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JustFab: Taking Online Subscription Shopping To The Next Level

JustFab is an online, subscription-based boutique that caters to women across the globe by offering them the fashion trends they love at unbeatable prices! Women that want to shop the most recent trends at a value they cannot resist, need to look no further than JustFab. Fashionistas need to simply visit to register to become a JustFab member, and they are ready to shop the hottest designer shoe and clothing styles until they drop. The membership even includes a personal shopper! JustFab pledges to put the JustFab members first, by offering excellent customer service. The JustFab clothing empire has exploded, and is quickly gaining notoriety from even the most respected fashion critics. Most recently, the Las Angeles Times wrote an article on the amazing success JustFab is currently experiencing!

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The article in the Las Angeles Times, touched on the continued success the fashion empire, JustFab, has been experiencing in comparison to the the most recent struggle most start-up companies are currently experiencing. There have been many exciting whispers of a possible IPO and name changes for JustFab in the future, and this is due to the empires recent success of over $500 million dollars just last year. JustFab is one of the only subscription companies to ever gain this much continued success in an industry that often cools down after the exciting initial launch. JustFab has only continued to see growth and success, and has recently expanded it’s empire by acquiring rival ShoeDazzle, launching a children’s line, and by launching the new activewear brands Fabletics and FL2 inspired by Kate Hudson. JustFab plans to capitalize on the new growth and additions, and create an even stronger presence in the subscription- based shopping world, by listening to customer feedback and making the changes needed to create a subscription model that makes the customer happy. JustFab has made exciting changes for members, and the company promises to only improve for it’s loyal members!


Fabletics in Athleisure

Athleisure is a recently growing trend in style in which garments intended for workouts and other athletic exercises is worn in different settings, for example, amid work, easygoing or social events. Examples of Athleisure outfits in Fabletics are yoga jeans, tights and stockings that “look like athletic wear” and described as “in vogue, spruced up sweats and practice garments”. The thought is that workout clothes on are as far as anyone knows advancing out of the exercise center and turning into a bigger piece of individuals’ regular closets. By some records, the athleisure pattern became out of ladies wearing yoga pants. Another account recommends that the pattern occurred in light of the fact that individuals could wear them for numerous events without changing, which implied more prominent comfort, since individuals did not need to convey an additional exercise center outfit while in transit to the workplace, for instance. Reports in USA Today and in the Wall Street Journal portray the athleisure market as developing, dislodging average workwear styles, and slicing into offers of pants, with a business sector size in 2014 as $35 billion, speaking to a 8% expansion from the earlier year. While the pattern was begun by ladies, men are progressively swinging to athleisure wear too. For men’s style, athleisure wear started with extravagance workout pants and after that moved to the upper middle area with “dressy/lively forms of men’s overcoats, varsity coats, pea coats and sweaters”.
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Americans spent almost $44 billion on alleged “active wear,” up 16% more than 2014. In the interim, denim deals have taken a hit, down 5% or all the more consistently since 2013. Athleisure organizations, for example, Fabletics whose fellow benefactor and motivation is famous actress Kate Hudson, have discovered the trend and quickly jumped on board. By redesigning their hues, surfaces and prints, Fabletics makes entire themed closets. It’s quick mold – from configuration to conveyance in eight weeks. Fabletics lives for the most part on the web. Paying supporters get rebates. New fashion accumulations are discharged the first of each month consistently, yet with a lot of enticing incentives in the middle of each release to draw customers.

Slyce And Shoe Carnival Partner Up

Serious shoppers and fashion enthusiasts know there’s nothing quite as exciting as finding the perfect shoe, yet sometimes the search for that great looking and great fitting piece of footwear can be a daunting challenge. The search has just gotten easier, however, with the announcement by Slyce Ince. and Shoe Carnival of their partnership.

Slyce is one of the world’s leading image recognition technologies, and it uses state of the art 3D search technology to match up images of products (like shoes) with the actual products. With its partnership with Shoe Carnival, customers will now be able to easily find the perfect shoe that they’ve seen in a store or magazine.

How do customers use the technology? They simply take a photo of a shoe they want to find, and the Slyce technology will find it (or a close match) within the Shoe Carnival product catalogue, and send it to them. There’s no doubt this is a major breakthrough in shoe shopping, as Slyce combines its state of the art technology with the age old problem of finding a great shoe.

Kent Zimmerman, who is the Vice President of E Commerce at Shoe Carnival, is very excited about the possibilities this new partnership opens up. Profits will come to the companies through an arrangement for software licensing and service fees. All of this is a very happy situation for both companies. The leading edge system used by Slyce enables it to process not only product images but bar codes and coupons as well. All of this makes finding the perfect shoe a snap

So, next time a customer is in search of that perfect shoe, the reality is just a quick Slyce scan away.