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Market America Takes E-Commerce Industry to a Higher Level

Market America|SHOP.COM, a North Carolina-based online company, took the e-commerce industry by storm during its 2015 international convention. The four-day event was hosted at the Greensboro Coliseum and was attended by about 20,000 businessmen, friends, and celebrities. The convention, however, reached its peak when the company’s president and CEO, JR Ridinger announced the launching of a new innovative product: The Shopping Annuity.

According to, Market America’s new product is aimed at enabling smart shoppers to earn through spending. The annuity, unlike those offered by banks, doesn’t require customers to make an initial investment. All that consumers have to do is to continue with their shopping then convert their spending into earning.

While giving his comments, the CEO described the convention to be monumental applauding it as one of the best moments ever in the firm’s life. He further explained that in addition to UnFranchise, Market America will continue to change more lives with Shopping Annuity. JR Ridinger added the event served a great purpose since the company was able to disclose new products, methodologies, technologies, and opportunities for its clients as well as online shoppers.

Listed among the top 100 by the Internet Retailer Magazine, the company also launched a new Platinum credit card for its customers among other products. Market America now provides online shoppers with over 80 million products from more than 3,000 different stores. The company has continued to provide a customized shopping experience its customers through various online tools.

The upgraded version of the company’s eGift feature was also unveiled at the convention. The feature allows recipients to choose their preferred items from over 80 million available products. Also introduced during the event was a new application with friendly mobile interfaces. While unveiling the product, Market America’s vice president in charge of mobile and social products Steve Ashley confirmed that the new mobile suite offers the best user experience.

The region’s top celebrities who attended the convention include Daymond John of Shark Tank, Joseph Cartagena, Rohan Marley, and La La Anthony. Founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger, Market America has generated about $6.4 billion in sales and employs more than 700 individuals globally.

Town Residential provides you with the Perfect Residential Properties in New York City

The most arduous tasks that individuals who intend to settle in New York face are getting a real estate that meets their needs. New York is the biggest and one of the busiest city in the world. Finding a house to purchase or rent in New York City can be a daunting task. Neighborhoods in New York are built in their unique ways. Many factors should be considered when looking for a real estate for buying or renting. Individuals tend to hire professional services to help them in locating a good place to settle in New York. Professional experts are both cost-effective and time-efficient.


Town Residential is one of the biggest real estate firms in New York City. The company was founded in 2010, and it offers various services including leasing, sales, and marketing of real estate properties. The real estate company is also involved in property development. The company has the experienced leadership that is led by the founder Andrew Heiberger. Andrew Heiberger is known to be involved in many real estate businesses. He is also the founder of Citi Habitats, which he later sold to NRT. The experienced professionals working at the firm are committed to providing clients with excellent services with the goal of exceeding customers’ expectations. Customers who intend to find buyers for their properties are assured of getting a good deal at Town Residential.


The company provides its clients with a seller’s guide, which explains the trends in the market such as pricing. The company has devised the best marketing methods of attracting some of the best buyers in the market. The Town Residential firm uses vigorous advertisements to spread information to as many potential buyers in the market. As possible. The client will have an easy time when selling their property since the company handles all activities involved in the process.


Individuals looking for a place to rent in New York are not left out. The firm provides its clients with a residential guide, which goes through each step until the customer locates a place that suits their needs. Much information about Town Residential and its services can found on the firm’s website. By visiting the site, a client will find an experienced representative that will help him/her to locate a suitable residential property to settle or purchase in New York City. Town Residential is the most popular in New York in the residential real estate business.