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George Soros: A Modern Leading Liberal Figure that Truly Understands Politics

George Soros might not be a household name but that does not mean that he does not have political influence in the world. As a matter of fact, Soros is a very astute and powerful business man. George Soros is also a self-appointed politician who made himself relevant by the huge sums of money that he has donated to political causes.

George Soros primarily operates for the liberal agenda or the Democratic left. He has given millions to the cause of democracy. His efforts have helped liberal or left-wing organizations to carry out their agendas.

George Soros has given to Super-PACs and even started a few of his own. He also supports causes such as Black Lives Matter and various pro-immigration organizations. Soros is constantly on the move in the world of politics and business.

While Soros has made a huge fortune in business his passion these days are for politics. The billionaire magnate is the world’s 30th richest person on That is an astounding feat that the vast majority of people who were ever born on Earth could not accomplish; no matter how hard they try. The point

His money and keen business sense is what has helped to get him voice into political circles on However, Soros is not just about the money. It was stated earlier that he has a passion for politics and in his later years, this is where his focus lies.

Soros has turned over the control of many of his companies to be operated by competent people that he trusts. He now has turned his attention to political matters because he sees so much wrong in the world regarding governments, people, economies and their systems.

This politically aware individual has spoken out on the situation developing within China’s economy on Forbes, the presidency of Donald Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis. Soros sees a lot of problems and wants to correct them.

Soros is an American citizen that wants the U.S. to thrive but he even realizes that many of America’s freedoms are now being jeopardized; especially since Trump has taken office.

George Soros has a long standing history concerning politics. He was actually forged within this realm of life during his childhood. Soros is originally from Hungary. He was born there well over 80 years ago.

When he was a child, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi forces took over the country. His family were Jews and they were almost sent to the death camps. Soros’s father had enough insight to get his family out of harms way before that took place. They barely managed to escape this ordeal.

That time period within Soros’s life helped him to realize that the world of politics matter. Hitler was no joke. He was a brilliant madman who was extremely close to making the world subject to the Nazi regime.

Soros knew that if the conditions were right; it could happen again. Over the years he has watched for this type of behavior out of political candidates and he has seen it play out in a few countries all over the world.

At the end of the day, Soros wants the world and America to be free from despots and dictators. He understands that politics are extremely important to this process. If the wrong policies are implemented by the wrong people that get into office; it could lead to a situation that would even be worse than the Holocaust. Soros does not want this for anyone, anywhere. This is why he fights so hard for causes that champion the people and freedom.

Charles Koch: The Need for Economic and Judicial Reform

Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders would not appear to have much in common politically, but it seems the billionaire industrialist and philanthropist co-owner of Koch Industries and the frazzled, socialist from Vermont share similar views on the problems of income inequality and the negative impact of disparate punishment standards in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Charles Koch, in an op-ed piece stated that he shared Sanders’ concern with the growing income gap in America, and the ability of the rich and powerful to shape events though political contributions and cause advocacy. Koch has written extensively on this subject, but this is the first time he has linked growing income inequality and political power with a specific candidates’ views on the subject. Bernie Sanders has been harshly critical of the role of corporate interests in shaping the U.S. political landscape, so it might seem odd that one of the most recognizable and effective practitioners of direct political action financing agrees that the disparity in power and resources is having a negative impact on the American body politic.

Further, Charles Koch writes about the need for the reform of the U.S. justice system as regards sentencing and rehabilitation, and explains the difficulty of an individual processed in this system to receive fair treatment if they lack the resources to mount an adequate defense. The re-entry of an individual into the mainstream is further hampered by the stigma of incarceration and this, according to Koch, must be examined if we are to utilize the energy and capabilities of all individuals in a society and not marginalize those attempting to put their lives in order after serving a prison sentence. To this end, Koch Industries has eliminated the practice of asking about a potential job applicants criminal background on employment applications. Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Sanders about judicial reform and more effective rehabilitation if we are to become a more just and humane society.

Where Charles Koch and the Senator from Vermont differ greatly is their specific remedies to these complex issues. Socialist Sanders is a major advocate for an increase in government and bureaucracy to create agencies and government regulations to deal with social and economic disparities. Koch has been a champion of private individual efforts to reform U.S. institutions and create a more efficient and equitable society. There is a consensus as to the need for effective action to combat societal ills, but dramatic differences about the means to go about achieving these ends.