company with a long history that specializes in the services needed to make any offshore oil platform a success. The company was created in 1979 and has always looked to provide a series of services that reflect the commitment the company has to lowering its effects on the environment in all its operations.


Cotemar Mexico has created a clear and concise charter by which the company conducts its business and makes clear the social issues it has stood for over the four decades it has been in operation. The company is not only concerned with creating large profits, but has taken a keen interest in improving the social aspect of life the employees and communities touched by the company feel are important; Cotemar has developed its work in health care and sporting associations that provide a higher quality of life for members of the community.


Working with Cotemar Mexico shows how forward thinking the brand is in providing a comfortable and secure working environment for all employees. Not only do specialist ships ensure all platforms meet stringent safety standards they also provide important services for those working on platforms and at land bases, including laundry services and high quality meals.